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May The Fourth Be With You

May The Fourth Be With You

At EasyShed we love unique and one-of-a-kind garden shed ideas. And what better way to celebrate Star Wars Day than by sharing the awesome Space Shed from Waltons in the UK. Inspired by the famous franchise this is the ultimate garden shed for any Star Wars fan.

Whether you're cruising to a galaxy far far away, or simply giving it pride of place in your backyard, this distinctive garden shed is loads of fun. A mini man cave perhaps? Or an intergalactic cubby for the kids? A shed like this is full of possibilities. States one product reviewer: "I want to put it in my front room and insist on watching TV and eating all my meals in it." Ok then.

A truly innovative garden shed, something to inspire the inner geek in all of us - this could be yours for a cool $5,850 AUD. Wonder if they accept Galactic Credit Standard...

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