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The Ideal Storage Solution for Your Surfboard

Storing surfboards has always been a challenge for most surfers. They’re cumbersome, they take up a lot of space in your home or garage, and storing them incorrectly can lead to damage.

Still, surfboards need to be properly stored away from the elements when not in use. While they’re made to be enjoyed under the sun, prolonged exposure can do some real harm. The UV rays will mess up your board’s finish. The Styrofoam core of your board, which is mostly air, will expand and cause cracking and splitting.

To prevent this from happening, always keep them in the shade when not in use. Or better yet, keep your surfboards in pristine condition by storing them in a weather-tight shed. Doing this will also free up space in your home and garage.

Not only will you be able to store surfboards in a garden shed, but other surf accessories and sporting equipment as well.

Protect your sporting goods from the elements with an EasyShed steel garden shed. It is the ideal storage solution for your surfboards and other goods. Have a look at your affordable EasyShed garden sheds here.

Preparing your surfboard for shed storage

Before storing your surfboard in your EasyShed, rinse it thoroughly with fresh water. Doing this will remove anything on its surface, particularly the salt water. Saltwater left to dry on a surfboard will damage it.

After rinsing it, dry your board with a towel. This will remove all the moisture ensuring that your surfboard is not damp when you store it.

If you’re not going to use your surfboard for a while, consider stripping any wax. Wax tends to get old and musty on a surfboard when not in use.

If you have a surfboard bag, use it. It offers an extra layer of protection from any dings and cuts your board might get while in storage.

  • Ways to store your surfboards in your EasyShed

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    One way of saving floor space is to store your surfboards upright against the walls. Get a freestanding surfboard rack so you won’t have to drill any holes in the walls.

    But surf racks can get pretty expensive. If you have a limited budget but handy with tools, you can make your own DIY freestanding surfboard rack. You could make this same surf rack with some PVC pipes, pipe insulation, and wood planks.

    Here are some DIY surfboard rack tutorials for you to get started on.

    Another proper way to store your surfboards is to hang them on their leash ropes.

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    You can get the J Hooks accessory with your EasyShed to easily do this.

    Check out your Tall Door garden shed options with EasyShed. Their height range of 2.12m – 2.40m is perfect for storing surfboards vertically. These DIY steel garden sheds are simple to set up with our innovative 5-Step Assembly process. We also have a variety of sizes and colours for you to choose from.

    Our sheds are manufactured from BlueScope Steel. The 0.35mm thick wall sheets will ensure your boards are safe and secure from the elements and theft.

    They also come standard with a Lifetime Warranty so we’ve got you covered. EasyShed is truly the ideal storage solution for your surfboards.

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