Garden Shed Predictions for 2019

Garden Shed Predictions for 2019

The changing year is always the best excuse to start some home improvements and renovations. What a better way to start the year right than building your very own garden shed? Garden sheds do not only provide a much-needed storage, but they can also add value to your property. There’s even a growing trend of modifying sheds to become functional living and work spaces.

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend much to own the best shed in the neighbourhood. There’s a wide variety of options in the market. You can even purchase sheds online and have them delivered to your doorstep.

If you are thinking of adding a garden shed to your backyard this New Year, it wouldn’t hurt to check out some of the predictions that would make your shed a definite trendsetter.

This year has been ripe with ideas for shed modifications and conversions. Indeed, the traditional garden shed has evolved from a simple outdoor storage space into a liveable modern structure. Even design experts are not seeing this trend fading anytime soon. Here are a few things that you should look forward to before you start building sheds.

1. It’s all about happiness and relaxation

Who would have thought that when experts coined the term ‘staycation’, they are possibly referring to converting your outdoor shed into a comfortable zone? Yet, converting these simple structures into man-caves and she-sheds can bring utter happiness and joy to the owners. It’s a cheap alternative to taking vacations every year to some exotic place. Now, you can take a ‘vacation’ without leaving your own backyard.

For the year 2019, garden sheds will continue their transformation from storage space into your favourite spot just outside your home. It will be the escape pod of most urbanites who want to break out of the hustle and bustle of the city without spending a single cent on an airline ticket or a tank full of fuel. Homeowners would rather spend their hard-earned money on purchasing sheds online and converting them into their own personalised space.

2. The keyword would be ‘tranquillity’

More clutter means more stress, which is why the best sheds in 2019 would be low-maintenance structures with built-in surround system (for some sweet music), installed skylights, and high-quality (preferably weather-resistant) furniture. As mentioned earlier, converted sheds are places for relaxation; thus, the layout and interior decoration would be toned down to promote tranquillity.

However, this shouldn’t stop you from making your outdoor shed the focal point of your backyard. Extra features like window shutters, special trimmings, and sidings can add a bit of personality to your shed. Some sellers of sheds online offer accessories and other features to help make your outdoor shed pop out.

If you can get away with it, you can try adding a water feature beside your garden shed to invoke spiritual wellness.

3. ‘Sustainability’ is key

With the world getting obsessed with anything organic and eco-friendly, it is no wonder that these would reflect on designing your outdoor shed. Some design choices would include using repurposed materials like old iron gates or salvaged lumber. Homeowners are more likely to fret over the use of certain materials and their possible effects on the environment.

For this reason, eco-friendly designs like adding a skylight or installing a sliding glass door to double as a window to maximise natural lighting would take precedence in styling garden sheds. You can also try swapping the standard flower box with recycled pots. It does not only promote sustainability but also adds some country charm to your shed.

4. Smart technology might come into play

Whoever said that houses are the only ones that need to smarten up? Smart lighting and surround sound systems will most likely come into play for modified sheds in the new year. After all, some of the more lucrative shed designs look like a five-star accommodation already. It’s only a matter of time before smart technology invades this outdoor structure.

5. Either go warm or go dark

There’s an ongoing debate on which colour palette would reign supreme in 2019. However, there’s a definite upward trend on using either warm colours like pale metallic or dark bold palettes such as dark green or charcoal grey. Black would be making a comeback, as it can transform your shed into something elegant yet exciting.

Even with shed furniture choices, warm neutrals, subtle metallic, and different shades of black (yes, there is such a thing) will be taking over, along with asymmetrical arrangements that would highlight a concept of ‘ordered disarray’.

6. Texture will be everything

Whether it’s rough or silky, adding the right texture to your outdoor shed will definitely bring out its personality and help stimulate your senses. Aside from using recycled or repurposed furniture, you can try installing some textured tile or contoured rugs for flooring and apply textured paint on your shed’s walls.

You can also try using theme-based raised panels (i.e. colonial, ranch, Georgian, or Victorian) for window shutters for a textured exterior. You can even put drapes on your shed’s windows using velvet, chenille, or wool as basic material.

7. Shed extensions will be a thing

As the modern shed is essentially a home a few feet away from your real home, building functional extensions like an extra bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom will be considered standard. As these outdoor structures are separate from the main house, it makes sense to add some extra rooms so that there’ll be no need to rush back and forth just to rest, cook snacks, or use the bathroom. These outdoor sheds will be treated like a mini-version of your own house and will serve as a retreat area where everything your body needs will be aptly provided.

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