Shipping, Dispatch & Pickups

Yes, we offer free shipping depending on your location and product type. Enter your postcode into the field on our product page or refer to the Click & Collect store locator.

It will depend on your location. For further information please see the shipping page on our website

Once your order is dispatched from our warehouse you will receive tracking details via email and text message. This will allow you to track your order via the freight company's system or you can track it here

Yes, you can pick your shed up, however, please allow time for manufacture as our sheds are made to order. We will advise you once your order is ready to collect.

This will depend on your shed model but we can advise you of the box dimensions. Normally a ute, van, or trailer would be required.

Delivery vehicles/lifting device used will vary significantly across delivery locations subject to availability. Due to the size and weight of EasyShed goods, you may be requested to assist the driver with unloading the items.

Our freight carriers will attempt to work within specific delivery day/time requests.  Due to operational constraints, some delivery locations may not be reachable on every day of the week or at a specific time requested. 

If your order has been delivered to a hardware store you will need to contact the hardware store direct and find out if they are able to oblige and if any additional charges apply. If your order has been delivered to a freight depot (ie Mainfreight, STREAT) they will need to contact customer support at Easyshed to arrange and check for any additional costs.

Installation & Regulations

We can provide you with the engineering documentation/certification required to provide to the council.

Council requirements differ significantly between regions. Some council areas require approval on shed over 10sqm (3m x 3m or larger). Please check the council requirements for your area here

The shed dimensions listed are rounded external measurements for mm accurate internal/external dimensions, refer our concrete slab information in our assembly manual.

Concrete Slab/Anchoring

We recommend a flat rebated concrete slab as this prevents water entry. If your site or concrete slab is not level the door/s may not align with the opening correctly. This can be adjusted by levering under the wall and packing beneath it.

We always recommend securing a shed to a rebated concrete slab. However you can use other methods such as pavers/bricks/timber base as long as the base is firmly secured to the ground. ie do not secure to loose-laid pavers may lift or move together with the shed in strong winds.

This is located in the assembly instructions for the shed. Reach out to one of our team members and they’ll be more than happy to provide you with this document.


Our Big Shed range is fully customisable. If you are enquiring about our domestic sheds we could send you our current assembly instructions and give advice on how you can customise the shed themselves, but only if the customisation is within our shed specifications and recommendations.

Connecting sheds is possible but not recommended as this may weaken the structure and fall outside of the intended design of our product.

General FAQ's

Garden Sheds are 0.30 BMT, or 0.35 TCT. BMT = Base Metal Thickness, TCT = Total Coverage Thickness

Our concrete fixings kit optional extras come included with 10mm diameter Dynabolts, this kit is designed and engineered to suit our specific sheds so we don’t recommend purchasing your fixing kits anywhere else.

Insulation is not currently an optional extra available on our garden shed range. Customers are able to source themselves form a local hardware store. We do offer insulation in our rural and industrial range.

Our garden shed range do not come with gutters or downpipes. If you wish to install your own gutters on to the roof overhang you would need to ensure that the gutter does not impede the movement of your doors.

This is not a standard option. We do offer louvre windows for ventilation and fiberglass skylights for light.

It is true that different colours have different levels of reflectivity, hence they absorb different levels of heat. So a lighter-coloured shed, could be cooler than a darker-coloured shed.
If you are concerned about the internal temperature, you could source a suitable insulation product from your local hardware store.

Our Garden Sheds don't have a fire rating, however there are no flammable components on our sheds.

Our Garden shed range all have an N1 wind rating except for our Storm shed which is rated Region D, Terrain category 2 cyclonic conditions.