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5 Design Ideas for Your Garden Shed

Are you considering finally making the most of your garden shed, but just don’t know exactly how to go about the shed design planning? Most homes have a shed in their back gardens. Unfortunately, most homeowners have not yet discovered just how much they can do with their shed. It’s not simply a space for storage where your belongings can grow old. This commonly underrated little home outside your home can become quite the beautiful space once you know exactly how to go about re-designing and making the most of what you already have. The best part is that you can now contemplate what you can accomplish with that perfect, out-of-the-house room, and make the space completely your own.

Things to Consider When Designing your Garden Shed

Purpose of the shed design

The garden shed can be customised to suit any use and purpose. It’s important to decide exactly what that purpose is before you can plan the design. There are different ways a shed can be used -- from storage, to a workspace, maybe even a place for your pets. Knowing exactly what you want to use the space for will help you make the most out of the final design.

The size of the shed

Make it a point that you know the type of space size you’d need to accomplish the design that you want. Sheds can come in different sizes and can even be customised according to the space you are trying to fill and according to your need. It’s also important to consider what you’ll be putting inside the shed. Whether it’s bigger equipment, tables, or a working space, it’s important to know just how the space will work for you.


Since it is a space that you are investing in, it is also important that the security of the shed and the stored items in it are protected. It’s an outside space that’s disconnected from your home and can easily be targeted for theft. In the year 2012, statistics estimated a 5% increase in the break-ins reported in Australian homes. With sheds becoming increasingly popular as space to store gadgets, tools, and other valuable items, along with the fact that they are disconnected from the home, they become easier for thieves to get into.

Now, here are some ideas for redesigning your garden shed:

Shed Design Ideas

1.  Make some room

The first thing you can certainly do, before you even start designing, is to de-clutter. You can’t work with a space if there’s no space to work in! It’s important to remove everything you have inside your storage shed in an organised way, so that you can maximise the use of the space. Look through your stored belongings, and sort what you want to keep and what needs to be donated or disposed of. By having an empty shed and knowing exactly what you intend to store in it, you will be able to work around the space you have.

2. Re-design the roof

To really make the most out of your shed design, change the roof, as this can definitely make a huge impact on the shed’s aesthetics. You can choose a rooftop that will look cohesive with your home. A new roof can also change the feel of your shed. Add a skylight or two and maximise the natural light. Have a rooftop that can keep the hot or cold weather out, and make your shed space feel a lot more comfortable to work or stay in.

3.  Add lighting

This is one of the first things you can immediately do to completely change the way your shed looks and feels inside. Most garden sheds are dim and barely have any light to work or sit in. This is where you can work your shed design magic. Maximise natural lighting with the addition of Skylights into your shed roof panels. Add lighting, whether it’s additional ceiling lighting, wall mounts, or a bright floor lamp. This is definitely a must if you plan to convert your space into something like a tool shed or a potting shed where you’ll need the extra light.

4. Add a great piece of furniture

To really give your shed that comfortable feel and lose the ‘old, dusty shed’ look, you can get creative and add a great piece of furniture in it. Consider what you’ll be using your shed for and what furniture will make the most of its purpose. If it’s a place to relax in, you can add a beautiful bench to sit on; maybe a great table and chair set if you plan on using it as a workspace. There’s a lot you can do with the right furniture. Just make sure that you think the size of your space through, and how the furniture will fit in it, to avoid overcrowding the inside of your shed.

5.  Install new doors or windows

To really let some of that natural light and fresh air in, you can re-design your shed by adding a bigger door and larger windows. Choosing designs will not be hard. For doors, you can go for a sliding door to have a more modern look and to make the space look larger. You can also have a two-door opening for a more classic look. Alternatively, you can even add a traditional farm house door that separates mid-way down the door, working as both a door and a window.

As for the actual windows, it’s easy to design them, too. Choose any shape that you think will look beautiful with your shed.

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