Dog Kennel

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    1 product

    Why not try an innovative shed from EasyShed as the ideal pet house to keep your four-legged friends—or other pets—protected from the elements? We manufacture compact sheds that are multi-functional: this design works perfectly when you need a practical dog kennel, but also for other animals and even as storage area.

    In this pet house your animals will be protected from four sides so they’ll be safe from harm, no matter the weather. EasyShed uses quality components and we design with Australia’s harsh weather in mind. That’s why you can be certain of a durable dog kennel and a long-term investment. Also, our aesthetically pleasing options mean your new dog kennel won’t ruin the look of your premises.

    You get a compact unit, so no need to sacrifice much floorspace for your new dog kennel. Have a look inside and see that our smart design still affords a spacious interior. The floor to ceiling opening makes for easy entry for various dog breeds, big and small. If required, this can serve as a storage area too, providing easy access to the items inside—another multipurpose shed solution from EasyShed!

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