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11 Ways to Turn Your Shed into a Summer Getaway

An outdoor shed is not only used as storage space for gardening tools and unused furniture. Sheds for sale across Australia can be provisioned to be a workspace, a man-cave, a playroom or even an office, depending on your needs. However, sheds in the Gold Coast, like in some cities in the country, are tagged as Class 10a buildings and are therefore non-habitable. Nevertheless, a summer get-away does not have be in a beach or in a mountain, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to have your own go-to place. It could be right in your own backyard. With the right building and council permits, you can turn your shed into your very own summer getaway.

During the summer months when it is hot inside the house, you may want to look for places to cool down or a place where the children can play all day without causing chaos in the house. A perfect place is a converted shed under the shade of the trees, with the cool breeze and a great view of the garden.

Many people looking for additional space in their houses for various reasons have converted their own outdoor shed to something more useful than just junk space. Creative people have converted sheds to guest rooms, intimate bars for family and friends, man caves, playrooms, or just simply a family room for the summer.

Here are some easy ways to turn your shed into a summer hangout:

Build a fire pit near your shed

Upgrade your shed by building a fire pit for an evening of relaxation, barbeque, and roasted marshmallows. This is an addition to your shed, which your children will definitely enjoy. To build a fire pit, you just need to dig about 1 and a half foot on the ground and then fill it with gravel and sand. After the ground is level, you just need to lay the stones or bricks and you now have your own fire pit.

Add a water element to your shed

The sound of water is very relaxing and can be refreshing during the hot summer days. You may add a small waterfall or a small fountain in front of your shed. You may also stack rocks, broken jars, or unused pots in the garden.

Water blocks out other noises and also muffles the noise in your yard in case the children get excited. You just need a small water pump and some decorative stones. If you want to take it a little further, you may make a small pond or a koi pond around the shed. The children will surely love feeding the fishes and you may also encourage them to paint or draw.

Add a ceiling fan for a cooler shed

To keep the area well-ventilated and to keep the insects at bay, add a ceiling fan outside the shed. This is equally important if you are planning to add a porch area where you can read and have coffee and tea. You can also have different plants that will act as natural insect repellents.

Add a porch and a swing

A porch provides added space for your shed and a swing is for added seating. You may curl up with a book or have an intimate talk in the swing. Children can also sleep on it. Before setting up a swing on the beams of the shed, ensure that it can withstand the weight of two or more people sitting on it, plus the weight of the swing. If needed, you may install additional poles for support. Adding a few pillows and a thin blanket is enough to make it the perfect place for reading.

Install a hammock

If you think that adding the swing is too much trouble, you may install hammocks instead. Hammocks are lightweight and are very easy to install. They may be used for sleeping, reading, or just relaxing.

Install pretty lights

Rope lights, string lights, and fairy lights (also known as Christmas lights) are the best lights to install inside and outside your shed. This will create a magical ambiance, and the light is not too bright. In addition, because the lights have a low wattage, they do not make the room warmer.

Install a fence or add shrubbery for privacy

You might want to host a get-together with your friends or you might just want to have a quiet dinner with your family without the prying eyes of your neighbors. In this case, you may add a wood fence or taller shrubs or bamboos around your shed to make the shed cooler and private.

Place picnic tables and chairs outside your shed

Since it is sometimes too hot to eat inside your home, you can set up a picnic place for you and your family in your garden shed. The trees and plants around will help cool the temperature and nothing beats dining in nature.

Create a summer atmosphere

Create a beach vibe by adding canopies and colourful fabric inside and outside the shed. This could be a makeshift tent for the children or it could just be a quiet resting area. This is also great if you plan to have your own tub or spa.

Make your own bar

Instead of going around town looking for a good beer or cocktails, you may add a few chairs and a table in your shed and buy some chips and beer and make some refreshing cocktails. You may also take turns being your own bartender. This is definitely a lot cheaper, and everybody can drink a few since you don’t have to drive afterwards.

Install a hot tub or spa

If you want to recreate the spa experience but don’t want to spend a lot of money for an expensive massage, you may soak in a tub filled with flowers from your garden or you may put your inflatable spa inside the shed. Get speakers and play some soft music, and you get the ultimate relaxing experience.

Making your Old Shed New

Before repurposing your shed for a summer nook, think of an inspiration. Try to draw the style you want or look for a design on the Internet. This drawing will serve as your guide when you start your own shed makeover. Once you have decided on one, stick to the design and start making a plan. Follow your plan as much as possible because this will prevent unexpected expenses and changes.

1. Repair

If the shed was used for storage or has been unused for some time, you have to go around the structure first, and look for any leaking roofs; rotten wood; floor boards that are no longer aligned; and doors and windows that may no longer open properly or are broken. List down all the things that need to be repaired, and make sure that the foundation is still good. Look at the existing insulation and replace if needed.

If you repair the issues now, you will have less headaches in the future, and the building process will run smoothly. You can either do the repairs or you can hire a professional to work on them. However, if you need to make a lot of repairs, then it might be better and cheaper for you to start with a new shed and discard the old one.

2. Update with paint

Giving your own shed a taste of new paint will instantly transform it and will give it a more updated and fresher look. Inside, you can always choose soft and neutral colors to make the room look bigger. If you are unsure what shade to use, you may always start with white and then add other pieces to highlight it. If you want to create interest and depth, you may choose a color with different shades.

You should also paint the walls, depending on the feel you want for the room. Too many colours would look messy and cluttered. If you want it to look airy, welcoming and bright, choose light colours. If you want it to look warm, intimate, and sophisticated, choose darker colours.

Make sure that you paint the exterior of the shed, too. It should complement your house and the rest of your property. Gray, white, and neutral colours are the preferred ones. You can just add an accent to these colours by adding flowers and trees around the shed.

3. Secure the doors and windows

Make sure that the doors and windows are properly aligned and that there are no broken windows. Install more windows since you will need better ventilation. More windows also mean more natural light. A skylight window is also a great upgrade to your shed since this will reduce your electric expense. You may even have it opened to let the cool, fresh air come in. In addition, you can weather-proof the windows and add caulk if there are draft spots in the window.

4. Install water and electricity

If you want your shed to be a place where you can do absolutely anything, make sure that water and electricity are installed. If electricity is available, the shed could be easily transformed into a play area, a hobby area, or an added room. Electricity allows you to use fans during the day and lights at night. An outdoor light and a path light should also be installed if you will use the shed at night. String lights can also brighten the space and make it less boring.

If you are unsure what to do, call an electrician who can give you an estimate and could wire the shed correctly. You may also want to save on electricity by installing solar panels instead of getting a shed that has a skylight. You may also have your existing roof installed with a skylight for only $69.

Add awning and a patio

A retractable awning will extend the shed. You may set up a patio with tables and chairs and enjoy the garden. You may replace the awning with a big umbrella. The children can play inside the shed whilst you sip a cold beverage in your own space. The awning will also serve as additional cover in case it becomes too hot.

Reminders when building your outdoor shed

  • A good foundation should be your priority. If you are going to repair an existing shed, repurpose or set-up a new shed, make sure that the base is solid. Concrete is highly recommended and be sure to use quality materials.
  • Do not try to save on materials because you will end up paying more for repairs in the future. Start with quality materials that may cost more than others.
  • Follow building codes strictly. Sheds in the Gold Coast require building approval from a private certifier and would need the city as a referral agency. This is because the siting of structures and buildings, including their design, is regulated by the Building Act of 1975. In other cities, garages and sheds are Class 10a buildings and are exempt from the required building approval as long as they abide by the provisions of the Planning and Development Regulation.
  • No matter what is inside the shed, remember that you have invested money on the structure. Make sure that your home insurance includes a provision for your garden shed. The insurance company may require you to have locks on doors and windows and to keep any valuables out of sight before it is included in the insurance. For your safety and security, ensure that your shed is not easily accessible by animals and intruders.

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