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10 Businesses You Can Start from Your Backyard Shed for $500 or Less

10 Businesses You Can Start from Your Backyard Shed for $500 or Less

We all have our share of difficulties in addressing issues with work, paying our bills, sending kids to school, and making time to attend to chores and the family. As such, you may find it interesting to know that there’s so much more that you can do with your backyard shed, including starting your own shed-based company in it!

Australia has had an increase of small businesses since 2015. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reveal that in June of 2015, around 2,121,235 small businesses had been established. Stats also show that Victoria experienced a 1.6 % growth in the number of small local businesses during that year.

As of 2018, records show that nearly one million individuals run businesses from their homes. Considering the flexibility and convenience of the work-from-home setup, it is quite popular nowadays to establish a home business here in Australia.

Gone are the days when people need to go out before 8 in the morning to hop on a bus or drive along the freeway for the early morning commute to work. With the pressure and the demands of a job that can only provide us with so much, a lot of people today opt to be in a stay-at-home work setup—a type of arrangement where they can control and organise their own schedule. In an office setting, you do not really own your time as it will depend on the clients you serve. In contrast, you get to adjust your time in a stay-at-home setup, allowing you to attend to some needs at home and cater to your clients as well. Being your own boss simply allows you to make time adjustments. You are now empowered to create the kind of balance that you sought in your old office-based job.

Indeed, working from home is now a global phenomenon. A study made in 2017 revealed that 50% of those who telecommuted opted to increase their number of work hours. Virtual teams, also referred to as “flexible work,” have been one of the huge drivers behind the evolving workplace. Thirty-seven percent are currently engaged in this type of work, as working at home does not really come with an age requirement. Your skills and your passion are enough to help you create the business you have always dreamt of having.

You can start building your own company right in your own backyard shed. However, there are some crucial things that you need to consider before you do so.

Investing in a home business in Australia

Having your own business is not as easy as one, two, three. You need to look into some considerations for you to save time, money, and effort.

Be aware of what is involved when starting your own business

Planning always precedes everything. Managing your home business is not just about making extra money. It requires the necessary industry expertise, technical know-how, financial background, management skills, and the vision that will enable you to grow your clientele and expand your circle of influence.

Choose your business structure

You can be a sole trader, which is applicable to most home businesses. On the other hand, you may have big dreams or may have already grown bigger in terms of linkages and services and might have partners, shareholders, or trust funds. Decide on the appropriate structure for your business based on the vision you have for it.

Once you have chosen the structure for your business, you must take care of the various legal matters involved in its establishment. Familiarise yourself with the various government requirements and gauge the risks that you can or need to take.

Like all other businesses, home-based businesses in Australia must also be registered.

Challenges of Working from Home

In addition to setting up and ensuring the legalities involved in starting a business, here are some of the other challenges you may encounter when you consider your home as your workspace, too.

An overlapping work-home scenario is common

Your workspace at home is probably one where documents, notes, or tools mix together with your two-year-old daughter’s unfinished bowl of baby food. Answering business calls and planning your next move to get that proposal approved just disrupts the delineation between your business and personal life.

You still have to observe order and professionalism

Your home is basically a projection of the kind of life you have. Sometimes, you no longer feel like arranging the books and documents you’ve read and gone over the previous night and would just be happy to leave them there for you to tidy up the next day.

However, as a professional, you would not dare entertain your clients with a messy working table, much less when you do your work on your dining table. You would not want to treat your clients in the same way that you entertain your family and friends. Changing your workplace doesn’t mean you also have to change your attitude towards work.

You need to transform your new workspace

This is one of the biggest challenges of running a home business. For you to address the first and second issues, it is always best that you address your workspace first. You have to change the atmosphere of your home into one that is conducive for work.

Small Businesses You Can Start in Your Backyard Shed

To address the many challenges posed by having your home life overlap with your work life, it would be a great idea for you to build an outdoor shed that can serve as either your home office or workshop.

If you are decided on starting your own home business, here are some small businesses that you can start with a capital of $500 or less and that you can run right in your own backyard shed:

Party organiser

If you love dealing with people and organising events, this is a good business for you. All you need to have is a computer, an Instagram account, a Facebook account, or an e-mail where people can reach you anywhere and anytime.

People don’t always have the time to organise or add special touches to their parties to make them memorable. Help them out by setting up your own party organising business.

Dance instructor

Dancing is one of the activities that people engage in to have fun, improve their health, and fulfil their dream of becoming a professional dancer.

If you are good in one or more dance genres, then you can definitely help people train for plays and ballet recitals. There are also numerous dance contests such as the Rainbow Dance Competition, the View Dance Challenge, and the KAR Dance Competition that children in your area may be interested to join. Turn your shed into a small dance studio, and train little contestants in your very own outdoor shed dance floor.

Music teacher or vocal coach

If you are musically inclined, then transforming your shed into a music studio would be a great money-making idea. You can teach kids and grown-ups to play a musical instrument or how to sing if you have the vocal chops. You can also train and manage a band if you have previous band experience. Start your own vocal coaching business now. Who knows, you might end up moulding someone who’ll be celebrity-famous one day.

Fitness trainer

Helping people keep their body healthy and fit is a great way to start your outdoor shed fitness centre. Imagine reaping the benefits of having a healthy body and making several bucks out of the passion you have. People are more health-conscious these days so looking for clients to coach and train will most likely be an easy task.

Turn your shed into a gym, and make the most out of the great view and fresh air that your garden also brings.

Yoga instructor

If you have a Yoga Flame certification (or any yoga certification for that matter), you can take advantage of your training by opening a yoga studio. Data shows that one in ten Australians are now into yoga. Why not teach regular yoga classes in your very own outdoor shed? People will find your rates more affordable since you won’t be holding your classes in some rented fancy studio.

Travel planner

Australia has a lot in store for anyone who likes to travel. With its diverse climate, marvellous terrains, and breathtaking bodies of water, helping people plan and arrange their trips can be a very lucrative business.

You can put up a small travel agency in your shed. Help people discover Australia and earn whilst doing it!

Vacation rental owner

People who do not travel with campervans will need a place to stay in. Transforming your own backyard shed into a small guest house can provide you additional dollars.


If you have a backyard shed, then you probably have a small garden or a small plot of land where you can grow plants. You can grow an edible or ornamental garden and sell or rent out your flowers for certain events. You can also put your green thumb and flower arrangement skills to good use by opening a flower shop as your very own shed-based business!


The bread industry is a big market in Australia, with supermarket chains accounting for around sixty-two percent of the total market share of bread products whilst thirty-eight percent comprise the bakery chains and other independent bread shops.

If you love to bake, then why not be a part of the growing number of suppliers in the bread industry? Earn while doing what you love by opening up your own outdoor shed bakeshop.


It is estimated that 45% of the people in Australia suffer from some form of mental health condition within their lifespan. According to a study, nearly two million of the population have anxiety and a million Australian adults are diagnosed with depression every year. Statistics reveal that one in eight men and one in six women experience some level of depression.

If you have a degree in psychology, are a good listener, and like helping people manage their emotional issues then you can offer services as a professional counsellor in your own shed-based office. Your shed can be a venue and sanctuary for those who need help but find it inconvenient to travel far just to avail of counselling services.

Your shed can also be your office for online counselling, as there are some who, for a number of reasons, don’t want to unburden themselves in face-to-face sessions. You can help people manage their personal lives as an onsite and online counsellor, so act now and set up that life-inspiring business in your backyard shed.

Build Your Own Shed Today

You don’t have to start out grand. Take that small step one at a time by converting your own backyard space into a zone of comfort, positivity, and productivity.

Start with a shed that provides enough space for the business that you have in mind and design it to make it aesthetically appealing, and comfortable enough for you to want to go to work everyday.

If you’re looking for the perfect shed in which to set up your business, you may want to choose from EasyShed’s wide range of shed products. The brand offers the best type of sheds for that unique shed company concept. The sheds come in standard sizes and are built in compliance to standards that guarantee safety and durability. EasyShed can be designed to suit your needs, taste, and preferences, as they come in different styles and colours. It is the leading manufacturer of do-it-yourself assembly storage sheds, and its easy five-step assembly process will make installing one a hassle-free process. You get to enjoy the benefits of superior-grade products without any installation costs.

Contact Easy Shed today to get the ball rolling with your outdoor shed company now!

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