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Make Money from your Garden Shed with Spacer

Looking for ways to make money from your garden shed? If you have extra storage space or garage space, then you most certainly can. Finding secure but affordable storage or parking space nearby can be a hassle, and the market for people looking for them is growing. Turn that extra space into passive income with Spacer.

Spacer is Australia’s premier peer-to-peer marketplace that connects people with space to people who need space. Spacer allows its customers to find affordable and secure storage or parking anywhere in Australia. So if you have unused space, you can easily create a quick and sustainable income stream while also providing a much-needed service to the community.

When you sign up as a host with Spacer, they will advertise your garden shed or garage shed to their customers for free. You set the price and the conditions, and they will do the rest. All that you’ll need to do from your end is review prospective renters, agree to a move-in date, then enjoy your monthly passive income! You could earn $4,800+ a year leasing your garden shed or garage shed. Spacer thoroughly vets all users who need storage to ensure you and your property are safe.

How do I sign up with Spacer?

Signing up with Spacer is free and can be done in 3 easy steps.

  1. Create a listing describing the size, type and access you want to provide.
  2. Upload photographs of your unused area.
  3. Set the price, and state the conditions. You make the rules. You are in control.

Spacer will do all the advertising of your shed to their thousands of members as well as non-members on the internet who are looking for storage or parking. They use internet ads, paid search marketing, leaflets, flyers and promotions companies to advertise your garden shed or garage. They earn by collecting a small fee to handle payments between you and your renter, and they mark up the price you set for your space.

How much should you rent out your garden shed?

An average shed will rent about $100-$150 per month. The bigger the storage space, the higher you can rent it out for. It’s better to price to the market and not over it to ensure a quick rental. Spacer has a “Space Calculator” so you’ll get a good idea on how much you should rent out your extra space.

Aside from garden sheds and garage sheds, you could also list any other unused space that you have such as carport, driveway, attic, spare bedrooms, warehouse or yard space. Turn your unused space into dollars today and visit Spacer at

Make Money from your Garden Shed Summary

Turning your shed into a storage space for rent is a great way to make money from your garden shed. Reinvent your old one or invest in a new steel garden shed and start making passive income today! Take a look at your EasyShed options.

All DIY EasyShed garden sheds and workshops bought on the website are built to last and come with a lifetime warranty. Choose the right size and colour to fit your needs and personality. They are easy to set up with our innovative 5 Step Assembly® process. You can also accessorise your EasyShed with practical accessories such as louvre windows, skylights, flooring systems and so much more.

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