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6 Easy Tips To Get Your Home Organised this Easter Long Weekend

Looking for easy tips to get your home organised this Easter long weekend? Here are our favourites!

Read on to find simple ways that you and your family can declutter and organise your home this Easter long weekend. You dont need a shed to get these done, though it does help!

Use hooks to hang pots and pans

Image Source: goodhousekeeping.com

Get your pots and pans organised before cooking up an Easter storm with utility hooks. Place them on the sides of your kitchen cabinets. Use utility hooks that have backing strips for the damage-free hanging of your pots and pans. It’s the perfect way to free up valuable cabinet space.

You can start by hanging the biggest items first, then include the medium-sized ones and finish with your smallest pots and pans. The above picture uses Command Utility Hooks which are easy to apply and works on a variety of surfaces.

Use soda can tabs to free up closet space

Image Source: theshabbycreekcottage.com

Before recycling those soda cans that you consume this Easter, take off the tabs because you can use them to free up closet space! Simply use a soda can tab by putting it through one hanger, then slip another hanger in the bottom hole as shown above. You’ll be able to free up your closet space in no time.

Using a bedsheet to contain playtime

Image Source: goodhousekeeping.com

Easter is a great time to get with family especially for the little ones. Don’t worry about cleaning the toys up afterwards with this simple but quite useful tip. Lay out a large blanket or bed sheet on the floor before they start playing with their toys. Once playtime is over, you can just bring the ends of the blanket together and simply dump the toys into their storage container. It will also give the kids a dedicated play area making it easier to clean up after they’re done.

Use shower curtain rings to organise

Image Source: hip2save.com

Neatly round up your Autumn scarves with shower curtain rings. If you love scarves and are having a hard time keeping them off the closet floor, shower curtain rings on hangers are the answer. Shower curtain rings are inexpensive and will help you corral your scarves neatly, instead of draping them on the back of a chair, a doorknob or whatever’s in your path. This tip also works for singlets, shirts, ties and even towels!

Using magnetic strips to declutter

Image Source: keepingupwiththesouths.com

Get magnetic strips at your local store this weekend to organise just about any accessory in your home. Not only are they great for your kitchen utensils, they’re also perfect to hold scissors, children’s toys, keys, make up, or any other small item that you can stick a magnet to. The picture above shows how one resourceful mum glued a magnet to the underside of her kids’ cars and used a wall-mounted magnetic strip to keep them organised. Great idea!

Organise your home and property with an EasyShed garden shed

This Easter long weekend, consider investing in an EasyShed garden shed. EasyShed garden sheds are steel outdoor sheds that make organising and tidying up your home easy. Have a dedicated outdoor storage space to store your goods, tools, equipment, bikes, and more. Think of all that extra room you’ll have in your home, the garage and on your whole property. We also offer a lifetime warranty for all our garden sheds here at easyshed.com.au for your peace of mind.

Have a look at our garden sheds here, and have a great Easter!

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