General FAQs

What is a Gable Roof Shed?

How many bikes can I fit into a bike shed?

Do the sheds come with a floor assembly?

What is the measurement of the squares in the Aviary mesh?

Is the J-Hook made of Blue Scope Steel? What's the thickness and width of the J-Hooks if the height is 280mm?

Why should I buy an Australian Made shed?

What is the thickness of our Garden Shed cladding material?

What size Dynabolts should I buy?

Is insulation an option?

Do the sheds have gutters and downpipes?

Is it possible to get “windows” covered in wire, to create air flow and light?

What colours are suited for hot sun?

I am looking at building a shed, but it must be built rated to BAL 12.5. Is this something you offer?

What is the wind rating of a garden sheds?

I am wondering what the estimated weight of shed parts is?

Concrete Slab & Anchoring

Can I use a rebated slab for an Off-the-Wall shed? The manual doesn't indicate one.

Once a slab has been constructed how long do I need to wait before I can erect the shed to avoid slab from chipping when I drill the concrete fixing?

Can I erect a shed on a concrete slab with a slight fall for drainage?

Can I secure my shed on top of pavers/bricks?

What’s the dimension of the concrete slab in need for my Shed?

When bulding timber base, should we just follow the inside dimension same as concrete slab manual?

Installation & Regulations

I don't care about how the shed looks like but, can we put the shed on an uneven surface?

Can I can connect 2 of the pool pump sheds together?

What is the maximum weight of tools that the Tool Holder can carry?

Why are there no pre-drilled holes?

How can i make my Garden Shed waterproof?

What do I need to show for the council approval?

Do I need the shed to be approved by the Council?

Are the dimensions listed, internal or external measurements?

Can I install an air conditioning unit inside my shed? What do we need to do first?


I want a Skillion Roof Shed but I'd like to have the hinged doors installed on the low side, instead of the high side. Can I convert the door/doors without issue on the roof overhang?

Can I customise my shed?

We are thinking of getting 2 sheds, joining them end to end to create a bigger shed and removing the adjoining walls. Is this possible?

Shipping & Delivery

Can I get free shipping?

Once dispatched, when will I expect the shed?

How can I track my order?

I am near your Albury warehouse. Can I just pick up the order?

If I organise collection from one of your depots/hardware stores, what sort of vehicle (Ute) is required to take delivery?

For home delivery of our Garden shed range, does the driver have some sort of crane/lifting device/tailgate to get it off the truck?

Can I specify a day for delivery? Morning/afternoon?

I had my order shipped to a Hardware Store/Freight Depot. Can I ask them to send it to my home address?