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The Weirdest Shed Designs on the Planet

The Weirdest Shed Designs on 
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Most garden sheds, including DIY sheds, are known for simple and elegant designs. Sturdy, lean, useful, spacious, and affordable are among the attributes you want from a shed.

Others design their shed to be unique. Do you know that somewhere in the world, there is a shed design inspired from a Hobbit house in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy? Some shed design concepts are truly out of this world.

If you’re not convinced, here are other examples:

World’s Fastest Shed

Source: AutoCar

This four wheel drive shed holds the world record for being the Worlds Fastest Shed. Gardener and innovator Kevin Nicks built this car shed and was recorded at speeds of up to 101mph. This beauty turned a lot of heads on the road. A steel frame supports the custom-made shiplap structure and the whole project was completed in the driveway of Kevin’s own home. Perhaps this is what gardening in the future looks like: instead of a storage shed or a garden shed, we will all have a shed we can drive!

The Cliffhanger

Source: Reader Shed

Considered one of the best designed sheds around the globe, the Cliffhanger by Karen Scott from Norfolk is all about thinking outside the box. Made almost entirely from debris found on the beach following a tidal surge in 2013, it has the unusual bonus of having the previous beach hut owners having signed the debris which previously belonged to them. The slanted design quirky colours and personalised touch make this shed truly one of a kind.

The Hobit Hole

Source: Wikimedia Commons

As the “Lord of the Rings” was mentioned earlier, this shed is worth including in the list. In the quiet village of Buriton in East Hampshire stands a shed that looks like a hill. Imagine the house of the Teletubbies or Bilbo Baggins. Some people find this shed a bit spooky, but during the day, it is something odd and beautiful at the same time. Some might even mistake it for a stealth shed.

The Lindisfarne Boat Shed

Source: Beyond the Window Box

Imagine a boat turned upside down and transformed into a shed – well that is what the Lindisfarne boat sheds are. These storage sheds were cleverly converted out of old herring boats by some local fishermen. The unique design means these sheds have become a popular subject for avid photographers.

The Straw Shed

Source: Shed Working

Instead of plastic, wood or metal, some people in the United States are using a bunch of straws to build a garden shed. Straws are good for insulation. What really catches the interest of people is the sturdiness of this shed design. Believe it or not, straw sheds are weatherproof, only if staked with big straw blocks properly and accordingly. The cost is minimal, and the space is perfect for storing garden or farm tools.

Barn (tall) sheds

Source: Geograph

These huts, found in Hastings, UK were used to store nets and fishing equipment. The structures are around 25 feet high and due to the lack of space they are restricted to 8 square feet at the base; so they were built tall. You might say these structures conjure up images of a spooky farmyard barn. The tall design also gives it a peculiar and a bit eerie style.

The Shoffice

Source: Houzz

This shed is one of the coolest and weirdest looking sheds out there. The unique curved design houses an office space and garden storage, hence the name Shoffice (shed + office). The cladding, structure, and its entire context is intended to be an organic sculptural piece that flows within the existing garden space.

Cheesy Sheds

Source: Reader Sheds

These sheds resemble a piece of cheese—complete with the holes, the sliced walls, and the creamy yellow colour. A bit quirky, but perfect for lovers of cheese (or mice?!). This type of design can be found all over the globe, and many people are predicting more food inspired shed designs. The creators of this shed design are Charlotte Eve and Kate Edwards.

Graffiti Art Sheds

Source: Shed Blog

More than being weird, these sheds convey creative messages and evoke imaginative responses from people. The design idea is like a graffiti mural. Most people using this design want to embrace and express creativity and showcase their quirkiness, along with their artistic talent. These sheds are considered weird, colourful, and pretty darn cool. The idea is perfect for artistic people considering building a DIY shed in the backyard.

The Dome shed

Source: Metro

This one takes a whole different form, literally. Some unique sheds are not the traditional square or rectangular shape. Instead, to provide more space, the idea of a 360-degree shed is born. This type of storage structure looks more like a hut, rather than a shed. The shape itself is actually not that weird, but the idea of a shed design in a dome format is at a whole new level.

Sheds in Australia

If you want to find more sheds with weird designs, simply search the web or your own neighbourhood. Garden sheds are common all over Australia, as most households require addition backyard storage for their gardening equipment, hobby, tools, machinery and household excess. Many Aussies have raised the bar on the idea of simple DIY garden shed, and have turned a backyard shed into a work of art. Be it weird and wacky or a masterpiece? You decide.If you are interested in building your own weird garden or storage shed, get in touch with your Australian shed manufacturer, like EasyShed.

EasyShed at the ready

EasyShed is a leading provider when it comes to sheds, for gardening, tools, storage or more. The company is a major shed manufacturer in Australia and has sold sheds to thousands of Aussies all over the country. EasyShed is ready to help you build the dream shed you have always wanted.

The right shed specialist will also guide you as you pick out the right materials to build your shed. If you’re worried about the prices, you can put your mind at ease. EasyShed offers affordable and quality sheds.

Keep in mind that a simple DIY garden shed can be transformed with a little imagination. Don’t be afraid to get creative and don’t limit yourself to the out of the box template. If you already have a picture in mind, give EasyShed a call.

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