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5 Ways to Increase Your Shed's Value

A shed is a great addition to any garden because it is practical and could boost your property’s value depending on its quality and look. Sheds for sale nowadays offer versatility and multi-functionality. Gone are the days when sheds just serve as storage for your garden tools.

The shed is now seen as an extension of your home, not just for storage but also for other purposes like an office space, a workshop, or a play place. Shed prices vary depending on the size, intended use, and accessories. Sheds for sale are so accessible that you can easily purchase sheds online.

When browsing sheds for sale, some would consider only the short-term benefits of having one at home. Before checking shed prices, you also have to weigh the opportunities you can get from your shed in the long term.

A great-looking shed in the garden might be your edge when selling your home in the future. Everybody likes having an extra space for storage or as a hobby room. If your shed is large enough for storage and is well-maintained, it could add up to $20,000 in value to your property sale.

If your shed looks decaying and dilapidated, it will surely bring down the value of your property. Even if your house is well-maintained, when the outside structures are not, this could translate into lower value.

If the value of the shed is good, it will also increase the value of the whole property. Most sheds for sale are bare and cold-looking, and shed accessories can make or break the design of your shed. Here are some ways to increase your shed’s value:

Make your shed look new and modern

Maintain the look of your shed. Nobody likes to have an eyesore in the yard. Remember that presentation is important. Make sure that your shed always looks presentable. To gain value, it should not be leaking and the paint should not be peeling off. Replace parts that are in a bad condition. If you can no longer salvage the shed, buy a new model to replace it.

A skylight is a great addition to your shed because it saves on the cost of lighting, and it will also allow you to watch the stars and moon at night. A solar panel system will help you save on electricity, and it is environment-friendly.

The pitch of the shed allows you to easily adjust the angle of your solar panels. Another addition is to convert your roof into a green roof by adding succulents. This will make your shed look cool and unique during the summer months.

Blend and match

The position and design of the shed should blend with the overall aesthetics of the garden and the house. Although it is a separate structure, it should not look out of place. Colours should match with the whole property because the shed is seen as an extension of your home and is not sold separately. There are many different colours available at EasyShed. You can choose from 25 Colorbond exclusive colours for the hue that matches your house and your personality.

The two layers of paint ensure that you will not have peeling paint after summer. You can also choose the height of the wall, the door, and the size of the shed.

Aside from colours, you can match the design of your house doors with your shed. You may install hinged doors or sliding doors. Double doors allow you to move equipment and things inside the shed easily. You can choose between a shed ramp double door and a sliding door kit. A sliding door is perfect for small spaces, so you can maximise the use of your shed even with limited access.

Include the correct accessories

The perfect shed should also be safe from slipping. EasyShed offers flooring modules that are interlocking and are made of industrial-grade plastic. This ensures that even if the surface is wet outside, you are safe from slipping.

A Louvre window unit allows natural light inside, so it lowers your electricity costs. It will also help in the ventilation inside the shed. A window will lessen the feel of a cold enclosed box and will make the room feel like a room.

Concrete fixing, including steel brackets, bolts, and nuts, will add an extra layer of safety to your garden shed, as this will prevent future accidents when there is strong wind or additional pressure from outside the shed.

You can also get hooks, tool holders, anchoring pegs, and free standing shelving that are especially designed for your shed.

Shop Accessories

J Hooks 4pk - EasyShed
J Hooks 4pk - EasyShed

J Hooks 4pk

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Triple Upgrade: Door Ramp, 4pk J Hook and Padlock - EasyShed
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Triple Upgrade: Door Ramp, 4pk J Hook and Padlock

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Shed Ramp Double Door - EasyShed

Shed Ramp Double Door

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Shed Ramp Single Door - EasyShed

Shed Ramp Single Door

Regular price $44
Sale price $44 Regular price
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Consider the material and quality

The quality of the materials used in your shed will determine its value. A shed should be viewed as an investment, so you need to ensure that you get the best materials possible. Imagine using ply boards as walls for your shed. After a few years, the rain and the heat will damage it beyond repair. If the windows and door hinges are not durable, these too should be replaced soon.

Insurance and warranty

As you are investing time and money in your shed, ensure that it is covered by your home insurance. Talk to your insurance company about it, especially if there are valuables inside. Insured structures are more likely to be seen as an asset by any prospective buyer. This is also the same thing with warranty. Because it eliminates possible expenses in the future, warranties are seen as a plus in sheds.

EasyShed garden sheds have a lifetime warranty, so there won’t be a need to change sheds every few years. Whilst other shed prices might be lower, they come with limited warranty, so you will end up spending more in the long run.

If you are looking for the best DIY shed for your money, choose any of these sheds online from EasyShed. You are sure to get the best shed prices for your specifications. Accessories are also readily available online and can be purchased with your shed. Visit the site now!

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