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27 Things You Can Repurpose for Your Garden Shed

Perhaps you have a handful of things you're considering to dispose; however, you don't know where to start. If that's the case, you are in the right place. The things you no longer use are perfect for repurposing, especially if you want to have something new in your garden shed without spending too much.

If you're also one of those who love to make their sheds beautiful and organised, you probably spend dollars to make it look so. However, it doesn't have to be too costly. Instead of spending money on a new workbench and garden storage, make use of your old and broken stuff instead. This will save you from having to purchase decorations and furniture pieces for your garden shed; plus, they look awesome. There’s more to the usual things than meets the eye. With the use of creativity and resourcefulness, the possibilities are endless.

To give your garden shed a new look, here are the 27 things and ideas you can repurpose for your garden shed.

Repurposing Idea

Silverware as hanging planters

A perfect addition to your garden would be hanging plants around your shed. They add a rather magical twist to every surrounding.

If you have plenty of old spoons and forks you no longer use, now's the time to bring them out. Repurpose your old spoons and forks into hanging planters. Simply bend and screw them outside your garden shed. This is ideal with vintage utensils and a sturdy surface. If your drawer handle just fell off, they also work as good drawer pulls.

On another note, if you own a greenhouse shed, an awesome piece to add would be a wind chime made of old silverware.

Teacups as pots

Teacups might not look that special, but they work wonders. Other than serving you with warm tea, teacups can also do you the favor of housing small succulent plants, which in turn would do a great job of beautifying your garden shed’s window.

Your teacup, together with a fancy saucer, can also be used as a bird feeder. If you need a table lamp at your shed’s workbench, your teacup and saucer have got your back, too. You can remodel them as a table lamp.

Pots and casseroles for planting

Old pots and casseroles don't just belong to your kitchen or cupboards. They can also be utilised in your garden. Make the most of your gardening skills by planting flowers and the like in your old pots and casseroles, then surrounding your shed with them.

Tires as hanging wreath planters

Spare tires left unattended for a number of months or years house mosquitoes and other insects. Get rid of those unwanted boarders by turning your old, spare tires into hanging wreath planters. Paint them with whatever color you like, and they can serve as a beautiful addition to the side of your garden or garage shed. You can also hang them on your shed’s door.

Another brilliant thing you can do with tires is to turn them into chairs. Never trip on your garden hose again, as tires also make a good job of housing it.

Mason jars as light fixtures

Mason jars are never going out of style. There are plenty of things you can do with them aside from as beverage or food storage. Give your garden shed a golden glow at night by turning your mason jars into awesome light fixtures. Just like fireflies in a jar.

Pegboards as tool organisers

Apart from organising industrial tools, pegboards can also be used inside your garden shed to organise your gardening tools and other crafts.

Wrench as organiser

Just like spoons and forks, you can also bend your old wrenches for organisation purposes. Simply screw them inside your garden shed cupboard to hold things for you. They are sturdier and can hold heavier things, plus they also make a great garden hose holder.

Dresser as a bench

There's so much you can do with old dressers, and the ideas are countless. Turn your garden shed to a second home by adding a dresser repurposed as a cozy bench. You can also use the drawers to store some books to read on your leisure time.

Ladder as shelf

Do you have an old ladder you no longer use? If so, don't throw it away. Give your ladder a second chance by turning it into a classic shelf for your garden shed -- perfect for storing extra pots and bric-a-brac.

Dining table as workbench

Old dining tables can be repurposed in so many ways, and one of those is by turning yours into a workbench for your garden or garage shed. It's free, except if you'd like to add more designs by customising it.

Door knobs as hooks

If you have a couple of old door knobs accumulating dust in your storage, you can turn them into hooks for storing things in your garden shed. They can also be used as wire holders.

Doors as shelves

Speaking of door knobs, you can also utilise old doors. Repurpose them as shelves, perfect for storing indoor plants for your garden shed. Indoor plants freshen up the air and together with your new shelves, they add a rustic view to your shed. Old doors can also be converted into classic coffee tables, great for an afternoon coffee in your shed.

Skateboards as workshop bench

If you liked to skateboard when you were younger or if you have plenty of old skateboards for whatever reason, it's time to revive them. Relive the hype by revamping your old skateboards into a workshop bench for your garden shed. It adds a retro look inside your shed, which compliments your workbench a.k.a dining table.

In addition, you can also turn an old skateboard into an awesome lamp.

Crates as tool storage

Apart from storing fruits, vegetables, and other things, crates can also be used as drawers in your garden shed. They are great for storing your workshop tools.

Card catalog as wine storage

There is a plethora of ways to repurpose a card catalog, but if you treat your garden shed as your sanctuary, you might want to add something classic to it. Turn your old card catalog into wine storage for your shed. This makes your shed a perfect getaway after a long day at work. With cheese and wine, who says you can't have it all?

Suitcase as cabinet

If you travel often, perhaps you own an old suitcase you no longer use. Now's the time to dust it off. Turn your suitcase into a brilliant cabinet that will add life to your garden shed. It will be good for keeping your arts and crafts. You can also make a comfy chair out of your old suitcase, adding an old-school touch to your shed. An old suitcase also makes a nice side table for your shed.

Retro TV as fish tank

If you’ve still got your parents’ old TV set and you don't want to let it go, you don't have to. You can instead turn it into a fish tank that adds spark to your shed. It makes your garden shed a sanctuary for plants and animals.

Toilet paper rolls for planting seedlings

Instead of throwing your toilet paper rolls in the trash, there's a creative way to make use of them for your garden shed. Pack them with moist soil and you can plant seedlings in them to regulate on your garden shed. When the seedlings finally need moving, you can let the paper roll disintegrate within the soil.

Fridge as storage

If you have an old fridge you don't use anymore, it's time to turn it into a storage solution for your garden shed. It is perfect for storing rakes, shovels, and other elongated tools. Your old fridge also makes an awesome cooler for the summer at the shed.

Egg tray as organiser

If your household consumes plenty of eggs, you probably have a lot of egg trays. You don't have to throw those away. Instead, use them as organisers in your garden shed. They're perfect for containing seedlings, bolts and nuts, and other small things.

Basket as recycle bin

If you have old baskets tucked somewhere in your storage room, you can use them in your shed. Turn them into recycle bins where you put everything that can be recycled. They also look better than huge trash bins.

Broken porcelain as decoration

Broken porcelains make a lovely pathway; however, they usually end up in the trash. Instead of thrashing them, you can utilize them to add a scenic view to your garden shed’s entrance. They also work magic in terms of decorating the windows on your shed and your old coffee tables.

Broken piano as workbench

Your old or broken piano can still rock with this magnificent idea: remodel it into a workbench. It looks great in an extensive garden shed, and you can also store a lot of tools and other items in it.

Guitar as a hanging shelf

Because a piano workbench rocks, why not give your old guitar a try as well? A guitar redesigned as a hanging shelf is a great addition to your garden shed. It also adds a touch of jazz to your shed.

Rake as organiser

A rake is something almost everyone keeps in their garden shed. If you have a broken or old rake, you can still make it useful by hanging it on your shed’s wall to serve as an organiser for hanging keys and other stuff.

Shutters as plant holder

If the shutter on your window broke, it does not mean the end of the world for that shutter. Repurpose it into a plant holder for your garden shed -- another awesome way to hold seedlings.

Tin cans as pen holders

Tin cans don't just serve the purpose of holding sardines and sausages. After emptying them, you can use them as pen holders for your garden shed. They also make a great nail storage for woodworking and construction.

Bring Your Garden or Garage Shed to Life

Reuse, reduce, recycle. This concept is taught in schools, but people don't always apply it in their lives. By trying the ideas mentioned earlier, you can take part in something beneficial. They help you care for the environment, and they also help you save money. You just need to let your imagination and creativity run free. In addition, repurposing old things is something worth accomplishing since your garden shed would surely look amazing with them.

If you are planning to give your garden shed a makeover, now is the time to take the first step. Take the initiative. Start with small, easy-to-complete repurposing projects and move on to bigger ones if you have the time.

On another note, if you noticed that your garden or garage shed needs a revamp, there are also many ways to go about giving it a fresh, new look. You can always improvise or build a new one. However, we all know that obtaining a new garden shed is easier than creating a shed from scratch. It's also preferable if you don't have the time to work on it.

If you plan to get your hands on a new one, it is important to know the shed prices. Factors that usually affect shed prices include the type, size, and materials used in manufacturing the shed.

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