10 Things Your Workshop Says About You

10 Things Your Workshop Says About You

Australians have found several ways to turn their garden sheds into something more useful than just a storage space for garden tools. Some households transform them into workshops because they lack space indoors for their hobbies and interests, whilst others just want to have an isolated space where they can focus on the things they need to accomplish. If you have done the same, then your workshop shed is probably more like a reflection of your personality.

Here are ten things your workshop says about you.

1. You are an artist at heart

Your shed is filled with canvases, paint tubes and cans, brushes, and other art supplies. You may also have sculptures in there. Whatever type of art you are engrossed in, you use the space as your art studio and it works perfectly for you. You do not only have storage for your art materials, but it also allows you privacy and lets your creative juices flow.

2. You are a gym buff

Your neighbours could possibly confuse your workshop for the local gym because of the number of weights you have in there. Your elliptical bike occupies a corner and the treadmill has the other. Perhaps you don't like the idea of working out in a crowded gym or maybe driving there every day is not your ideal activity. This is not a problem for you because your shed is spacious enough for you to do your workout routine.

3. You or your family is into music

You have guitars and maybe a keyboard and a drum set in your outdoor storage. You use the space to play music after a hectic day or week. It's also where you go if you just want to listen to your favourite bands without disturbing everyone in the house. Maybe you do some song writing in there, too. Music is something that deserves its own space, or perhaps you are simply a parent with a teenage son starting his own band, and you don't want your peace disturbed.

4. You are a certified bookworm

You have shelves after shelves of books. All your collections from your favourite authors are safely stored in your shed. You have a beautiful table there and most importantly, you have a comfy couch and excellent lighting. You have everything you need for a whole day of reading.

5. You are a cool parent

You know kids need their own space where they can have all the fun they want and where they can get imaginative. With that in mind, you set up your big garden shed to be the best playroom for your children. The space is complete with play mats, building blocks, and all the toys and fun stuff for your kids (and you don't want to clutter the house).

6. You are a serious freelancer

Commuting to the office is not for you, so you make your own workspace. You enjoy working from home, but you need your own space so you can focus and not be distracted by everything that's going on in your house. Inside the shed, you have your "office" table and your desktop, as well as a comfortable swivel chair. You have some shelves for your books and magazines which you can easily pick when you just want to take a break and do some light reading.

7. You are an aspiring (or a great) mechanic

You are not planning to give up your big old bike or your vintage car anytime soon. You just enjoy tinkering under the hood, and your shed is the perfect spot to do that without being disturbed. It also helps that your shed offers enough space to hold all your projects and tools.

8. You are a sentimental person

The idea of selling or throwing out some of your things, even the ones from when you were little, seems absurd to you. After all, there are so many good memories that come with your stuff. You box your old clothes, books, photos, and other knick-knacks and store them. It gives you peace of mind knowing that they're safely stored, and you can see them anytime you want.

9. You're the man of the house

You work hard for the family, and you need your “man cave” where you can simply take a break, recharge, and play your favourite games in peace. You have all your essentials in there –your trusted recliner, a TV set, a game console, and maybe a personal fridge for your pints.

10. You are the best host ever.

Friends and family love to visit you and stay for a night or two because your shed-slash-guest room is better than most bed and breakfasts. Your guests always get pleasantly surprised when they see how you transformed your garden shed into a relaxing guestroom.

The best sheds are those that meet your needs

The traditional workshop has really come a long way from being a simple storage space outside the home. People now see it as a big and empty space with a lot of potential--like a blank canvas that you can paint on and design however you like.

If you have the space for it, a garden shed or workshop is definitely a good investment. Of course, you should choose one that will meet your needs perfectly.

No matter how you intend to use your workshop, you want to be sure that you get the sturdiest one you can find. It has to be big enough for your intended purpose and more importantly, it has to be strong enough to withstand the Australian climate and can last many years.

Another important factor to consider is whether or not the shed you are getting is customisable. This should allow you to add windows, doors, and even fibreglass skylight to give your space natural lighting. In short, it should allow you to personalise it any way you want and still feel comfortable in it.

If you want best sheds that are proudly Australian-made, customisable, and highly-durable, check out EasyShed's range of Garden Sheds today, and choose from our selection of garden sheds and workshops.