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25 Brilliant Uses for a Small Garden Shed

A garden is something worth having around your home. It is a little piece of nature and a source of clean fresh air, at your doorstep. Whilst tending a garden requires passion, attention and care, your hard work is sure to pay off every time you look out over your little piece of paradise.

However, strewn tools, gardening equipment and bric-a-brac dumped in a corner of your backyard can definitely ruin the view. That is why a small shed will come in handy for any Aussie garden lover. Aside from it’s obvious storage benefits, there is a plethora of other uses for a small garden shed!

If you already have a shed or plan to buy a new one, here are 25 brilliant uses for a small garden shed. After reading this, we promise that you’ll never look at a small storage shed the same way again.

  1. Retro cabinet

    If you’re nostalgic for the 60s, 70s or 80s, but your family isn’t as keen, why not turn your small garden shed into a retro cabinet? This can be done by adding storage compartments and drawers to keep all your vintage finds or those nick knacks that bring back warm fuzzy memories. Customise it further with a touch of the past using vintage designs, posters, old record covers and more. Now you can use it to store unused pots and gardening tools as well as your beloved retro collection.

  2. Classic telephone booth

    If your backyard shed is small self-storage, consider turning it into a phonebooth-style shed. Add a classic telephone booth glass door. If you are up to it, you can paint it red for a classic feel (or blue for Doctor Who fans). A DIY shed such as this will be perfect for storing taller tools such as shovels and rakes.

  3. Backyard-barn storage

    Another attractive idea for a small backyard shed is to turn it into a mini barn. With a classic barn style roof it will bring a sense of country to your garden. Paint it in the bright colours of a traditional American barn to get the look you love. While this look works best for a small timber shed, you can always get that timber look by adding the classic X style trim to your shed door. If you are raising chickens, you can also turn it into a coop!

  4. Trash bin cover

    Eliminate the unpleasantness of looking at smelly, dirty rubbish bins by using your small storage shed as a cover. Using a small DIY shed to encase the bins will hide them and provide protection from any odour. It also provides extra storage for any bits and bobs lying around your yard. Ideally for this you would want a low height shed, like this Garden Locker.

  5. Small living room

    Add a rather cosy space in your garden by turning your shed into a small living room. Add comfort with a small sofa or arm chair, add a bookshelf, a window or two, and voilà, it is a perfect reading nook or sweet spot for a morning or afternoon tea or coffee.

  6. A magical playhouse

    If you have kids, why not turn your small garden shed into a magical playhouse. Add fun patterns, bright colours, maybe even chalkboard paint and be sure to include plenty of toy storage inside. This idea is something the kids may even help you to design, and is sure to keep them busy playing for years to come. Here is a playhouse idea that may work for you!

  7. Party shed

    If you love a garden or backyard party and you have an unused self-storage shed, take the opportunity to make it work: You can now turn your storage into your very own backyard bar! Create a small countertop space, add some bar stools or chairs and decorate with your own individual style. If you can run power to your shed, and include a bar fridge, entertainment system and lighting! Now, whenever you have small celebrations, you can host it in the comfort of your own garden!

  8. DIY shed

    If you are on a tight budget, but still want a place for those DIY projects, make use of your small garden shed. Construct a fold away work bench, build multi-use storage seating and even hang clever tool storage to really maximise the space in your mini workshop shed. With the right design you can turn even a small storage shed into the ideal DIY workspace.

  9. Outdoor kitchen

    If you love cooking, an outdoor kitchen is a must-have. Cooking outdoors is fun, especially during family gatherings and throughout the Aussie Spring and Summer months. You can create your own outdoor pizza oven or smokehouse from your small garden shed. Open up the front of the shed and store your BBQ inside, or if you want to really impress why not take inspiration from the Ultimate BBQ Shed - Equipped with a state of the art BBQ, fold down prep area, a hidden dart board, a concealed seating area and not one but two beer fridges! It's every BBQ lovers dream.

  10. Mini gym

    Being fit and healthy is on most of our to do lists. We all want to live our best life, and your garden shed might be just what you need to help you achieve a healthy body. You can build a small home gym inside your garden, making use of small self-storage to keep your weights, a small exercise bike and even a treadmill. With motivation and the right equipment, you will be on your journey to a healthier you.

  11. Lovely guest house

    If you like having guests over the weekend but do not have enough space in the house, fret no more as you can turn your small garden shed into a small accommodation space for them. Check out some cool ideas on Pinterest. With a comfy bed, a little storage and a perfect view in the garden, your guests won't hesitate to return time and time again.

  12. Hobby nook

    Are you into star gazing, or painting, maybe music, or woodworking? If so, turn your garden shed into a hobby shed. Set up your telescopes, canvases, guitars, or whatever you need, and get started. In your garden, you can finally have a space for quiet time by yourself indulging in your hobby. A hobby nook is the perfect use for a small garden shed.

  13. Your pet’s sweet home

    For any pet owner, another brilliant addition to your garden is a pet house. Whether you own rabbits, dogs, birds or cats, you can make your pet feel loved with their very own home. Turn your small garden shed into a pet house. Click here for some awesome ideas.

  14. Game room

    Are you ready, player number one? If you are into gaming in any way, an outdoor game room might be just what you need (especially if you don't have enough space inside your home). You’ll need power (get a professional to help!) and then set up your ideal gaming station, be that a desk with all your gear or a couple of comfy bean bags and a giant screen. Turn your garden shed into a game room and have fun.

  15. Mini garden office

    Working in the comfort of your home comes with many benefits. You get to manage your time and you get to be around your family. However, it can be hard to focus on work when you have family member distracting you or household tasks just begging to be done.

    Why feel stressed when you can turn your garden shed into a small office? There, you can block out noise from the kids playing, and be able to focus your time more efficiently on your tasks. A desk and comfy chair will get you started.

  16. Shower

    Another way to make use of your garden shed is by turning it into an outdoor shower. You can also add a loo if you want. This is ideal for homes near the water, or if your home does not have a second bathroom. Avoid the bathroom queues in the morning by converting your small shed into an outdoor shower.

  17. Potting Shed

    Are you a passionate gardener? If so, you can turn your small garden shed into a potting shed or a small greenhouse. You don’t need much space to enjoy potting and cultivating plants, plus it has the added benefit of self-storage for your gardening equipment. Aside from enriching your gardening skills, it will also be a perfect addition to your garden’s surroundings.

  18. Garden theatre

    Almost everyone today loves watching movies and TV series. That is why Netflix, Hulu, Stan, etc., are so popular. With that in mind, an outdoor theatre is also something you can create out of your garden shed. With a sofa, a TV screen, and a little dimming, you are all set up!

  19. Camping shed

    Do you know that your garden can also make a good camping option for your kids? With them near home, you don’t have to worry and they get to experience the outdoors without you having to travel far! Turn your garden shed into a camping shed for your children to enjoy. Your kids would be safe (in the vicinity of your garden) from dangerous elements, poisonous plants, pesky insects, or wild animals.

  20. An extended garden space

    You can make your garden unique by decorating the roof of your garden shed (even your house) with plants, succulents or grass. Using the roof of your small shed as an extension of your garden will make the most of your backyard space. A bird might make her nest up there as well!

  21. Backyard business stall

    If you are looking for ways to earn money from the comfort of your home, you can utilise the small shed in your garden. Start an online business and use the small shed as storage for your goods. A lockable shed ensures security for your items, and means you do not have to take up room in your home. You can sell clothes, shoes, and stuff you no longer use. Aside from saving space, you also earn a few bucks.

  22. Spa shed

    Nowadays, it can be tough to find time to relax from a busy schedule. A vacation to a far off land might sound inviting. However, the reality is that most of us do not have the time or budget for a grand vacation.

    Well, you no longer have to worry about relaxation away from home, as you can turn your garden shed into an outdoor spa. With an inflatable spa bathtub, a candle or two, and a towel rack, who says you can’t have it all?

  23. Pets’ playhouse

    Who said only humans can have fun? If you have a number of cats, bunnies, or dogs, an animal playhouse is a wonderful addition to your garden. For those who keep their pets mostly indoors, using a small shed as the play pen provides variety for the beloved family pet. It also helps to keep messy pet toys out of the home and confined to one spot!

  24. Chemicals storage

    If you have kids around, a house is never safe with all dangerous chemicals hidden in your cupboard or kitchen drawers. One of the ways to keep chemicals out of children's reach is to safely store them in your garden shed. You can then lock them in. All you need is small self-storage and you can store chemicals, cleaners, paints and more safely away from the hands of children.

  25. Winter wood storage

    Time flies. One day you are soaking up the sun, and the next you are rugging up and running out of unexpected rainfall. In the colder months you will be wanting to seek warmth and one of the ways to stay warm on winter days is to burn a pile of wood (in your fireplace or other fitting places). Of course, you will need a storage area for the wood. This can be done by turning your small garden shed into wood storage for winter.

Bring your Shed to Life

Aside from the ideas listed above, there are more ways to recreate your small garden shed. The possibilities are endless. It takes motivation, imagination, and a few good materials.

If you would like to try one of the ideas above and you don't own a garden shed, there's nothing to worry about. You can build your own garden shed from excess wood. Improvise, or you can also buy a new shed from reputable stores such as EasyShed. It has everything for all your gardening needs—from small to big garden sheds, workshops, pet house gardens, aviaries, and more.

If you don't have enough space for a shed, you can customise your order from EasyShed's online store before choosing a specific design. Simply toggle with your desired width, length, and height. There are also many colours to choose from. EasyShed offers delivery to your door Australia wide and free depot collection from over 200 locations.

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