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Workshop Shed - Classic7.50m (w) x 3.75m (d) x 2.48m (h)

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Our TALL Truss Rood Sheds offer an additional reinforcement in the roof for those seeking a tough and sturdier shed for all their lifestyle needs. The TALL Workshop shed model includes a welded...

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Colour Slate Grey
Shed Fixings
We recommend adding 3 packs of Concrete Fixings or Grass Pegs with this shed!

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Door Wall Height
Wall Height
Shed Height
Shed Width
Shed Depth
0.35mm High Tensile Steel
Self assembly, comes flatpacked
Door Position
1.50m Hinged double doors on (w)

Our TALL Truss Rood Sheds offer an additional reinforcement in the roof for those seeking a tough and sturdier shed for all their lifestyle needs. The TALL Workshop shed model includes a welded steel support as a central beam meaning you have the opportunity to not only have the peace of mind that the shed is going to stay up in tough weather conditions but also the added benefit of being able to hang things off the beams such as canoes or sporting equipment. The reason why our Garage sheds are able to last is because they are built from strong hi-tensile BlueScope steel, and manufactured locally by EasyShed in Albury, NSW. They also include a roof truss that runs through the centre of the shed making it even more sturdy and giving customers the added benefit of more storage through hanging items off the beam. Here at EasyShed it is important for us to look after our customer which is why we guarantee that our products are the best on the market simply because they are manufactured in Australia for Australia’s tough terrain. We also give customers the advantage of knowing that when you buy from us you are getting the best price and all of our products are backed up by a Lifetime Warranty. 


This 7.50m (w) x 3.75m (d) x 2.10/2.48m (h) TALL Workshop Model includes a welded steel support as a central beam, maximising strength in extra-large footprint units that are perfect for more generous usage requirements. This model is built for durability and functionality, making it the perfect space to use as an extra room. This TALL Workshop shed models is ideal for it to be used as a workshop, or for the storage of machinery and general equipment. With a door height of 2.10m this Garage shed is a comfortable size where head bumping is avoided. The doors are braced to ensure the integrity of your shed structure and is designed to allow easy access to your shed’s contents. Our door locks use a pad bolt and hasp, which is a secure form of locking. You also have the option of adding a padlock to the door for added security at your own discretion. 


Offering a diverse range of colours including our most popular: Slate Grey, Mist Green, Smooth Cream & Monument made from 100% BlueScope steel. The pre-painted steel found in our Colour range is made of COLORBOND® which is specifically made for Australian weather conditions. Our steel has 2 layers of paint; a light grey undercoat is applied to the entire sheet, both inside & outside, the sheet is then finished with a high-quality paint on the outside-facing side in the colour of your choice. Finally, it is baked in a high-temperature oven to create a durable finish. The weather-tight steel sheets are 0.35mm thick adding to the overall strength of the shed. 



Your EasyShed DIY garden shed kit will come flat packed and ready for you to assemble with our easy-to-follow 5 Step Assembly®. Standard packaging includes 5 flat packs including 2x sheeting boxes, and 3 x channel boxes. See specification below for the size and weight for this model. All EasyShed components feature EdgeSAFE® rolled safety edges for your protection when handling and assembling. They also come with our innovative ScrewSAFE® technology that features self-tapping screws ensuring your DIY efforts will stand the test of time. 


In the pack you will receive: Steel Sheets for Your Shed’s Walls, Door & Roof, Portal Frame, Door Lock and Hasp, Internal channel Joiners, Roof Apex Brackets, Garage Wall Bottom Bracket, Garage Wall top Brackets, Channel, Gable Brace, Self-Drilling Skews x 2 types, Phillips Head Driver Bit, Ridge Beat Hat Joiner, Ridge Bean Cap Joiner, Top Hat Channels, Hinged U Channel, L Flashing, Jambs, U Channels, Pack List to Check Off Components, Copy of Our Complete Assembly Instructions. 


It is important to know that all of our garden sheds are DIY kits, and do not come with a floor. We recommend a rebated concrete slab, you can find out more on recommended floor options here.


EasyShed Steel DIY Sheds have the added benefit of being low maintenance. Maintaining the protective steel coating is as simple as cleaning it twice yearly to maximize the life-span of your garden shed. 


We also offer a range of shed accessories suited for further customisation of your shed including: Fibreglass Skylights, Concrete Fixing Kits, Louvre Windows, Door Ramps, Storage Hooks and More

You can browse the options on this page, or by visiting our Accessories section.


Have any further questions? Please contact us via Live Chat, email or by calling our friendly team on 1300 739 097


Workshop Shed "Never regretted the extra height" - Vanessa G.


Build your
your way

There are a few ways to build your Easyshed, here are our recommendations.

Workshop Shed 7.5m (w) x 3.75m (d) x 2.48m (h) - Classic

The Snag & Mates Method

Make a day of it and get your mates around to build your shed over a snag or 5.

Workshop Shed 7.5m (w) x 3.75m (d) x 2.48m (h) - Classic

The DIY Pro

The DIY seasoned vet who's up for the challenge. Great for smaller sheds, might need a friend or two to help put together something larger.

Workshop Shed 7.5m (w) x 3.75m (d) x 2.48m (h) - Classic

The Call an Expert

Unsure about the whole thing? We've got a list of pros country-wide that'll help get your shed build tip-top.

How to make your easyshed.