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February Winner Spotlight: Stephen D.

We love it when we get feedback from an Easyshed raving fan. Reading about how Easyshed has made life easy never fails to brighten our day. Today, we’re showcasing one of the winners of our Win Back Your Order value promotion!

Win Back Your Order Value

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Why Easyshed?

Here’s a question we’ll never get tired of hearing answers to. Stephen had his pick among all the shed companies, each claiming to be the best. Stephen did his due diligence, scouring online reviews and speaking to neighbours until he finally made up his mind to go with the best choice, local and Aussie-made – Easyshed.

Great choice, Stephen!

Prep Work

Stephen’s chosen shed location was in a wet area and he had to start off with some careful considerations on how to go about preparing the base. Normally, people would have a slab poured and we usually recommend a rebated-concrete slab to help prevent water build up in the channels.

Prep Work Base Wooden Base of Shed Finished Base of Shed

For this scenario, H4 treated timber would be the most suitable choice. H4 treatment is specifically aimed at reducing the risk of insect infestation, termites most notably, and helps prevent decay and is suitable for use cases where the timber is exposed to ground contact or persistent moisture.

You’d see this used commonly for fence posts, in-ground pergolas, landscaping, and greenhouse structures.

Assembling the Panels

The next step on Stephen’s agenda was to get the panels assembled. Mind you, he assembled all of them single-handedly. Not with one hand literally, of course, but if that doesn’t speak to how easy the panel assembly is we don’t know what else would!

One of the basic perks of not having pre-drilled sheets is that you’re able to make minute adjustments on your own, this is one factor that our customers love about Easyshed panels. Another thing to consider is that the structural integrity of your shed is affected too. How does a tiny hole affect the whole? Pre-drilled sheets can loosen the grip strength that you would otherwise get from directly applying sheet metal screws. The whole point is to ensure that the screw clings to the material and does not leave space for water to come through. Our ScrewSAFE® technology sees to that.

Wall sheets of Easyshed

Measuring tape and marker in hand, Stephen made quick work of the sheets and assembled them in his backyard and garage.

The Finished Product


Finished product of shed

Yes! Too easy!

With carefully laid out plans and assembly instructions on hand, there’s nothing standing in Stephen’s way from going from flatpack to fully assembled shed in a matter of hours. Hours not days.

He called up a few buddies to help with the heavy lifitng and together, they had the shed up in no time. Frees up the rest of the weekend for all their fun weekend plans!

Build solo with the right tools or call in a group to make it a lasting memory.

To us, it’s not just about putting steel together – the relationship you build with people you work on the project with, throwing back a couple of cold ones after a day’s work and admiring the shed you built together, now that’s priceless.

Stephen’s Thoughts

“I would definitely recommend this product. The cost was compatible with other imported sheds and the quality was excellent. The shed arrived in two large flat boxes, and parts were clearly labelled. There are a lot of parts in this shed, but very clear and detailed instructions were included. All the panels were assembled single-handedly.”

We offer more than top quality products and great prices. We’re all about community and always think of ways to show our raving fans how grateful we are for their support.

Whether it’s with a promo where you can win back your order for free, extra discounts on featured sheds, or something crazy like a $1 shed (yes, that happened) - our continued commitment to manufacturing and delivering easy to assemble DIY shed flatpack kits across the nation.

We will always go the extra mile and continue being Australia’s first choice in storage solutions.

What are you waiting for? Join Stephen and 300,000+ of our happy customers and have your own #EasyshedExperience today!

Got an Easyshed story you’d like to share? We’d be happy to feature you and your shed in our creative content pieces!

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