12 Uses for a Garage Shed

12 Uses for a Garage Shed

A garage shed is an important addition to your property. It serves to protect your vehicle whether you own a sedan, an SUV, or an assortment of vehicles, including an expensive big bike.

If you live on a farm, it can house your utility truck, a tractor, and other farm equipment and accessories.

A garage would protect your car from the elements as well as from unscrupulous individuals. You can work on servicing or repairing your vehicle, if you have a complete set of tools and equipment that are safely stored in a corner.

A garage can even add value to your property. In a 2015 report by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria, there is about $90,000 to $100,000 price difference between an apartment with a garage and one without in Central Melbourne.

The public transport system may be reliable and convenient in Australia, but there are still more people who would love to drive their own cars to their respective destinations; thus, properties with good garage spaces are priced at a premium.

Different garage sheds for sale

Depending on your need or preference, there are many garage sheds for sale in the market. The more popular are the DIY, easy to assemble, and detached types made of metal.

Some of you may even want one made of sturdy wood which would be quite expensive. There are others made of concrete with metal or steel roof and timber or steel doors. Whatever type you need—there are sheds for sale which you can choose from.

You can opt to build a single car garage or a multi-purpose garage shed, especially if you have adequate space in your sprawling property.

Practical uses for your garage shed

Whilst it is primarily used for car storage, your garage can have as many uses as you can imagine. Sometimes you just need extra effort and creativity to make it work. There are also elaborate and unique uses for your garage which may require a little investment.

  1. Outdoor and sports equipment/gear storage shed
    If you are an outdoorsy person or a sports enthusiast, you would most likely have different gear and equipment to indulge in your favourite sports. However, you have to keep them in good shape and condition. You need proper storage to protect them from wear and tear. A corner of your garage could be a perfect storage area for your sports gear and equipment, including your canoe, kayak, or your kid’s bike.

  2. Tool shed
    Most households would invest and keep a number of tools (power or hand tools) in their homes. Whilst you can have a lot of uses for these tools for emergency house repairs and regular maintenance work, you cannot have them lying around just about anywhere even in the yard. They might cause accidents and injuries among your family members.

    As such, there should be a proper place to keep these tools. You can put them in a tool box stowed in your garage. If you have time and are handy with a sewing machine, you can sew cloth or durable plastic hangers with wide pockets to store small tools including nails, nuts, and bolts and hang them on the inner side of your garage door.

  3. Garden shed
    If you are a gardening enthusiast, you must have garden implements and materials that you keep on hand. A part of your garage space can double as your garden shed or potting shed. You can build a cabinet or closet to store some of your garden tools. You can also use industrial hooks to hang them on walls. At the same time, you can build a long, narrow table near a window so that this can double as a nursery area for your seedlings.

  4. Household Storage
    Perhaps most common among home owners is the need for extra storage of household items. Sometimes you have an accumulation of personal and household items which you would not want to dispose of yet for certain reasons like sentimental value or for possible future use. These can take up a lot of space in your house and make it look cluttered and disorganised. The right thing to do is to put these old items in storage boxes and bins and put them away until you actually need them. If you have a big garage, you can temporarily put these storage boxes neatly stacked in one corner of your garage where they would not cause obstruction or distraction.

  5. Special purpose rooms and corners in your garage shed
    In 2016, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that in 15 years, the number of work-from-home individuals would have increased by 30% of the total workforce. This is equivalent to about 1.3 million people who would opt to work from home for various reasons including having flexible work schedules, needing extra time for childcare, getting more time to spend with the family, and being free from renting office space elsewhere.

    If you are one of these people, you can use ample space in your garage shed to set up your home office. After all, even at home, you need a conducive space to be more productive.

  6. Entertainment centre
    Bonding time with family and friends can be a day for marathon film viewing. Whilst some homes can convert their basement or den into an entertainment room, others do not have such a choice. If you have ample space in your garage, you can close a corner and use it as an entertainment centre complete with an audio video system. Voila! You have your own home theatre.

    You can enjoy watching a good movie or a concert of your favourite artist with family and friends. Just make sure that your subwoofers are not turned up to maximum volume, so you do not disturb the neighbours.

  7. Hobbies and crafts corner
    If you are a hobbyist or are fond of DIY crafts, you may need a little corner to freely indulge in your passion. On the other hand, doing arts and crafts can be quite messy. Moreover, if you are into painting or sculpting, you need quiet or calm surroundings to set your mood and bring out the artist in you.

    A little space in your garage can be converted into an art studio. Here, you can dabble with your hobby with great concentration and without worrying about the mess that comes after, as it is contained in this area. You can always clean it up afterwards or even at a later time.

  8. Kiddie play place
    If you have active and energetic children at home, you can lure them away from electronic gadgets by providing them with their own space to engage in kids’ play. Build them a playhouse inside your garage where they can be on a world of their own. You can even put up a mini-library complete with their favourite books or set up a VCR where they can watch appropriate children’s movies. Put their toys in this place and you will make them feel the luckiest kids in the world.

    Just make sure to child-proof your garage by putting away your tools and other equipment. Electric outlets should also have safety locks and cover to avoid accidental electrocution.

  9. Pet corner
    Aside from children, there are other special little ones who may take centre stage in your life. If you are a pet lover, you would agree that your dog or cat needs their own little corner in the house. However, you would not want them to accidentally make scratch marks on your leather sofa and antique cabinet or have an ‘accident’ in your carpet.

    To protect your homes from your furry pets, make them a little corner in your garage, complete with their bed and favourite toy. Here, they can romp around without ruining your furniture. But like children, they should also be kept from harm’s way, so make sure that items that can cause accidents are properly kept away.

  10. Mini bar
    After a long, hectic day from work, the thought of a cool drink after a refreshing shower would feel like a rewarding experience. You can either spend a little time to unwind in a bar with friends or mix your own drink at home.

    If you want to make it extra special, though, you can set up a mini- bar in your garage. Install a piped-in music system and subdued lighting. Stock up on your favourite wine and you’re good to go. You would always look forward to the end of the day when you can finally have a drink or two in your mini-bar before dinner.

  11. Guesthouse
    Some homeowners would build large garages where they can build a loft on top. If you have the resources, why not do so? This loft over your garage can be turned into a cosy room for overnight guests who can no longer be accommodated inside your house.

  12. Not so ‘secret’ hideaway
    Most of us need ‘alone time’ to relax or to mull over the things that matter to us. A tiny space in your garage can be turned into a comfortable corner where you can spend time all by yourself. This would be your not-so-secret hideaway. You do not have to go far or spend money. Just make this place as comfortable and snug as possible and you have a perfect place for relaxation in your home.

Shop for your garage shed at reliable outlets

Your garage shed is not just a mere structure annexed to or built upon your property. You can always improve its functionality and usefulness. Use it to improve the aesthetic value, as well as the curb appeal, of your property.

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