Must Have Garden Tools For Spring 2019

Must Have Garden Tools For Spring 2019

Spring is here, and it’s time to add the best 2019 gardening supplies to your garden shed . Get ahead of this year’s most popular trends by filling your potting shed with our list of new tools, technology, and more.

Must have garden tools for spring 2019

Tools are absolutely essential for an enjoyable spring gardening season. Chances are you've already got some of the things on this list, but it’s a whole new growing year! Shake off the winter slumber by refreshing your garden shed with some of these gardening must haves. You’ll be glad you made the investment in new garden tools that have been updated for spring 2019

  1. tool set

    If you’re looking for the best place to start outfitting your potting shed, why not replace your small garden tools? It will make you so excited to get back out in the garden and get the spring season started!

    We love the six-piece garden tool set from Australian Plants Online. It has everything you need to get back into the gardening spirit.

  2. Tool sharpener

    Now that you’ve got a great new set of gardening tools, preservation is going to be essential. Take care of your beloved gardening tools by keeping them sharp and clean with a brand new tool sharpener.

    Hoselink offers an all-in-one garden tool sharpener that is a must have in any garden shed. It’s affordable, easy-to-use, and highly-rated by other gardening enthusiasts. You will definitely want sharp blades going into this spring season, so make sure to buy one of these before you get out into your garden.

  3. Gardening gloves

    Let’s face it - we hold onto our gardening gloves much longer than we should. And with new designs out this spring, it’s time to switch out your old raggedy ones with a brand new pair.

    The Potted Garden has some of the best gardening gloves on the market this 2019. With padded palms, a variety of different sizes, and breathable designs that go far beyond your grandparent’s gloves, your hands will be so much happier this season. You can find gloves for men and women, and there are also gift sets with soap, lotion, and nail brushes available for even more pampering.

  4. Bulb planter

    Bulbs - daffodils, tulips, and the like - are always a favourite during spring. And you can make your life so much easier this season by investing in a great bulb planter. No more getting down in the dirt for hours of meticulous bulb planting. Instead, make one of these helpful tools a new member of your garden shed family, and spring 2019 will be a breeze.

    Pretty much any bulb planter will be a welcome addition to your potting shed this spring, but we love this one by Mr. Fothergill’s. It’s got an ergonomic handle and serrated base to make bulb planting as easy as possible.

  5. Secateurs

    If you’re an experienced gardener, there’s no doubt that you already have a few secateurs in your garden shed. But, this season, there are new designs that you just can’t miss. This spring, you can find secateurs that are even more effective and ergonomic than ever before so that pruning is an absolute joy. has put together an excellent list of this year’s top competitors, so that your potting shed can be filled with this seasons’ best gardening tools.

  6. Retractable Hose Reel

    This spring, we want to spend less time winding up the hose at the end of a long day gardening. With a retractable hose reel, you can save space in your garden and get rid of the hassle of trying to keep your hose nice and tidy.

    Hoselink offers a variety of retractable hose reels of different lengths and water pressure so that water can become a relaxing task instead of a chore. Whether you need 15m, 20m, 25, or even 30m retractable hose, you’ll be able to find a great option that doesn’t take attention away from your gorgeous garden.

  7. Composting kit to make your own fertilizer

    2019 is all about sustainability, and you can bring that to your garden this spring. By investing in a composting kit, you can use your food waste to create the best fertiliser for your garden. You’ll help save the environment, and you’ll save a ton of money by not buying those expensive bags of synthetic fertiliser from the garden store.

    We recommend the Urban Composter, a mini composting unit that you can store right in your kitchen to start making fertilizer for your spring garden. It’s well-reviewed, compact, and made from recycled materials. Absolutely perfect for gardening in 2019.

Must have garden machinery for Spring 2019

Garden machinery can last a while, but you’ve probably noticed that your old mower or outdated line trimmer just doesn’t work as well as it used to. If you’re looking to have a really excellent spring garden this year, clear out those old garden machines and invest in these ones. It’s 2019 - time to update your garden machinery.

  1. Lawn mowers

    A great lawn mower can make your spring gardening so much easier and enjoyable. But finding the right one isn’t always the most simple choice.

    For small yards or a more environmentally friendly mower, you might opt for a push mower, like the Masport Cleveland 18” Hand Lawn Mower. It’s new design is lightweight and easy to maintain. And, it won’t contribute to your carbon footprint, which is something we’re all looking for in 2019.

    If you do have a larger area and need a little more power, this season’s top pick is the AEG 58V 18" Brushless Lawn Mower Kit from Bunnings. It’s battery driven, but don’t let that scare you. This model and many of the newer battery powered lawn mowers coming out this year are powerful and reliable. They won’t need to be recharged as often as you expect, and you can be sure that your lawn will look incredible when you’re done. Just take a look at some of the great reviews if you don’t believe us!

  2. Wheelbarrow

    Unfortunately, most wheelbarrows out there are hit and miss when it comes to quality. You might spend a lot of money on it and then a couple of months later you notice the paint chipping. It can also be tricky to find a wheel that is actually sturdy enough to navigate your yard. This spring, it’s time to buy a wheelbarrow that will last for years.

    Your best bet? Anything from the Kelso wheelbarrow line. They’ve got plenty of different sizes, materials, and handle design so that you can find the perfect wheelbarrow for your gardening projects.

  3. Line trimmers

    What’s the use of spending time making your lawn beautiful if the lines are not perfectly kept as well? And for that, you need a good line trimmer. Keeping in line with our sustainability trend, the top line trimmer we recommend for spring 2019 is electric.

    The star in line trimmers this year is the AEG ALT18BS6 Brushless Line Trimmer Kit (wonderful name, right?) It’s lightweight so that line trimming isn’t a chore, and the aluminum frame breaks down for easy storage in your garden shed - which is great considering how bulky the gas-powered line trimmers can be. One battery charge can withstand 30 minutes of continuous use, so that you don’t have to speed through your gardening routine.

  4. Hedge trimmers

    Surprise, surprise, our top recommendation for hedge trimmers for 2019 is also an electric powered machine from AEG. The new product that they’ve released for this growing season, the 18V 550MM Fusion Hedge Trimmer Skin, is even more lightweight and easy-to-use than their previous models. But it still has all of the power you need to make your hedges look professional.

Must have garden tech for Spring 2019

One of the things that makes gardening more exciting every year is the introduction of new technology that will make your outdoor space look absolutely amazing. Here are a few that you might not have heard of but will be making big waves this spring 2019.

  1. Smart garden setup

    Smart home technology is everywhere these days, and now, it’s here to help you be a better gardener. If you have a smart system installed already, you might ask your provider whether they offer any garden related gadgets to connect to the cloud.

    Lera Smart Home Solutions is rolling out their smart gardening technology this season, complete with plant sensors for watering advice, water automation, and plenty of special features to make your outdoor space more inviting (think music, lighting, and shade for those warm summer days to come.)

  2. Indoor garden gadgets

    If you’ve ever wanted to bring your garden inside but were worried about lighting, there’s new technology to help you out. Indoor gardening systems use hydroponics and UV lighting so that your indoor plants can thrive in any setting.

    We also love these indoor systems as the perfect seed starters. Instead of hoping that your seedlings will take off in time to be planted in your spring garden, throw them in the Urban Green Farm Own Grown Indoor Farm and you’ll have full grown plants in no time. Sure it’s expensive, but a gardener can dream!

  3. Apps, apps, apps!

    If there’s one way that technology can really help you out with spring, it’s going to be through your phone. There are plenty of gardening apps that are super useful when it comes to growing your dream garden this spring. And 2019 is the year for garden apps, so head to your app store and start downloading!

    Gardenate is our personal favourite. While it may not be new this year, the app has been expanding and adding new features since it first came out a few years ago. With the newest version, you’ll be able to keep track of your planting schedule, create a plant journal, and predict harvest times based on your area.

    Another gardening app we love is called Gardenize. With a beautiful interface and plenty of inspirational content, it feels a bit like Pinterest just for your garden. This app is more community-oriented, so you’ll be able to share your garden with the world and dream about expanding your own when you follow other gardeners.

Must follow gardening podcasts for Spring 2019

Finally, the last tool that you can add to your list is going to be a few helpful gardening podcasts. Subscribe to some of these helpful sources of information and you will be so inspired to get outside and start your spring garden. Maybe you won’t be storing these in your potting shed, but you can definitely put them on while you’re getting down in the dirt in your garden for some inspiration and entertainment.

  1. ing Australia

    You’ve probably heard of the ABC program Gardening Australia, but now, you can listen to the podcast version while you garden! This podcast is available only on iOS, and there are new episodes uploaded throughout the week.

  2. Garden Clinic

    This is another Australia-based gardening podcast that can provide you with plenty of useful information about growing in all climates in Australia. It is hosted by gardening expert Graham Ross, and each of the episodes are about a half hour. The only thing we wish we could change about this podcast is the frequency. You’ll only get a new episode about once every two weeks.

  3. All the Dirt

    If you’re going to listen to just one podcast on this list, make it sure it’s this one. All the Dirt is a wonderful podcast lead by Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe and covers everything related to gardening happening in Australia. The podcast is supposed to air once every two weeks but they can sometimes get a bit backlogged, so you might have to wait sometimes.

Which must have garden tools for Spring 2019 will you add to your garden shed ?

Without a doubt, shopping for garden supplies is one of the best things about the start of spring. You might already be exploring your local garden shops to start filling up your potting shed, and we’d love to hear what garden tools made the top of your list this growing season!