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Choosing the Right Colour for your Garden Shed

Choosing the Right Colour for your Garden Shed

Trying to select the perfect colour finish for your shed? Not sure where to start? We have a few tips to make your life easier.

When picking your new shed, first review the colours that are available to you.

EasyShed has 25 colours that you can choose from to fit your needs or personality. Read our post, “Choices: 25 Colour Options for your Shed” to find out more.

Colours for your Home and Landscape

Now, it’s time to consider the visual effect that you want in terms of your homes exterior and your backyard.

  • Will your shed be near your house? Pick something that complements your homes exterior or roofing colour.
  • Will your shed be closer to your fence? Pick something to offset or blend in with the colour of your fencing
  • Is your landscape bright and colourful? Or full of lush green tones? Select a colour that either offsets or blends with your garden's palette

There are a number of options if you want your garden shed to stand out.

  • Go for a lighter, brighter colour to offset a dark fence or a lot of greenery in your landscape
  • Choose a darker colour if you want your shed to stand out in a more colourful landscape

If you want your garden shed to blend in with its surroundings, matching it to the colours, or going one shade either side, is your best option.

At the moment, Greys still dominate the world of garden sheds. According to British Paints, most people feel safer with the lighter shades of Grey. A colour closer to charcoal can add a contemporary feel.

An EasyShed 3m x 3m Gable Roof Garden Shed in Slate Grey

Colours for your climate

If you live in a hot climate you should opt for lighter colours: the lighter the colour, the more heat that will be reflected. Similarly, for colder regions, dark colours are best, since they absorb the heat better and help keep garden sheds warmer.

EasyShed garden sheds use BlueScope steel because of its durability, and because they have been tried and tested for Australian conditions.

Below is a chart of standard COLORBOND® colours that match with EasyShed colours as well as their Solar Absorptance.

Solar Absorptance – is the solar reflectance expressed as a ratio between 0 and 1. A value of 0 indicates that a roof absorbs no solar radiation while a value of 1 indicates it absorbs 100% of it.

Looking for more tips on picking colours for your garden shed and your home? Check out “Colour Trends for Spring 2017”.

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