Farm Equipment Sheds

Farm equipment sheds

Keeping your farm equipment in a safe and weatherproof space is essential to make sure it’s not damaged by storms or the sun. Storing equipment like tractors, wagons, cultivators and ploughs out in the open can potentially ruin them.

A Multi-function Design

A custom farm equipment shed means you can store all of your farm equipment, no matter how much you have. It’ll also mean you have space for other things, like maintenance tasks.

Hobby workshops | On-site shelters | Vehicle storage Store equipment

An EasyShed Farm Equipment Shed

When we design our farm equipment sheds we take into account countless aspects, from the amount of equipment, size of machinery and intended uses. This means our engineers can create a versatile and perfectly suitable space for you to store farm equipment, and also to work in.

A pinnacle focus on quality means our designs are all structurally rigid and use only the highest quality materials like 0.47 hi-tensile steel and premium top hats and purlins. You can rest assured that your farm equipment shed is durable and will withstand anything thrown at it.

Each one of our shed designs are assured to meet Australian government and council safety regulations.

0.47 Hi-Tensile Wall Cladding | 100% Aussie Made | Entirely Customisable

Designed For You

Built to Code

Each and every shed design is engineered to meet all Australian building codes. Our farm equipment sheds are strong, durable and safe, giving you peace of mind.

Entirely Custom

Everybody has their own individual requirements for sizing, shape, colour and layout. A custom design ensures your requirements are met and your farm equipment shed is perfectly suited to your business.

Certified Contractors

A network of contractors across southeast Australia means we can have your new shed correctly assembled against our engineering plans. An effortless and simple assembly.

Choose Your Finish

Slate Grey | Smooth Cream | Mist Green | Zinc


An Effortless Build

A short consultation with our team will give us all of the information we need to create a versatile design that is sure to meet all of your needs. We go over aspects of colours, bay sizes, height, site location, local climate as well as enclosed or open bays preferences.

Using all of your requirements we can have a design completed within just a few days, and relayed to our manufacturing team where they can produce your custom shed materials.

Once all of your materials are complete, a team in our network of qualified contractors and builders will be provided with our engineering plans, allowing them to assemble your new farm equipment shed exactly to plan. This means you’ll have peace of mind that your new shed is built exactly to code, and to plan.


The EasyShed Difference

  • Manufacturer Pricing 

  • Premium Materials

  • Australian Made

  • Custom Design

  • 5 Day Turnaround

A Farm Equipment Shed. In 5 Days.

EasyShed is based in Albury, though we deliver up to 400km away!

Getting your own custom designed farm equipment shed has never been easier.

Get in touch with one of our friendly consultants and simply explain your requirements, budget and site location and in just 5 days you’ll have a first look at a finished design or complete the GET A QUOTE form below and we will be in touch!