8 Amazing Collections Stored in Sheds

What should you put inside a storage shed? For most people, this outpost or shack is a place to keep tools, appliances, furniture, and boxes of stuff that are seldom used and might only clutter your main house. For other people, a shed is also a self storage for their hobby or passion.

Here are eight examples of amazing collections stored in sheds:

1. Simon Pickard's Lego Collection

Simon Pickard's Lego Collection
Image Source: Ladbible

Simon Pickard from the United Kingdom has turned his childhood obsession with Lego into a massive collection. The husband and father of five keeps his acquisitions of the famous toy brand in five garden storage sites all over his property in Somerset.

Pickard organises millions of Lego pieces inside plastic boxes stacked by the walls of the sheds. He told the press that he buys at least three new Lego toys every month at a Cardiff store, hence his collection grew.

What makes Pickard's love for Lego all the more amazing is that he actually suffers from paralysis on his left wrist. His condition makes building and putting together complicated Lego structures even more challenging. However, the enthusiast has gotten used to this challenge over the years. He developed a unique technique for completing a design.

Pickard also finds much satisfaction and reward in his Lego collection because people either rent or buy some of the designs he has put together.

2. Roger Baillon's Vintage Car Collection

Roger Baillon's Vintage Car Collection
Image source: Mirror

Roger Baillon's family had no idea they were sitting on a £12 million goldmine. For decades, at least 60 vintage cars had been parked in their farm's storage shed in the western part of France. The vehicles were just there, amid dusty boxes and old newspapers.

Baillon's grandchildren, who inherited the farm in 2014, learned the value of their grandfather's collection after hiring an appraiser and car specialist to see what they could do with what they thought were junk. As it turned out, two of their grandfather's vintage cars were rare releases that are worth millions—a 1956 Maserati A6G Gran Sports and a 1961 Ferrari 250GT SWB California Spider.

Their grandfather apparently meant to restore the vintage cars back in the day. Baillon planned to set up a museum for his collection. Unfortunately, he never got around to completing his plan because his company fell apart in the '70s and Baillon ran short of money to support his hobby.

3. Tom Copper's Computer Collection

Tom Copper's Computer Collection
Image source: PC Magazine

Tom Copper keeps old computers in nondescript and typical-looking garden storage in Roxboro, North Carolina. According to PC Magazine, he started his hobby in 1986 and had no idea how many old computers he actually owned. It's unclear, however, if Copper still sustains his collection today as he has taken down his personal website a few years ago. With the pace of technological updates now-a-days his shed would be overflowing by now!

4. Andrew's Book Collection

Andrew's Book Collection
Image source: Reader's Shed

A guy from London, who simply wants to be known as Andrew, turned his shed into a self storage for his collection of over 12,000 books. The Library Shed is actually famous for its catalogue. He has book borrowers from as far away as Australia.

Among Andrew's prized items in The Library Shed are novels printed as first editions, as well as books on birds, horse racing, and extinct animals. He also has an entire shelf filled with books about John F. Kennedy (JFK).

In addition, this place has unique arts, artefacts, and photographs that Andrew and his wife have acquired during their travels around the world.

5. Toad's Bike Collection

Toad's Bike Collection
Image source: Bike Shed Times

Toad, a biker enthusiast from Western Australia, started his motorbike collection when he was just 16 years old. He first bought a Harley Davidsons at that time for $35. For the next five decades following this purchase, Toad would keep filling his family’s garden storage with bikes until he was able to collect over 400.

Today, Toad has several sheds in different sizes in his rural property and every one of them is filled with nothing but those roaring two-wheeled vehicles.

From British to Japanese bikes, Toad's considerable collection costs him $35,000 a year in insurance. He does not restore all the bikes he owns, though, so some might no longer be in presentable or working condition. But then Toad does not believe that bikes must be shiny anyway.

6. James Phillip's Antler Collection

James Phillip's Antler Collection
Image source: Field & Steam

Montana resident James Phillips has an obsession he has been feeding since he was a young boy. He hunts deer, elks, moose, and whitetails to collect their antlers. This hobby has earned him the nickname Antler Man.

Today, Phillips has over 15,000 antlers, which he keeps in a storage shelf he calls The Horn Shed. Phillips told the Field & Stream that 80 percent of his collection was from animals he hunted within the 100-mile radius near his home. The rest have been gifts, found in trades, or bought during day trips.

7. Jim's Old Stuff

Jim's Old Stuff
Image source: Daily Mail

Jim from Oaxley in Victoria, Australia has an old-looking shed with beaten wood and corrugated iron. However, it has many of his father’s and uncle's most-prized possessions and memorabilia from their childhood.

Jim has been holding on to the old things to keep their memories alive. He has kept these items alongside his workshop. His shed is also his quiet hideaway where he can relax, tinker, or play his guitar.

8. Skete's Bat Collection

Skete's Bat Collection
Image source: Daily Mail

Peter, who is also known as Skete among his friends, has a cricket theme going on in his storage shed. He started collecting cricket bats in the 1980s. Now, there are 177 on display in this shed he aptly calls The Bat Cave. It is located near Bendigo in Victoria, Australia.

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