Secure Online Shopping at EasyShed

At Easyshed, your security and peace of mind when shopping with us online are our top priorities. By leveraging the security features of the Shopify platform, we ensure every transaction is safeguarded with leading security measures compliant with global privacy and data protection laws.

Our online store employs industry-standard 256-bit encryption to secure all data exchanges between you and our site. This encryption ensures that personal information, such as your name, address, and payment details, is securely locked within an encrypted envelope. This high level of security makes it exceedingly difficult for any critical information to be accessed or intercepted by unauthorised parties.

No Credit Card Information Stored

Consistent with best practices in online retail, Easyshed does not capture or store your credit card information at any point, not even temporarily. The Shopify platform is designed to handle payments without any part of our site having direct access to your credit card details, providing you with extra assurance that your financial information remains private and secure.

Your Trust, Our Priority

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of cyber security and understand the importance of responsible disclosure when it comes to system vulnerabilities. If you encounter any while using our site, we encourage you to report them to us.

Our team is committed to continually enhancing our security measures to protect your privacy and ensure a safe shopping experience. Should you have any concerns or suggestions regarding the security of our site, send us an email at

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