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Custom Shed Must Haves

If you’re interested in a custom shed, chances are you have big plans for that backyard space. Maybe this custom made shed is going to be your writer’s cave or recording studio. Maybe it’s going to be your at-home silversmith workshop or reading library.

Whatever you want your custom shed to be, there are some must haves that you’ll want to include in your space. These are all the must have elements and additions that are going to make your custom shed ideal!


Custom Shed Must Have #1: A clear plan

The most important must have when you go about custom made sheds is a well-detailed plan for your space. Without a clear purpose for your shed, it’s going to be difficult to make important decisions about things like size and layout.

Let’s say that you’re designing a studio to teach private yoga classes. What kinds of elements are you going to need to make this space workable? Here are a few things, to start:

  • Enough space for two people to move around comfortably. You will probably need high ceilings and ample space to do those sun salutations.
  • Storage space for your yoga mats, blocks, straps and other supplies
  • Space for decor elements - maybe a water feature, a few candles, a music speaker, and a lamp
  • Ample ventilation to keep your shed fresh and cool
  • Possibly a working area to receive payments, write out receipts and schedule upcoming sessions

Now, it’s also important to consider whether this current plan could change in the future. Perhaps someday you want to expand your classes to include more people. Well, then your custom plan now should account for those future possibilities.

So, when you sit down to plan out your custom shed’s purpose, make sure to include both short-term and long-term ideas. Then, you’ll have an easier time answering questions about size, roof design, and layout.

If you’re having trouble figuring out exactly what you want your shed to do for you, take a look at some different shed ideas for inspiration. On our blog, we’ve talked about a lot of different options, from a backyard play shed for kids to a book lover’s shed and more.

Custom Shed Must Have #2: Flooring

Another thing that your custom shed plan is going to help you figure out is your ideal flooring. After all, if you’re planning on creating the perfect music studio to practice classical guitar, you’ll want to consider the best flooring for the acoustics like hardwood or concrete. Or, if you’re going to design a children’s play area, you might want something more comfortable like carpet. On the other hand, custom made sheds for heavy-duty work or manual labour will require a forgiving and durable option, like a plastic interlocking floor system.

A great flooring is a must have for your custom shed. Without that proper flooring, it will be difficult to achieve the goal you’re trying to accomplish with this space.

Custom Shed Must Have #3: Skylights and windows

What we often see with clients designing their own shed is that they get so involved in the layout for the inside of the shed that they forget about the basics like lighting and ventilation.

No matter what your goal is for your shed, you’re going to appreciate as much natural light and fresh air as possible (unless, of course, you’re planning a photography studio, then you can ignore this piece of advice.)

Windows and skylights are just some accessories that are must haves in custom made sheds, so don’t forget to include them in your plan!

Custom Shed Must Have #4: Ample storage

Another thing that is easy to forget when designing a shed is storage. Those glossy images of picture-perfect magazine sheds all have one thing in common: they’re clean and organized. And how do they accomplish that? With creative storage options.

If you’re looking for something affordable that will allow you to easily access your items, you can invest in some free standing shelving. Or, hide it away with some cabinets so that your shed looks more spacious and minimalist.

One thing to keep in mind here is that adding storage space is going to require you to expand your floorspace. Otherwise, you’ll be disappointed to see that you’ve got less space to move around comfortably and that your shed looks cluttered.

Even if your shed’s purpose doesn’t strike you as needing that much storage, trust us, include some anyways. No matter if you’re designing a meditation studio or home office in your backyard, you’ll appreciate having a bit of storage for household items or garden tools.

You can learn more about must have storage solutions for your custom shed by reading our tips to maximize your shed storage.

Custom Shed Must Have #5: Decor

Now we get to the really fun part: must have custom shed decor. Again, this is going to depend largely on the purpose of your custom shed. But even a simple garden shed can become something really special with a couple design elements!

Here are a few items that you’ll want to include in your outdoor shed:

  • lights - whether you string these lights along the exterior of your shed or use them as the main lighting inside, they are going to make this space look so welcoming and trendy.
  • Mirrors - there are a couple of reasons why mirrors are ideal for small spaces like sheds. On one hand, they serve to make your space look bigger and more open. And, they do a great job of reflecting light to make your space look brighter.
  • Plants - Houseplants are happy additions to any custom shed. Hang some pothos plants from the ceiling, put a couple succulents on a shelf, or surround the outside of your shed with flower-filled planters. You’ll love spending time in your outdoor shed with these live elements.

What custom shed must haves will you add?

In this article, we’ve shared a couple of popular custom shed must haves that we recommend for your backyard space. But, depending on what you’ll be using your shed for, you might have a lot more to add! We’d love to hear what must haves you’ll include in your custom made sheds, so let us know!

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