Choices: 25 Colour Options for your Shed

Choices: 25 Colour Options for your Shed

Choosing the right colour for your EasyShed garden shed is exciting when selecting from our exclusive range of 25 colour options. Our wide variety of shed colours enable you to easily match your home's exterior or fencing, or why not be bold and express your personality! We are the only place you will find such a diverse range of shed colours, meaning making the right choice for your garden shed is easy.

When choosing the colour of your garden shed, workshop or garage consider is your shed’s location. Be mindful of the environment surrounding your shed, and keep the landscape in mind as a starting point. Go for muted colours if you want to accentuate the details of your garden shed’s surroundings. Subdued neutral colours such as light grey, or beige tones allow your garden to be the centre of attention.

Current trends show grey garden sheds to be among the most popular colour choices for Australian back yards. You’ll be glad to know that EasyShed garden sheds have several grey variations available. With our best-selling shed colour being Slate Grey. You’ll be able to select these colours on any of our colour model sheds, workshops or garages across our website, allowing you to visualise how your garden shed might look in the colour of your choice.

You also have light and dark colours to choose from. Keep in mind that colours appear lighter in the sun. A lighter colour is ideal for outdoor sheds that are exposed to a lot of sun as they will more effectively reflect the heat. Outdoor storage sheds with deeper or darker colours are ideal for cooler climates. Here are a few colour options to think about:

  • GREY – definitive, refined and popular in modern homes. Grey is also known as the colour of intellect and wisdom. Choose from Armour Grey, Gull Grey, Iron Grey, Monument and Slate Grey for your EasyShed garden shed.
  • RED – A warmer tone associated with passion and love. For a vibrant finish, choose Heritage Red or Tuscan Red, for your EasyShed.
  • BLUE – A cooler colour which represents tranquillity. Great for inspiration when crafting your masterpiece or if you’re just looking for a little rest and relaxation in your backyard shed. Choose from Blue Horizon, Mountain Blue or Torres Blue.
  • GREEN – Associated with nature, and lush gardens. It’s a perfect complement to your outdoor space. Why not choose Caulfield Green, Rivergum or Mist Green?
  • BLACK –A colour that sets you apart from most backyards. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a twist on the popular grey shades. Check out the Ebony colour option for your EasyShed.
  • BEIGE – a classic option which is popular in exterior home colours. This shade can provide a nice contrast to a darker fence or roof. Try Smooth Cream, Merino, Wheat or Sandlewood to create this effect.
  • EARTH TONE – The colours of the earth, these tones evoke images of the Australian outback terrain. Choose from Stone, Birch, Bush Smoke or Jasmine Brown.

These are just a few of your EasyShed colour options out of the 25 colour variations that you can choose from. Use our Colour Selection Menu on the product page to visualise how each colour will look for any of our range of colour sheds, workshops and garages. Call our friendly customer service team who are here to help you match your shed to the colours of your home. Go ahead and customise the colour of your EasyShed garden shed today!