How to Create a Tabletop Garden in Your Shed

How to Create a Tabletop Garden in Your Shed

Do you want to add a miniature garden in your home, one that is alive and real - not simply made of plastic? Or perhaps it’s sunny outside and you don’t want to do your gardening under the heat of the sun? Well, have you ever thought of making a table top garden in your own garden shed?

Bring a small part of nature into your home. A table top garden is an artsy aesthetic that can add beauty to your own shack! Having a table top garden makes your guests think of how creative and prolific you are. What they probably won't know is that making it is fast, easy, and sweat-free. All you need to have is a productive mind and busy hands!

Statistics show that 80% of Australians prefer greenery inside their homes. They agree that having plants inside their garden sheds is an artful composition that brings peace and freshness to both the eyes and the atmosphere.

What You Need for a Tabletop Garden

Want to create your own mini garden? Here are the basic materials that you will need:

  • A container: anything where you can put your plants. This can be a wooden box, a basket, a ceramic plate, a glass holder, a tray, or any filler of your choice.

  • What you’ll be planting: herbs, an aromatic plant, and florals, which will serve as your accent.

  • Dirt or soil

  • You’ll also be needing small rocks or pond pebbles; they will help prevent the soil from falling right to the bottom of the container.

So, let’s get started with creating your tabletop garden.

Tabletop gardening step #1: Wear gloves

The first important thing you have to do is to wear gloves. You have to be hygienic and careful with your own hands. Wearing gloves is necessary, as they will not allow dirt to accumulate in your hands during the process.

Tabletop gardening step #2: Prepare the base

Once you have your gloves on, prepare the pond pebbles. Add a maximum of two cups of these pebbles. They will prevent the soil from falling right to the bottom of the container. They are also a great base for a table top garden.

Next, put the soil in your desired container. Don’t forget to leave two inches of soil to the edge from the top of the container; that way there is space for your plants to grow up healthy.

If you decide to use a basket, it would be better to use landscape fabric or water-permeable materials inside to prevent the soil from running out the slats.

Tabletop gardening step #3: Plant the herbs

Herbs are the first plant you have to put into the soil. You have to squish them a little into their own container. Get them out and continue to squeeze their roots, so that when you put them in the new fresh soil, they will be able to breathe and grow the proper way.

If you’re planning to plant basil on your table top garden, make sure to put it at the center of the container. Because it grows tall, having it at the center of your tabletop garden will make it beautiful to look at.

If you want to plant sage, make sure to put it at the edge of the arrangement. This herb needs a little bit of space; it can take over your whole mini- garden as it grows.

Tabletop gardening step #4: Plant the flowers

Flowers are great to plant on the outer perimeter and at the edge of your arrangement. Make sure to have two kinds of flowers: the short one and the tall one. First, put the short flowers into the container. Squish them gently into their own container, and continue squeezing them, especially their roots.

And then put them around your garden compact. After you’re done planting the shorties, get the tall ones and put them at the back perspective or the back edge of your arrangement. Be aware that a pop of colour is a must for you to get that pleasant look for your mini garden

Tabletop gardening step #5: Add another layer of soil

After you plant the flowers, you can put another layer of soil into the miniature garden to make sure the plants grow well.

Tabletop gardens can be grown indoors or outdoors. If you’re going to leave yours indoors, then it is recommended that you place it under direct light.

How often should you water your tabletop garden?

All plants need watering, depending on whether they are indoors or outdoors. You have to make sure that the soil stays moist. How frequently you water them depends on the environment that they are in. If they’re outside, you might want to water them every day on an extremely hot or sunny day. But if your garden is placed inside, then you can water the plants every other day or every three days.

The best way to test how frequently you should water your mini garden is to simply touch the soil to check if it’s damp. If it is, then it most probably has enough water. But if it’s dry, then it’s time to water your mini arrangement.

Make your Tabletop Garden with EasyShed

Making a tabletop garden is fast and stress-free. You just have to use your imagination and creativity, and design it in your own unique way. When you’re done, place it on a table. Your tabletop garden should be at the center of your shack.

Make sure the mini garden has enough natural light. Redesign your old garden shed to make it more suitable for your tabletop garden; otherwise, you can purchase a new one. If you’re passionate about gardening and are looking for a way to protect your plants from the harsh outdoor elements, then a DIY shed can provide you the flexibility for designing your potting shed just the way you want. Take a look at EasyShed’s vast choices of DIY sheds today!