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Ultimate Spring Shed Cleanout

Ultimate Spring Shed Cleanout

The warmer days of spring are the best time to do a major self storage cleanout. The mild weather makes it ideal for dusting, disinfecting, and deodorizing the buildup of dirt in the storage shed from the last winter. Whilst you're already working on the cleaning, you might as well do some decluttering and shed organisation, too. Below are the nine best ways to do the ultimate spring shed cleanout to bring your storage shed back into good form.

Take everything out

This might not be the most fun part of the clean-up because it takes a lot of work to carry items out of your shed. However, you cannot get started with the actual spring cleaning if you don't take everything out from the self storage first.

Enlist the help of your family members for this task and set aside a weekend for the work. You can finish the cleanout faster if there are more hands working together.

Group items together and purge

For easy purging and organisation later on, separate the items into groups as you take things out from the storage shed. Put these inside cardboard boxes and classify them into the five categories below:

  • what you still need or use
  • what you can give away or donate
  • what you can sell at a garage sale
  • what you have to throw out
  • what you might need to repair or refurbish

You might also have to set a group for things you don't really need but can't part with yet. Don't forget to mark the boxes so that everyone helping in the cleanout knows where stuff should go. It's important to purge the contents of your shed to eliminate the clutter of things you have acquired within the last year.

Dust the shed

Now, leave the items you've grouped together for a few hours because it's time to clean the shed. Begin with dusting the walls, shelves, cabinets, and other surfaces. You also have to get rid of the cobwebs or any burrows that insects might have made inside your shed.

Work your way from the top to the bottom of the shed, and go through each of the corners from left to right. Don't forget to dust the light bulbs and the door as well. You might be surprised at the amount of dust the shed’s door collects.

Do some repairs

Go over sections of your shed's structure that might need repairs. Are there holes, leaks or water sources that have to be patched up to prevent moulding and mildew formation? Are there cracks or crevices that pests can enter into?

It might save time and money to do the work yourself if the problems are nothing major. However, it might be best to ask help from a professional for severe damages, especially if your shed is a few years old.

If you've done the minor repairs, it's time to move on to the rest of the clean-up process, and schedule the major repairs for another time.

Clean the fixtures and windows

Spray a cleaning solution of your choice on fixtures like the door knobs, door jamb, and light switches. Use a damp cloth to properly wipe these clean. Don't forget to include the windows if you have some in your shed.

Clean the floor last

Sweep the floor well before mopping it, but if there are areas with grimes, you might have to bring out the scrubbers. You have to concentrate on spot cleaning this part because oil and grime are harder to remove. For best results, use a liquid dishwashing soap and a strong stiff-bristled brush for scrubbing off the oily surface.

You may consider hosing down the rest of the shed with water if it’s made of waterproof and rust proof material. Then finally, mop the floor and let everything dry. Do ventilate before you start with the shed organisation. Also, spray a disinfectant in the empty space before you bring your things back inside.

Dust off your stuff one by one

You need to dust off the things you need to bring back to the shed piece by piece since you would not want the dirt to accumulate again. Inspect each item from your pile of boxes carefully and if necessary, wipe and clean them with a disinfectant.

Plan your shed’s new layout or order

You might want to change a few positions and placements to give the inside of your shed a fresh look when you’re reorganising the contents. Carefully plan the new layout if you're going to rearrange a few things. Create zones of similar items together, such as garden tools, auto care items, sports equipment, and other sections you think may be useful for your family.

You might need to add more shelves, pegboards, and containers so buy these items first and then set them up in their new positions. You may already have some ideas on how to organise your things, but here are a few more suggestions to maximise the use of space:

  • Put the things you need and use more often in front of the shed for easier access.
  • Consider mounting your bike or children's bikes on the wall to make more space inside the shed.
  • Use more pegs or hooks to hang items, especially if your shed is small.
  • Store balls, bats, and other sporting gear in baskets or another appropriate storage solution.

Set the garage sale

After you’re done spring cleaning your self storage, set up the garage sale for the things you no longer need to keep. You might need to do this for another weekend and distribute flyers to advertise the garage sale in your neighbourhood.

Whatever you do not sell must be donated or sent to charity. Don’t bring them back inside the shed because the whole point of spring cleaning is to do away with your excesses.

Get a New Storage Space

Sometimes, however, doing a spring cleaning of your shed can open your eyes to the fact that you might need to replace your old shed with something bigger. So, check out your options at EasyShed. We have sheds in different sizes for all your diverse needs. Visit our site now!

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