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Get Your Shed Winter-Ready

Get Your Shed Winter-Ready

The winter season is upon us and there's still time to get your shed winter-ready! While outdoor sheds are generally built to easily withstand Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons, they do need a little help come Winter. Here are some useful tips to winterize your garden shed.

Getting your backyard shed ready for winter will depend on how you would like to be able to use it during the colder months. However, for any purpose that you have in mind, first thing on your to-do list should be the general cleaning and inspection of your shed. Backyard garden sheds can get pretty messy during the summer and autumn, so winter is a great time to check that your walls and floors are clean from debris. The best way to do this is to empty out your shed. Take everything out, and start inspecting the walls and the roof for any patch up work needed. Wooden sheds are more vulnerable than steel sheds since harsh weather, water and insects can cause them to rot and deteriorate.

Do a little treasure hunting by gathering up scrap metals and sweeping any dirt off your flooring system or concrete area. Who knows what you might find! Hopefully not insects. If you do find any, get rid of them. Sweep out all the cobwebs and unwelcome critters for your peace of mind. Tidy shed, tidy mind.

While your tools are out, start inspecting and cleaning them too. If you’re expecting snow, empty the gas on any motorised gardening tools like lawnmowers and leaf blowers. Roll up your garden hoses and empty their contents to prevent them from cracking during extremely low temperatures. Once you’re done, put them back inside your winter-ready shed where the summer tools are put in first and all wintry tools stored near the front for easy access.

Weather-stripping is another great idea to get your shed winter-ready. It’s a process of sealing windows, doors and cracks from the elements like rain and water. It also lets you keep the interior air in so you’ll save energy on any heating you might have. If you’re not doing that already, now may be a good time to add them.

Winter is almost here but it shouldn’t stop you from using your garden shed. With these tips, your shed will be winter-ready and all set for you to use.

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