Horse and Dressage Arenas

Horse and Dressage Arenas

A spacious and durable horse and dressage arena is essential to maintaining comfortable and weatherproof events all year round. At EasySheds we offer a range of designs, both custom and standard, to make dressage events as pleasant as possible, for the animals, riders and spectators.


Versatile Designs

Each one of our horse and dressage sheds are designed to suit your exact needs, that means you can choose to create a versatile shed for a range of uses. You choose your layout, size, height, colour and more, making the shed great for: 


Riding Arenas | Arena Seating Roofing | Enclosed & Open Arenas | Equipment Storage | Vehicle Parks

An EasyShed Horse and Dressage Arena

If you’re after a shed for all types of dressage events, whether educational, private or commercial we can engineer a shed specifically suited to these requirements. Covering arena seating, the main arena and including enclosed walls, EasySheds offer unique and effective designs to suit the needs of all our customers.


Designed with hi-tensile 0.47 wall cladding, premium top hats and purlins means our sheds are engineered to meet all safety standards and building regulations, both local and federal.


0.47 Hi-Tensile Wall Cladding | 100% Aussie Made | Entirely Customisable


Designed For You


Each and every shed design is engineered to meet all Australian building codes. Our dressage sheds are strong, durable and safe, giving you peace of mind.



Everybody has their own individual requirements for sizing, shape, colour and layout. A custom design ensures your requirements are met and your dressage shed is perfectly suited to your business.



A network of contractors across southeast Australia means we can have your new shed correctly assembled against our engineering plans. An effortless and simple assembly.


Choose Your Finish

Slate Grey | Smooth Cream | Mist Green | Zinc


An Effortless Build

Our design process begins with a short consultation with you to gather information regarding your size, colour, layout and open or enclosed preferences. This is to ensure your new dressage shed is perfectly suited to your site and intended use.


In just a few days our engineering team will have your shed design ready and transfer it to our manufacturers for production.


Once your materials are complete, we will contact a team in our network of builders across Australia who are able to assemble your shed perfectly in line with our engineering plans. This ensures you have peace of mind that your horse and dressage shed is assembled exactly to plan.


The EasyShed Difference

Manufacturer Pricing 
Premium Materials
Australian Made
Custom Design
5 Day Turnaround


A Horse and Dressage Arena. In 5 Days.

EasyShed is based in Albury, though we deliver up to 400km away!

Getting your own custom designed horse and dressage shed has never been easier.

Get in touch with one of our friendly consultants and simply explain your requirements, budget and site location and in just 5 days you’ll have a first look at a finished design or complete the GET A QUOTE form below and we will be in touch!