Tom's 40 Year Old Shed

Tom's 40 Year Old Shed

Built to Last

It’s become a staple for DIY garden shed companies to say that they build things to last. In a world largely dominated by social media and impressions, you often see things like “built to last”, “able to withstand the elements”, “durable and engineered for quality” as hooks to draw people in only to find the exact same product crumbling in a matter of weeks.

Today, where people are hyper-focused on the next best thing, do we really still have things that are “built to last”?

40 Years and Counting with Tom and his Easyshed

2 poeple in front of 40 year old shed

Enter Tom, one of our 300,000+ happy customers. We dropped by Tom’s orchard earlier this year to check his shed out and see how things are going. You’re probably thinking, “that’s a neat looking new shed”. Only it isn’t. Neat looking for sure, but it’s not new... he bought it back in 1983, when we first started Easyshed.

40 year old shed beside a water tank

You read that right. Tom‘s shed has been up for 40 long years, and counting.

Tom even remembers the day he brought the shed home.

“Back in the day, I was living over in Shepparton and bought it from one of your branches there. Brought it back home in a 6 x 4 trailer and put it over the pump shed. It was the first shed on the block of land to protect the bore from the elements.”

Tom‘s Tree Orchard

The shed housed a 120-foot firefighting pump down the bore that pumped water to the trees growing in Tom’s orchard. He walked us through and eagerly showed us around. The pump that was the foundation for his 30 hectare orchard today.

Fruit trees in a garden Fruit trees and ornaments

“It’s changed a bit over the years. Fruit trees and ornamentals, chestnuts, cherries.”, said Tom. Fondly recalling the passing of time and how both his orchard and unyielding shed have been through ever-changing seasons. Four decades of beating summer days, autumn harvests, bitter winters, and hopeful spring. “This shed has had it all”, said Tom,“Harsh summers, snowing winters and some crazy storms”.

Ornaments in the backyard and Fruit trees and dog in orchard

Our Commitment to Quality

If this doesn’t answer the question about whether we still have things that are built to last, we don’t know what will. We’re all about making life easy and seeing Tom's shed after all these decades is a real testament to the kind of quality Aussie-made products bring to the table.

The culmination of 40 years of Eayshed; our journey from being a humble family-run business in Albury to being Australia's largest shed manufacturer and your first choice for storage solutions.

We also offer a Lifetime Warranty to further secure your shed’s future. Tom never saw the need for it, but it’s our way of showing our confidence in the product and how much we value your peace of mind.

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