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Off The Wall Garden Shed 2.25m (w) x 0.78m (d) x 1.95m (h) - Zinc.
Off The Wall Shed - Zinc 2.25m (w) x 0.78m (d) x 1.95m (h)
Skillion Roof Garden Shed 2.25m (w) x 1.9m (d) x 2.1m (h) - Zinc.
Skillion Roof Shed - Zinc 2.25m (w) x 1.90m (d) x 2.10m (h)

EasyShed offers a variety of the best DIY garden sheds in Australia. Choose from a wide range of durable yet stylish garden sheds for your lifestyle and storage needs. Whether you have minimal or abundant space, EasyShed has a wide selection of garage sizes to choose from. Pick our most popular Gable Roof shed option for your garden shed. It has a sturdy ridge beam and a pitched roof for additional headroom to easily move around in. It's a great option if you have a good amount of room for a large workspace and storage capacity. You also have other options such as the Flat Roof shed for those who are tight on space but still need an outdoor shed. The Off The Wall garden shed is also great for small spaces. It doesn't have a back wall so you can assemble it onto your existing wall or structure. The Skillion Roof shed, which comes with a high front entrance of 2.1 meters and slopes down to 1.8 meters at the back, is great for our taller customers who need extra door height. You can also take a look at our Tall Door line if you're looking for that extra door height on other EasyShed roof models. If you live in parts of Australia where harsh weather conditions are common, we recommend the EasyShed Storm Shed - the toughest shed out on the market. It can weather Region D, Terrain Category 2 cyclonic conditions and can cope with heavy snow loads.

Frequently Asked Questions

While it may seem economical to build a shed all by yourself, it is easier and more cost-effective to buy and build a ready-made storage unit. With our easy to follow 5-step assembly process, you can have our sheds installed and ready in no time. We use high-tensile BlueScope steel construction to build our sheds and they have been engineered to be stable and are covered under a lifetime warranty.

To keep your belongings safe, you’ll need a solid shed to protect it from the elements. You’ll also need a shed that you can access easily. Our garage sheds have double doors at the front and include a regular door on the side for easy access. You can choose from a shed that fits your car, or one that has extra room for you to house a workshop.

If you need more room than a standard garage, you can buy one of our workshop sheds, or choose a shed from our rural shed selection. Our sheds for sale include all different sizes and styles and are suited for all sorts of machinery and equipment.

At EasyShed, we always have the best deals on sheds for sale. Our products are quick to install and are a cheap option for most homes in Australia. Before installing any shed, you should check with your local council about permits. However, if your shed is under 3x3m, then you probably won’t require any approvals as such.
As we manufacture our sheds and sell them directly to the public, there’s no middle man to go through, which means you get excellent discounts on the shed of your choice. All our sheds for sale are sent from our factory dismantled and arrive as a flat packed unit. We have simplified the assembly process to make it easy for our customers to install the shed in any location they choose.

For Colorbond steel shed prices and sheds on clearance, you can check our website. You can also get a quote on custom build sheds and then plan your expense accordingly. All our kit sheds come in many different colours, and can be modified with our shed accessories, this means that your shed will be unique and built to your specifications.

At EasyShed, we know that having a quality steel shed is one of the best ways to increase storage for your home. It’s perfect for storing all those things that you may not require on a daily basis but don’t want to throw away either. Our sheds for sale are weatherproof and will last many years. We are so confident about our sheds that we back them with a lifetime warranty. When you buy one of our sheds for sale, we know you won't be disappointed!

Sheds for Sale

At EasyShed, we have a wide selection of steel construction sheds for sale suitable for a variety of purposes. We have garden sheds, farm sheds, hay sheds, and sheds for bike storage. When you buy a shed from us, we can ship it to your address or you can collect it from one of our pickup locations available in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth among others. By picking up your shed directly from a depot, you can save money on shipping charges. You can utilise this money to add some shed accessories and make your new shed as unique as possible.

Our sheds are build and designed with the Australian climate in mind and as such, they have been tested to suit our extreme and varied weather conditions. We have backed our products with a lifetime warranty as we know our products will last. When you’re after sheds for sale, look no further than EasyShed, as we can build and supply sheds to suit any backyard needs in Australia. Our sheds for sale are shipped as flatpack units and can be put together using our 5-step assembly process. The sheds are light but strong and can suit many applications. We have sheds ranging in size from a skillion roof shed, to garage sheds. You can find the best prices on sheds at EasyShed.

A garden shed is a staple in many homes, used to gain some additional storage. Bikes are an excellent way to get around in inner-city homes, but finding suitable storage can be difficult. With our bike sheds and their small footprint, this issue is solved as your bike can remain outside but still be protected from the elements.

If you need a protected space for your car, our garage sheds are an easy and cost-effective way to increase your property’s car storage capabilities. We have a wide selection of garage sheds for sale and they come in different colours and designs. Our garage sheds can be installed on most properties, and are quick to install.

When looking for sheds for sale consider which shed accessories are available. This way you can truly make the shed your own. You can include options like skylights, windows, concrete fixings and flooring systems. Any of these can enhance your shed and take it from a simple storage option to an area that you’ll be happy working in and around. Garden sheds are working spaces and the more you like being in and around, the happier you’ll be when it comes to spending time at the garden!

At EasyShed we have a wide variety of outdoor sheds for sale, but their use is not limited to storing your vehicles or garden tools alone. They can be used for farm machinery, pool equipment and as a pottery space as well. Measure the dimensions of what you need to store inside the shed and we can help in narrowing down the type of shed that will suit you the best. Don’t forget, you can add in windows to your shed by buying them from our shed accessories section. If you need more light, you can also choose to add skylights to the roof of the shed. These are all perfect additions for any workshop-style shed.

When considering the best sheds for storage, you should check that it is easy to build and provides you with good value. In some cases, a garage shed is going to be used for storage of expensive items such as a car or a bike, so you’ll need a good-quality shed that can be locked and secured. When you are looking for sheds for sale, consider what size will be the most convenient for use.

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