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What to do When the Footy is Over

What to do When the Footy is Over

If your weekends normally consist of watching the footy, the next few months will seem pretty empty. AFL & NRL season is over! What will we do with ourselves until next March? Well, no need to feel blue, because we have some ideas to help fill your weekends. Here are some ways to occupy your time now that footy is over.

Follow the A League

When one sport ends, another begins. The FFA A-League season commences in early October and runs through summer. Support your local team and fill your weekends with sport again! Come to think of it there’s Cricket… oh and don’t forget the Tennis!!

Get Social

You can reclaim your weekends and spend time with family & friends. Plan summer BBQs, host a holiday season get together or set up a backyard cricket league! Or better yet, get a team together and play some backyard footy!

Get Gardening

Spring is the time to get back to nature in your own backyard and bring your garden back to life. Here are our tips on making the most of your garden. Start hoeing and sowing your favourite plants, fruits and vegetables and turn your backyard into a gardener’s delight.

Get A Summer Beach Body

Get yourself in shape by going to the gym, or better yet, set up your own personal gym at home and get 24/7 access to it with NO gym fees

Finish That DIY Project You Started in March

You know the one… You picked up the tools at the start of the year, with all the determination of New Year’s resolutions, but then footy started and your weekends were full and so you never did get a chance to finish it... Now is the time!

Release Your Inner Creative

Awaken the artist in you by getting into woodworking, sculpting or painting in your workshop. Get started on that DIY project that you’ve been putting off. You may want to read our “Easy DIYs The Family will Love” blog post to light the spark in you.

Spring Clean & Declutter

Take control of your clutter by organising and tidying up your home and backyard. Free up parts of your house by moving your boxes of belongings into an outdoor shed. You can also use it to securely store your gardening tools, bikes, gear and other equipment. Don’t just leave them lying out in the yard.

All kidding aside, just like you, we can’t wait for the footy seasons to start back up. But until then, we hope that you find other fun ways to spend your weekends with friends and family.

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