Shed Accessories


13 products
    13 products
    Concrete Fixings 8pk.
    Concrete Fixings 8pk
    Tool Holder.
    Tool Holder
    Shed Ramp Double Door.
    Shed Ramp Double Door
    Fibreglass Skylight.
    Fibreglass Skylight
    J Hooks 4pk.
    J Hooks 4pk
    Temporary Anchoring Pegs 8pk.
    Temporary Anchoring Pegs 8pk
    Shed Ramp Single Door.
    Shed Ramp Single Door
    Bike Hook.
    Bike Hook
    Flooring System per m2.
    Flooring System per m2
    Louvre Window Unit in Off White.
    Louvre Window Unit in Off White
    Louvre Window Unit in Zinc.
    Louvre Window Unit in Zinc
    Pinnacle decorative trims (2 piece).
    Pinnacle decorative trims (2 piece)

    Choose from a wide selection of practical shed accessories for your EasyShed garden shed. Bring new life to your shed with natural lighting and ventilation when you choose the Skylight and Window Unit accessories. Upgrading your hinged door to a Sliding Door Kit will be great for spaces with limited access. To secure your garden shed in place, choose the 8-pack Concrete Fixing Set or the 8-piece Anchoring kit. The Shed Ramp accessory allows you to move your equipment in and out of your outdoor shed with ease. The Flooring System accessory will also make that easier for you. Get the Tool Holder accessory for your shovels, brooms and handyman tools, and add the Shelving accessory too with adjustable shelf heights and a 300kg load limit. Find the best shed deals online and shop direct with the Australian manufacturer. We have the largest range of sheds online, so get shopping now!

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