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How to Turn a Shed into an Elegant She shed

How to Turn a Shed into an Elegant She shed

A she shed is the perfect place to chill and stay in, especially when the weather starts to warm up and the hours of daylight increase.

As spring or summer comes, the growth of new leaves and the blooming of flowers begin, too. Plants that have wilted are waking back to life. One can say it is the most joyful season of the year for it brings so much happiness to each of us.

Because of the mild temperature, you can do a lot of activities during this season such as camping and flying a kite, but building a she shed sounds more fascinating, don’t you think?

Nearly everyone wants to build an elegant garden shed. Good news is, you can have your own DIY shed. Don’t worry, it wouldn’t be that hard. As spring represents transformations, turn your regular storage shed into an aesthetically pleasing one with these ten tips!

She shed Tip

Get some ideas online 

The Internet can show you an array of designs fitted to a variety of preferences—from classic and rustic style to modern or cosy. Pinterest is a great tool to search for plenty of ideas.

Get your own shed

If you do not have a garden shed yet, you can build yours by starting with the foundation, then the framework, the walls and the roof. However, it will require arduous work and it can be very time-consuming. You can save your precious time by buying a DIY shed from a company like EasyShed. Its sheds are easy to assemble, enabling you to have your own shed in no time.

Get your own theme

As Bryant H. McGill, American author and speaker, says, “Creativity is the greatest expression of liberty,”. Your she shed is a reflection of your personality, so your theme can be based on your favourite hobby – may it be painting, reading, writing, or even knitting and creating DIY crafts! Just get artistic, think outside the box and express yourself. Sprinkle your boring garden shed with some creativity and make it your own!

Get some paint

Colour psychology teaches us that hues can have a significant impact on us because they are usually associated with feelings and emotions. Colours can influence your mood; thus, affecting how you feel as you relax in your garden shed. There are thousands of hues, so deciding on which colour palette to use for your she shed can be difficult and quite confusing. Choose colours that are pleasing to the eye. They can be any of the following:

Complementary colours

Complementary colours are two hues that are directly opposite each other in the colour spectrum. Examples are red and green, blue and orange, or yellow and violet.

Monochromatic colours

These are combinations containing only tones of a single colour.

Analogous colours

This is a group of three colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel.

Get some furniture

After you are done painting your she shed with some vibrant colours, furnish it with essentials such as the following:

  • Table and chairs for coffee with the people close to you

  • Mini bed or sofa for pleasant naps

  • Some shelves to make sure your all-time favourite books are organised (This is a must if you are a bookworm.)

  • A little closet to store your items and necessities

As you add more pieces that you like, you will surely be delighted to see your she shed gain more life.

Get some plants

Not only do they help improve the air quality; plants also make the atmosphere more refreshing and colourful. Plants can offer you additional comfort and relaxation. Some air purifier plants include the aloe plant, English ivy, rubber tree, peace lily, and many more. Consider succulents, or brightly coloured flowers!

Get some speakers

Add speakers to your she shed so you can put on some music. It is not only plants that can ease your mind; music can do the same thing. It is widely believed that music can relieve stress and can be very beneficial to your brain. Have a playlist of your favourite tunes and listen to them peacefully in your she shed whilst you look out your window. Or enjoy some tunes with your friends!

Get some fairy lights and Polaroid pictures

Fairy lights are great for setting the mood, be it one of ambience or sparkly fun! It will also make your garden shed more appealing. In addition to fairy lights, Polaroid pictures will make your DIY shed look Instagram-worthy. They will also add a level of personalisation to your she-shed, making it uniquely you.

Customise your garden shed

Customise, customise, and customise some more until you achieve your dream DIY shed!
You can throw in some cute accessories and décor pieces but be sure not to overdo it! Instead of making it look pretty, it may turn out to be pretty messy, which you definitely do not want.

Enjoy it

After exerting huge efforts for your she shed, it is now time delight in and have a good time in what you have built. Take a seat, have a nap, toast to your hard work... There are so many things you can do in your shed; you will never regret having one.

Now you have your own personal haven. Any time you need to destress or get some peace and quiet, you know that you can easily and quickly get some respite right in your own she shed. With your own personal space right in your backyard, going for a staycation will never be as easy.

Do you need a shed? 

If you don’t have a garden shed to customise yet, be sure to check out EasyShed. They are the #1 manufacturer and seller of garden sheds in Australia. They offer high quality products in various colours and designs, one of which can be perfect for your dream she shed. Visit their website now.

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