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Living in Gold Coast? Need a garden shed?

Here we cover all you need to know about EasyShed Garden Sheds for Gold Coast residents.

At Easy Shed, we have a wide selection of sheds for Gold Coast residents. Our sheds, made right here in Australia, can be used for many different purposes. From garage sheds to hay sheds, from bike storage to standard garden sheds — we have them all. Our sheds are available in a clear zinc finish, or if you're not into the bare metal look, you can go for your choice of Colorbond shed. The choice is totally up to you, and it depends on what you need in outdoor storage. For the best Gold Coast shed, take a look at our online store collection and you’ll be convinced that we have the best sheds available. You can get a quote on the best shed deals for your home and even add some shed accessories to truly make the shed unique to your needs. All the sheds we manufacture are made using premium steel construction techniques and are backed with a lifetime warranty.

Every home in Australia should have at least one shed. Sheds are the perfect solution for all your storage needs. If your garage or home is overflowing with items that you don’t want to throw away but don’t necessarily want to keep, then investing in a high-quality garden shed is the solution. Your Gold Coast property can be made more functional by adding extra storage units or sheds.

In most cases, people use a shed to store all their garden tools such as rakes, brooms, shovels and the all-important lawnmower. If you have limited space for a shed, there are smaller units available which can be placed against a fence or a wall. They are the perfect size for housing a few tools for the garden, and they're not too big to be in the way.

However, if you need some more space, a standard 3x3 shed is perfect. A 3x3 shed is around the same size as most household bedrooms, and this can give you a good reference for how much you can fit in the shed. A shed of this size has room for shelving and can be used as a workshop. We have sold many of these and they have been used for all sorts of purposes, including a potting shed, a woodturning workshop and a fish breeding room. The possibilities of this ‘room away from the house’, is completely up to your imagination! For all your garden shed Gold Coast needs, pick one up from EasyShed today, as our online shop offers the best shed deals available for you.

For the best results when installing a garden shed, choose a place that gets some shade during the day. This will keep the shed cool and it’ll be more pleasant to work in and around. Mark out the area and use some tools to layout the footprint of your new shed. This will give you an idea of the size that will fit your garden. Then all you need to do is choose the style and colour from the options available in our shop. We can ship sheds to the Gold Coast and any other locations in Australia like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Our sheds can be delivered right at your home, or if you want to pick them up, we have many locations around Australia from where you can collect them directly.

Do I need council approval for building a shed in Gold Coast?

While it all depends on your specific council requirements, in most cases for any 3mx3m sheds, Gold Coast residents do not need council approval. However, we’d recommend you check before making the shed permanent by installing a concrete slab or investing in a large shed, such as our 7mx3.5m garages, or farm sheds.

What is the best way to install a shed in Gold Coast?

For installing garden sheds, Gold Coast is no different from any other location. All our sheds can be built following our 5-step assembly process. All you need is a power drill driver and two people (while it can be done by one, two people makes it easier). Before opening your shed, mark out the area and decide if you’ll install the shed on bare earth, or some other foundation. While the shed can be moved after it is built and the foundation can be added later, it is often easier if it’s done before the build.

After the foundation has been decided on, read the assembly instructions carefully and then unpack the shed pieces by laying them out in the order that you’ll need them. Start by putting together the front panel and doors, then the back panel and finally the sides. Once all the panels are together you can attach them, and slide the roof on. Finish connecting all the pieces with the screws provided, and you’re done. Now you can stand back and admire your new shed and think about what you’ll put inside it.

In most cases, the final resting place for the shed is not the best place to build it, especially if you are planning on placing the shed against a wall or fence. But as our sheds are quite light, they can be moved easily. We also sell some functional accessories that can increase the stability of your shed and keep it secured. With EasyShed, we guarantee you’ll be enjoying your Gold Coast shed for years to come!