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DIY vs. Hiring a Builder: The Steel Garden Shed Dilemma

Constructing a steel garden shed can be an exciting project that offers both functional and aesthetic benefits for your outdoor space. When it comes to building a shed, you have a choice between embarking on a DIY journey or hiring a professional builder. Each option has its advantages and considerations, but in this article, we will explore how each building experience can transform into a valuable personal or group/family activity. From creating core memories for kids to showcasing a proud accomplishment for dads, or even testing the loyalty of buddies, the process can be more than just assembling a structure.

The Snag & Mates Method

One popular approach to shed construction is what we like to call the "Snag & Mates Method." This method involves gathering a group of friends or family members to lend a helping hand in constructing the shed. By engaging in this collaborative effort, you not only share the workload but also create an opportunity for quality time and bonding. It becomes a chance to catch up with mates, share laughs, and reminisce about past adventures while building something practical together.

The DIY Pro

For those who prefer taking matters into their own hands, the DIY route offers a sense of pride and accomplishment. Building a steel garden shed can be a satisfying challenge that allows you to showcase your skills and resourcefulness. By following the instructions provided by EasyShed, you can learn new techniques and gain confidence in your abilities. The process can be an empowering experience, leaving you with a shed you can truly call your own, knowing that every detail was meticulously crafted by your hands.

The Call an Expert

While DIY and the Snag & Mates Method have their appeal, some individuals may prefer to leave the construction process in the hands of professionals. Hiring a builder ensures a smooth and efficient construction process, as they possess the necessary expertise and experience to tackle the job effectively. By entrusting the project to an expert, you can save time and avoid potential mishaps that might arise from a lack of knowledge or skills. Additionally, hiring a builder can provide peace of mind, knowing that the shed will be constructed to the highest standard, adhering to all necessary regulations.


Whether you choose the Snag & Mates Method, embrace the role of a DIY pro, or decide to hire a professional builder, constructing a steel garden shed with EasyShed offers an experience that goes beyond mere construction. It becomes an avenue for personal growth, family bonding, and strengthening relationships. EasyShed's commitment to providing excellent products and a supportive building process ensures that you can embark on this journey with confidence. So, grab your tools, gather your loved ones or mates, and start building a steel garden shed that will be cherished for years to come.

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