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7 Ways EasyShed Can Improve Your Garden

When looking for garden sheds for sale, it is easiest to find the best sheds online. EasyShed comes to mind because of the practicality and durability of its garden sheds, workshops, garages, aviaries, and rural sheds.

Traditionally, garden sheds are used to store gardening tools such as the lawn mower, blower, spades, and pots. Garden sheds for sale, nowadays, are more of an extension of the home storage. They need to compliment the backyard, and provide plenty of space for household items, tools and more. Depending on the purpose and the size of your outdoor space, you can easily customise your shed to suit your needs.

The best shed can set the tone of your garden. Moreover, a shed is considered a great addition to your garden that can increase the value of your property by as much as 20 percent.

In today’s market where each brand promises something extraordinary, what shed should you buy and why should you choose it? Here are the seven ways EasyShed can improve your garden.

EasyShed allows you to choose the right colour

Sheds should not look out-of-place in your yard. Instead, it should add value to your home. You have the option to choose the colour of your shed, depending on your personality and needs. You can easily match the colour of your shed with those of your fence and house for a common theme. You can also ensure that it blends well in your garden.

With EasyShed, you have more colour options than any other provider: grey, cream, blue, red, brown, black and more! These pre-painted options are made of 100% Bluescope Steel with the Australian weather in mind.

These are painted in two layers with an undercoat for both inside and outside and with high-quality finishing paint. Another more affordable option is the Zincalume sheds that are made of aluminium, silicon, and zinc which are colourless steel. Other sheds available on the market come in fewer colours and you may be left with a dull-looking shed or have to spend more to have it repainted.

Even after being exposed to the sun and the rain, the colour of the shed will not fade and crack.

It provides you different shed options

EasyShed has been designed specifically for your individual needs. Sizes, roof designs, and colours are some of the customisations you can do. You can benefit from getting a shed that is designed specifically as a workshop. This will improve the use of your garden space without cluttering.

Instead of keeping all your expensive handyman tools in the garage, wouldn’t it be better if you have a space where you can work and store your tools? Workshop sheds are bigger garden sheds designed to accommodate more tools and equipment, like ladders, that is, if you intend to use it as a workshop room. It has a Gable Truss Roof design and a welded steel central beam which makes it very sturdy. It is also big enough with a width of 4.5 metres, a depth of 2.25 meters, and a height of 3.75 metres.

Aside from workshops, you can also order the following:


Some households have provisions for a garage attached to the main house, some have a separate building, whilst others have a carport in their yard. Many families just leave their cars on the street under the heat of the sun and rain. For your car to last longer, you need to secure it away from the elements as much as possible.

EasyShed garage sheds are perfect for people in need of a compact and easy-to-install shed. The smallest shed has a width of 4.5m, a length of 3.75m, and height of 2.48m. This is enough to provide you plenty of space for your car, your boat, or even a workspace. It is weather-tight, so your valuables are safe throughout the seasons.


Pets and your animal friends also deserve a home of their own. As you will most likely spend time outdoors this summer, your pets will be outside, too. EasyShed aviaries allow space and ventilation, whilst providing security for your beloved pets. An enclosed box is not a decent place for your fur buddies.

You can choose the depth of your aviary, from 0.75m to 1.50m. It comes with a width of 1.5m and a height of 1.80m to allow the movement of your pets.

Rural Sheds

Rural and industrial sheds are bigger-sized sheds that can be used for multiple reasons. They can serve as a parking space if you have multiple cars; a workshop if you need a really big space, and storage for your knick-knacks. They can also be converted into an office. You can choose from single, double, and triple garages, farm sheds, hay sheds, and workshops.

It allows you to assemble the shed on your own

Because of the five-step assembly, you won’t need a professional installer to put together your shed. With an easy to follow 5 step process, you can assemble the garden shed of your dreams on your own. EasyShed garden sheds come as flatpacked DIY shed kits, with instructions and phone and video support available.

You can choose the perfect shed size

Size really matters. Because sheds are used mainly as traditional storage, any added space can mean less clutter in your home. It is important that you consider the correct shed size for your garden space. An over-sized shed can overwhelm your garden, whilst a tiny garden tool shed might not maximise the use of the space.

Fortunately, EasyShed has a variety of options for you. Most councils allow the installation of a garden shed without a permit if it is 10 square metres or smaller. The largest shed that you can install without a council permit is the 3x3 metre shed. You can also choose your desired height of wall, windows, and doors.

EasyShed offers a range of shed sizes that you can easily customise depending on your specifications. Garden sheds for sale range from small sheds with 1.50m (w) x 0.75 (d) x 1.8m (h) to large sheds with 7.5m (w) x 3.75m (d) x 2.10m (h). Larger sizes are available for carports, workshops, rural, and industrial sheds to meet your needs.

Different shed accessories are available

When you order your sheds online at https://www.easyshed.com.au/, you can also order a range of accessories that will make your shed more functional. Accessories that provide natural lighting such as the Skylight and ventilation -- like the accessories for the window unit -- will make your shed sustainable and environment-friendly.

The Skylight allows you to take advantage of the long summer days without the need for extra indoor lighting. Should you decide to use your shed as a summer room, you can stargaze comfortably. The Louvre window unit, on the other hand, allows you to add windows on your shed for extra ventilation. This is important if you are planning to stay in your shed for a long time.

If your space is limited, you can opt for a sliding door instead of a hinged door. The Shed Ramp, one of the shed accessories you can also buy at EasyShed, makes moving your tools and equipment in and out of the shed easier. The Tool Holder will ensure that your shovels, tools, and other gardening accessories are organised.

Shop Accessories!

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J Hooks 4pk - EasyShed

J Hooks 4pk

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Bike Hook - EasyShed
Bike Hook - EasyShed

Bike Hook

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EasyShed provides durable garden sheds

Timber sheds can look rustic and cosy. However, because of the Australian weather, this might not last very long. EasyShed sheds are highly durable and you won’t spend on yearly repairs and upkeep. They are made with 0.35mm thick high-tensile steel that is also weather-tight. Because of this, you are assured that the structure is strong and can withstand wind, heat, and snow without becoming deformed. It also comes with ScrewSafe technology which makes use of self-tapping screws to ensure the durability of your shed.

EasyShed garden sheds are built to withstand rain and snow. Because the walls and roofs are thick, you will not worry about it being blown away. In particular, Gable roof sheds also come with support beams so it won’t cave in due to heavy snow. If you wish to secure your shed to the ground, you may buy the eight-piece Anchoring Kit.

EasyShed garden sheds have additional benefits


All EasyShed garden sheds are proudly Australian-made, specifically in Albury, NSW. They are specifically manufactured for the weather conditions in Australia and meet the Australian outdoor shed standards. For your peace of mind, you get a lifetime warranty because EasyShed believes in the best quality of its products and services. You are assured that the sheds will not fall apart and will last for a long time.

Free depot collection

You can choose to have your shed delivered directly to your home. You may also pick it up at a depot. All sheds can be easily ordered online and delivered to your shipping address. You have the option to collect it from any of the over 200 depots in Australia. If you choose home delivery, shipping costs will be shown on your order. Check out the limited time offers by EasyShed. These include free Metro Delivery or a 50 percent off Metro Delivery.

More head space

Tall roofs are also available at EasyShed. You may choose from the Tall Gable, Tall Flat, Tall Truss, and Tall Garage roofing options. These are great for taller people or if you are looking for more wall storage and headspace. Tall roofs are also ideal if you have a small garden and you need more vertical space for storage. Tall roofs also mean you can keep longer equipment like ladders inside.


You would go to all lengths to ensure that your house is safe whenever there is a cyclone. However, you would sometimes forget about your valuable machinery inside your shed. If you live in a region that is prone to cyclones, Storm Sheds are the best sheds for you. Aside from the durability that is standard for all the sheds, it has a rating of up to Region D – Severe Tropical Cyclones -- and can withstand Terrain Category 2 cyclonic conditions with maximum wind speeds of up to 316 kph.

Because of the frame design, it is the most suited shed for extreme weather. Even if you are anticipating a very strong typhoon, you are assured that your storage shed is safe.


Burglary is not uncommon in outside structures, as they are left unlocked most of the time. EasyShed garden sheds use a hasp and a pad bolt for door locks. You may also use an additional padlock for improved security.

Buying your own shed is a big investment, so you need to make sure you get things right. If you are looking to purchase your own garden shed, look no further and just follow these simple steps. Go to EasyShed.com.au and click on the garden shed you want. Choose your preferred colour, add your order, and proceed. You will need to enter your shipping information and payment method at the check-out tab. EasyShed is a trusted Australian shed manufacturer for over 30 years and has produced thousands of sheds that have withstood the test of time. Take advantage of the 30 percent to 45 percent discount during the Christmas sale of garden sheds, aviaries, workshops, and garages now. Browse through our products today!

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