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The EasyShed Bike Shed is the perfect solution to put the kid's bikes as well as the parents. While it incorporates a multifunctional design that is user-friendly for all ages, it’s ideal for securing all sizes of bikes and extra cycling equipment. This Bike Shed is really the best outdoor storage solution for those that want to maximise on small outdoor spaces, affordability and durability all in one. Our bike storage sheds include a clever design that allows homeowners to fit in any backyard and decrease clutter giving you the peace of mind that your bikes are going to be safe.

Bike Storage

A good-quality bike storage unit will not only give your bike the right amount of protection it requires but will also allow easy access. Bikes are a brilliant way to get around and can often be a faster mode of transport than driving on the city streets. Bikes however can be quite bulky for a limited storage space. Most car garages are only suitable for four-wheelers, and there’s not much room for anything else. If you try storing your bike in a car garage, chances are that one or the other will usually get damaged. On the contrary, bringing your bike home and keeping it parked in the hallway can soon become annoying. A better solution is a dedicated bike storage space or a garden shed.

At Easy Shed, we have several steel construction sheds for sale that have been made with the sole purpose of providing suitable access and protection for your bikes. We have a wide selection of zinc finish and Colorbond shed designs for you. When your bike is stored in our sheds, not only will it be protected from the elements, but you’ll be able to get the bike in and out without a struggle.

When looking for a shed for bike storage, one of the most important aspects you’ll need is large opening doors so the bike frame can comfortably fit in without any trouble. All our bike sheds have barn-style doors and can be opened very wide — so fitting your bikes in will not be a problem. Our smaller bike shed is suitable for up to four bikes and the larger one can accommodate motorbikes and other push bikes. Our bike storage sheds have a small footprint and can fit in most backyards.

If you require more storage options, you can choose a larger shed. For the best backyard shed, our 3x3 shed is ideal. It is big enough to store many bikes, especially if you add in some shed accessories like bike hooks. These can house your bikes vertically which gives you the option of storing more vehicles. Using a vertical bike shed storage system also allows you to access bikes easily as you won’t need to move all the bikes to get to the one at the back of the shed!

At Easy Shed, we manufacture all our bike storage sheds in Australia, and we back the steel construction with a lifetime warranty. You can order our sheds online and we’ll offer you the best shed deals. We ship all across Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. If you want to save on home delivery costs, you also have the option of picking up your shed from one of our many collection points. With over 170 depots across Australia, it won’t be difficult for you to choose a location that suits you. Do check our website for the full list.

For the perfect home bike storage, you may also consider ordering a custom-built bike shed from EasyShed. We can design the shed in consultation with the bike owner to ensure that the shed is the most suitable unit to store your bikes and secure them from the weather and theft.

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