What’s the Best Shed for My Backyard

What’s the Best Shed for My Backyard

When you look at your backyard space, how do you envision the perfect shed? Maybe it’s a cute little play area for the kids with a window and a cottage-style roof. Maybe it’s an unassuming flat roof garden shed where you can store your gardening equipment. Or, maybe it’s huge! A real woodworker’s - or mechanic’s, or sculptor’s - dream workshop.

It’s fun to think about exactly what your perfect shed will look like in your backyard. And in order to make that dream a reality, you’ll also have to make some practical decisions about size, placement, design, and accessories.

In this article, we want to help you navigate all of the steps of buying a shed, from the very early planning stage all the way through to purchase and delivery.

Let’s get started!

Step One: Find Your Shed’s Purpose

This stage is all about brainstorming. Get your family together and let the creative juices flow. Maybe one person wants an artist’s getaway. Maybe another wants to keep a part of the shed for storage. Maybe you envision yourself retreating to the shed for some quiet reading time. Or hey, maybe you don’t want a shed at all but rather a place to house chickens or rabbits!

Get every family member’s hopes and expectations out in the open. This way, everyone’s desires are taken into account during the selection process. Sure, some compromises will probably have to be made, but it will mean that you can have a shed that everyone can enjoy.

Now obviously, this is the first step because the type of shed you get is going to depend a lot on what you’re going to use the shed for. If you’re going to be using the shed as an entertainment space or a workshop, for instance, you’ll need a shed that will be comfortable for you to be in for hours at a time. So as we start to take these ideas into the next steps, there will be some practical things to keep in mind. Take a look:

  • A storage shed or garden shed is going to be the simplest option. But still, you will need a large enough shed to accommodate the amount of boxes or gardening tools you have. Also, for storage of goods that can be damaged by moisture, you’ll need to consider weather-resistance.
  • A shed that will be converted into an entertainment space, home office, yoga retreat, meditation room, or similar purpose will require you to put a bit more thought into the comfort factors. You want good air circulation. You want breathing room. You want headspace. You might need access to your home’s wireless internet. You’ll want to think about these things as we start talking about placement, roof styles, flooring, etc.
  • If the purpose of your shed will be manual labor, there are some additional things to think about. What kind of floor are you going to need? How much space will you need for your operation to be comfortable and safe? If you’re working with potentially dangerous materials, what can you do to ensure good air circulation?
  • And finally, if you’re looking for a place to house some furry friends, you might opt for an aviary. Still, you’ll want to think about placement and size to ensure the animals are happy and healthy.

We’ll, of course, go deeper into the details in the next steps. But for now, these creative questions are meant to get you thinking about what kind of shed is right for you.

Step Two: Think About Your Space

Whether your backyard is expansive or cozy, it’s important to consider how big of a shed you want, where to place it, and what roof style is going to be most appropriate.

Let’s start with size

Obviously, it’s going to be important to figure out how big of a shed you can comfortably have in your space. One of the great things about the sizing options at EasyShed is that you can find 8 different widths (ranging from 1.5m to 7.5m), 8 different depths (ranging from 0.75m to 6m), and two heights (the standard 2.1m or 2.4m). That means that you’ll easily be able to find the right size, no matter how tricky the layout of your backyard may be.

One piece of advice we often share with our customers is that if you’re on the fence about which size to choose, you won’t regret going with the bigger option. Sure it’s a bit of a larger investment now, but you can save yourself a huge disappointment when you outgrow the smaller shed and wish you had bought the larger one. So, if there’s room in your backyard for a slightly bigger shed, go with that option.


You might have an idea of where your shed would look the best, but there are a few practical considerations, too.

For one thing, you want a good foundation. That means you’ll have to find a part of your land that is level and not at risk for erosion. If your property is on uneven land, you might have to reconsider the size of your shed or make the ground level before making your purchase.

Avoid the parts of your backyard where you often find pooling water, which will threaten the foundation of your shed and may put your shed at risk for flooding.

It’s also a good idea to think about the trees on your property. Because, while it’s tempting to place your shed under the shade of a tree, it’s also important to think about whether the root system of the tree will threaten your shed’s foundation over time, or if your shed is at risk for falling branches. Plus, if you’re going for a flat roof shed, those leaves will need to be swept off pretty frequently. That doesn’t mean that you absolutely cannot place your shed in a shady spot - it’s just a few things to keep in mind.

Roof Style

The location of your shed may also influence what kind of roof you’ll want. If you’re looking for an extension to your house, for example, you might opt for a skillion roof, which will make your shed look like it was part of the original design. If you want to place your shed near a tree, on the other hand, you might opt for a gable roof so that the leaves can slide off easily. Gable roofs are also great for sunny areas as the eaves will prevent direct sunlight from hitting the sides of the shed and heating the interior.

If you want some more information on roof styles, you can take a look at our blog post, here.

Step Three: Find the Aesthetic

Now that you’ve considered some important aspects of your shed like size, placement, and roof style, it’s time for creative part: the ambiance! Do you want a cute little cottage shed? Do you want a rugged woodshed? Do you want a tranquil oasis? This step is going to invite you to put the final fun touches on your perfect shed.

Let’s talk colour

One of the great things about EasyShed is that there are plenty of colour options - 25 to be exact. That means that you will love the look of your shed from day one. No painting required.

All of the colours that we offer are based on earth tones so that your shed can make a big statement without looking garish. You can go with something neutral, like sandalwood, stone, or wheat, or opt for a pop of colour, like heritage red, mountain blue, or caulfield green.

If you’re a bit overwhelmed by the amount of colour options available, take a look at our blog post on Choosing the Right Colour for your Garden Shed. You’ll learn how to think about things like contrast and even sun absorption when considering the right colour for your shed.


Flooring is an important part of your shed for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s a huge stylistic piece. A floating hardwood floor, for instance, is going to give you a much different aesthetic than a plywood one.

But flooring also has a lot to do with your shed’s purpose, as well. Some floors, such as interlocking hard plastic floors, are going to be great for workshops because of their durability. A concrete floor will make sure that your storage shed is clean and better protected from burrowing animals.

You can get a better sense of the floor options that will be best for your shed on our blog post, here.


Sheds, especially ones that are going to be used for lounging or work, don’t have to just be steel boxes. A window can add character, air flow, and a feeling of openness to your shed.

The type of window that you can add to an Easyshed product will be a Five Blade louvre window. These windows allow light and a breeze into your shed while also protecting the interior from rain.


A great way to add more light to your shed is to add a skylight. The skylights made for EasyShed sheds are fiberglass and can be installed into any type of shed. You can add multiple for more natural light, which will make the interior of your shed look more open and welcoming.

Standard versus sliding versus tall doors

Most of the sheds available on our website feature a standard door that opens on swinging hinges. This is a great option for most buyers. Depending on the size of the shed, you can get a single door or double doors.

Another option is the sliding door design. Doors on a sliding track are convenient in a small space or if you want to have as much room for your garden as possible.

And finally, there’s the tall door option. This is going to be especially useful for larger sheds that will be used as a garage or a working shed. You won’t have to worry about any of your equipment hitting the top of the door as your enter, and you’ll enjoy having those tall doors open when you’re in the middle of a challenging job.

The lighting

One last consideration that may influence the kind of shed you get is the lighting. That’s because, if you want to hook your shed up to electricity, that may determine where you place your shed. If it’s going to be difficult to hook your shed up to electricity in a certain area of your backyard, for instance, you may have to reconsider the location (and as a result, the size) of your shed.

Another option is to find a non-electric lighting source, like battery-operated lights or a solar panel.

Now, let’s talk accessories

The finishing touches on your shed are really going to depend on what you decided in Step One. If you are going for an artist’s studio, you might want an easel or a washing station for your tools. A workspace will require a desk and chair. For an entertainment space, maybe you throw in a small couch or a reading chair.

And finally, there are other smaller accessories that you may want to add to your shed. Shelving units are useful for just about any shed purpose and will keep your items from becoming damaged or simply unorganized. You can also maximize the space by buying a bike hook or hanging tool holders.

Step Four: Order Your Dream Shed (Conclusion)

At this point, you’ve thought about it all. The purpose, the logistics, the aesthetic, and the finishing touches. You have the perfect garden, storage, or entertainment shed in your mind, now it’s time to make your dream a reality.

Purchasing a shed with EasyShed is easy and quick. You have the option to pay through various different methods, including Afterpay or Zip Pay, and delivery to a local depot is free. Plus, all of our sheds can be assembled in five simple steps.

As you can see, the shed you’ve always wanted is well within your reach. With a little bit of planning and your own personal touch, you can have the perfect shed for your backyard!

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