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Why Australian Shed Manufacturing is Best

If you are planning to get a new garden shed, the design and price are not the only aspects you should check and look at. It is also important that your shed is made of high-quality materials, so you can use it for many years. If you are still not certain which shed to buy, you have landed in the right place as we are going to discuss the best sheds the market has to offer.


Aussie made sheds are the real deal. Without a doubt, Australian made sheds are one of the best sheds you can get your hands on, and there are several reasons that can support this claim. Check out the following:

A shed made in Australia has proven quality

Quality plays a vital role in a garden shed’s build. With a high-quality shed, you will be able to avoid spending extra money and time on constant repairs or buying a new shed altogether for replacement. Australian Manufacturers are held to standards that other industries are not.

Sheds made in Australia have gained a high reputation overseas. In fact, the United States and several European countries prefer Aussie sheds because of their durability. They pay for quite a price just to get their hands on an Aussie shed because they have experienced its quality, and they know they will be able to use it for many years.

Aussie sheds are made of high-quality steel for sustainable building. The steel is also Australian made and pre-painted to resist tropical discoloration over time. BlueScope, one of Australia’s leading steel manufacturers, also supplies steel to North America and Asia.

More often, you will notice that imported sheds are cheaper compared to locally made sheds. However, do not be fooled by the low price tags these sheds carry, as they are more likely to cost you a lot of money in repairs and replacement. As it happens, Australians who bought imported sheds have shared their negative experiences such as:

  • The sheds are easily blown away by the wind; and
  • The metal used in the sheds is thin and of low quality, which makes it bendable.

It is compliant with Australian building standards

Another reason that Aussie made sheds stand out from foreign brands is that they use materials that comply with the strict Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Most garden sheds in the market today are modelled and assembled in Australia. In some cases, the materials or steel used is made and imported from another country, which most probably does not comply with certain Australian building standards.

Unlike importers and assemblers, Australian manufacturers are subject to strict quality requirements by authorities. That is why when you purchase a truly Aussie made shed, you know that your shed is built for years to come.

As Australian manufacturers are subject to strict standards by the government, they are closely monitored. This also encourages companies to make sure that their manufacturing processes have lower to zero impact on the environment.

On the other hand, transporting garden sheds and other goods to other countries contributes more to the Co2 emissions by the shipping industry.

It is designed and built with the Australian climate in mind

There is nothing wrong with purchasing imported garden sheds. They contribute to the growth of the global trade and economy. However, most imported sheds do not meet Australian standards and are not designed to withstand the harsh Australian weather. Most imported sheds get easily blown away by strong winds and they curl up in no time, under the scorching Australian heat.

Australian shed manufacturers understand the harsh weather in the country, and they design and build their sheds’ materials to withstand extreme weather conditions. Even if you are residing in a cyclone-prone area, there are Australian made storm sheds designed and built to protect your valuable equipment from the storm. This storm shed is proven to withstand strong winds of up to 316 km per hour.


It supports Australian jobs

When you purchase an Australian made shed, you are supporting Australian manufacturers and the economy. The support and profit they get allow them to make more quality sheds for you.

When you purchase an Australian-made shed, you also support the local economy and local jobs, which means you help keep the opportunities here in Australia. This creates a cycle of sustainable growth.

A shed manufactured in Australia is covered with reliable warranties

Warranties protect you as a consumer. In case you encounter any problem with your garden shed, you can easily reach out to your local manufacturer and have the problem sorted out in no time, unlike pursuing a warranty from an overseas shed manufacturer which can give you a lot of headaches. In terms of returns and replacement, distance does matter.

The best shed for you

There are many other reasons you would not regret buying an Australian made shed. Whether you are getting a garden shed for storage purposes or for an extra room in your garden, you can count on an Aussie shed’s record of durability, safety, and good design. If you are searching for an Australian made shed, look no further as EasyShed has what you need.

EasyShed provides durable Australian made sheds, whether it is for your car, gardening equipment, pallets, boat, or workshop. Our sheds are covered with a lifetime warranty, so you are assured your shed will last for many years. They are also made to withstand the harsh Australian weather. This means that even if you reside in the windiest area in the country, you do not need to worry about your shed’s roof being blown away by the strong winds.

Our sheds are easy to assemble and can be delivered right at your doorstep. What’s even better is that we provide free quality accessories for your shed (on selected items and seasons). What are you waiting for? Visit EasyShed now, and get a reliable Aussie shed for all your storage needs.

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