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Top Tool Shed Options for 2019!

Top Tool Shed Options for 2019!

With the New Year comes a new beginning. If your garden has been left unattended for quite some time now, 2019 is the time to clean, organise, and decorate it. A beautiful garden shed can be your storage solution or sanctuary, and there are plenty of other things you can do with it.

If you are looking for a storage option to properly store your tools and items this year, you have come to the right place as we are going to sort this out for you.

There are plenty of storage sheds available in the market today. It is important that you choose one that best suits your needs.

This depends on the type of items or equipment you are going to store in your garden shed.

Organise your backyard this 2019 with these durable garden sheds which are designed to cater to your storage needs.

Flat roof garden shed

If you are looking for a compact garden storage solution for your elongated gardening tools, look no more as these flat roof garden sheds are what you need.

These garden storage sheds are perfect if you do not have plenty of equipment to store and if you do not have a large space in your garden. The slender build of the flat roof garden shed can fit in a variety of spaces, making it easier for you to find a place or a corner in your garden.

The sheds can also complement the design of your house as they are available in several colours: pale terracotta, blue horizon, mist green, slate grey, and more.

Narrow slider garden shed

Just like the flat roof garden sheds, narrow slider garden sheds are also a compact storage solution. However, they come with industrial grade sliding doors which are perfect for even smaller spaces. The sliding doors are modelled for easy access to your tools, and they are equipped with secure locks so you can be assured your items are safe.

The sheds are made from durable hi-tensile steel which is guaranteed to withstand the harsh Australian weather.

Skillion roof garden shed

Skillion roof garden sheds are now becoming popular because of their modern look, and they are perfect for houses with modern designs. They also require low maintenance, as the sloping roof easily slides off dirt, water, and other accumulated debris.

If you have plenty of tools to store, a skillion shed has a larger storage capacity which is great for your lawn mower, rakes, shovels, and others. It is also equipped with a secure door for your items’ safety. This garden storage shed comes in different colours.

Off the wall garden shed

If you are looking for a space saving storage shed, the off the wall garden sheds can address your needs. This type of shed is great for storing your garden equipment and bike. Its slim build allows you to easily fit it in under your house’s eaves.

This is perfect for your carport or garage. Different colours are also available for you to choose from.

Gable roof garden shed

The gable roof garden shed is one of the most commonly used storage solutions by homeowners. It usually has more space (depending on the roof's pitch) and is perfect for workshop conversions, as the pitch of the roof allows good ventilation. This type is flexible in the sense that you can convert it into other uses such as mini gyms, workspaces, man caves/she sheds, and more.

The gable roof also requires low maintenance, as the slope easily slides off accumulated water and debris, making it less vulnerable to leaks.

One of the best-selling roof designs is the 3m x 3m, which has additional storage capacity because of the roof's pitch. This size is ideal if you are planning to have a workshop. There are also gable roof sliding door sheds available if you are looking for additional convenience when accessing your garden shed's contents.

Storm shed

You can protect your tools and items from the harsh Australian weather all year round with a storm shed. The storm shed is particularly designed to withstand strong winds of up to 316 km per hour. It is perfect if you are living in an area that is frequently visited by cyclones.

The storm shed is designed with a gable roof, which is the perfect roof type for windy places. With a storm shed, you can ensure that your lawn mower, chainsaw, and other valuable equipment are safe from the harsh weather. The storm shed is also equipped with door locks for additional security.

Truss roof garden shed or Workshop

If you have bulkier equipment and are looking for a storage solution, then a truss roof garden shed is what you may want. This truss roof workshop shed is also ideal if you need a workshop. It has a strong central beam and is particularly designed to last and house larger machineries.

Garage shed

If you are looking for an extensive shed to house your car, bike, or even your boat, look no more as EasyShed's garage sheds have got what you need.

The garage shed is also ideal for your workspace. However, before purchasing one, you need a concrete slab flooring as this shed is equipped with standard-hinged doors.

Accessories for your tool shed

Make your tool shed even better by adding useful accessories that will help you store and organise your equipment and other items.

With these accessories, you can be assured that your equipment is held in place and that they will not knock over you when you open your garden shed's door. Here are some must-have accessories to compliment your tool shed:

1. Pegboards

Aside from their industrial uses, pegboards also serve as a neat tool organiser. Install it in your garden shed's wall, together with small pegboard hooks, and you can hang your tools such as rakes, wrenches, saws, and others.

2. Baskets

If you have old laundry baskets you no longer use, you can turn them into a storage solution for your garden shed. Hang them on the wall so you can easily store your gardening gloves, wrenches, and other small items.

If you do not have old baskets, you can turn your old garden hose into one. It is durable and waterproof, and you can store a variety of items in it. It is also perfect as housing for plants. For a greener look, just hang it outside your garden shed.

3. Fibreglass skylight

For a simple lighting solution, a fibreglass skylight is the perfect addition to your tool shed. This will help you reduce your electricity consumption, particularly if you are going to use your garden shed as a workspace. Fibreglass skylights will provide lighting during the day. The sunlight it brings is also helpful if you are going to store small plants that require chlorophyll inside your shed.

4. All around bucket

If there is plenty of work to do in the garden, you need a bucket that can hold a lot of tools in one go so you do not have to return to your garden shed in case you need to fetch another piece of equipment. Simply wrap a tool belt around your garden bucket, and you can store extra items in it.

5. Bike hook

One of the easy ways to store and secure your bike is to mount it on a wall using a durable bike hook. This bike hook is perfect if you are looking for ways to maximise a small storage space. Just make sure it is properly mounted on the strong part of the wall. This is perfect for off-the-wall and skillion roof garden sheds, and you can easily place it anywhere inside your garden shed's wall.

If you have several bikes and are looking for a larger storage solution, then this garden bike shed is what you need. This bike shed is secured with door locks, so your bikes are safe. There is also space that you can allot for your bike equipment.

6. Concrete fixings

To further secure your garden shed to the concrete slab, you need a good concrete fixing. Once your garden shed is anchored to the concrete slab, it will become sturdier and you can count on it for many years to come.

7. Old mailbox

If you have a mailbox you do not use anymore, it can serve as a small tool storage. You can attach it wherever it can easily be accessed such as your garden shed's wall or door.

8. J hooks

One of the convenient storage solutions for your sheds would be J hooks. They are ideal for storing garden hoses and other equipment that have handles.

These J hooks are also easy to install because they do not require any additional items to be assembled.

9. Tool holders

Tool holders are the perfect addition to your tool shed if you have plenty of elongated items to store. They are great for storing equipment such as shovels, rakes, handyman tools, and brooms.

10. Garden tool rack

If you have old wooden pallets, they can serve as classic storage space for your tool shed. Paint it according to your liking and hang it on your shed's wall. Install several hooks into it and you can store rakes, shovels, and other gardening equipment.

11. Flooring system

To protect your equipment from damage that results from uneven and rough flooring, it is advised that you install a durable flooring system.

The flooring system from EasyShed is made from high-quality plastic that does not crack, rot, or flake. With one installed inside your shed, you are assured that your equipment is safe from insects chewing their way from the ground up to your garden shed, particularly if your shed is not secured by a concrete slab.

12. Window unit

For a fresher and brighter garden shed, do not forget to install a durable window unit. This is ideal if you are going to spend long hours inside your garden shed. This louvre window unit will provide your garden shed with additional ventilation.

13. Shed door ramp

To easily transport heavy or wheeled equipment outside or inside your shed, a shed door ramp is needed. You will also be able to avoid any accident if there is a ramp installed in your garden shed's door.

14. Anchoring pegs

To further secure your garden shed on soft soil, temporary fixings such as anchoring pegs are essential.

15. Free standing shelving

The free-standing shelving unit from EasyShed is great for storing your heavier gardening equipment. The shelf has a 300kg capacity and has adjustable shelve heights.

Acquiring your new tool shed

If you already know the storage option that best suits your needs, now is the time to get your hands on it. If you do not have the budget yet to pay for it in full, you don’t have to worry as you can easily get your garden shed through Afterpay. With Afterpay, you can buy it now and organize your garden with your preferred storage solution.

If you are looking for Afterpay sheds, look no further as EasyShed offers durable garden sheds with Afterpay. Afterpay is an interest-free and affordable payment solution to get the garden shed you want now and pay for it later over time.

EasyShed also provides garden sheds that are easy to assemble. In five easy steps you can instantly have a durable garden shed.

Our garden sheds are made of hi-tensile steel, which is guaranteed to withstand the harsh Australian weather. These sheds are also easy to maintain as they are protected with steel coating. For your peace of mind and convenience, we provide a lifetime warranty and home delivery service. In addition, our garden sheds are available for free pick up at more than 200 depot stores across the country.

For affordable and durable storage solutions, visit EasyShed today and get the garden shed you need.

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