An EasyShed is a gift for you… and the kids too! - EasyShed

An EasyShed is a gift for you… and the kids too!

As anyone with kids would know, quite often the box a toy comes in is just as exciting to a small person as the gift itself. Although our EasyShed DIY assembly sheds are definitely a gift for Mum and Dad, the big box it comes in can spell hours of fun for the family.

When it comes to picking up your EasyShed, we offer more than 400 free delivery locations. To find your nearest EasyShed distributor, type in your suburb name or postcode using our easy online store locator and then the fun really begins!

While you follow our innovative 5 Step Assembly® process, let the kids turn the packaging into a weekend’s worth of activity.

Why not prop the boxes up, cut in a small window (with help from Mum and Dad of course!) grab a sheet and create a makeshift cubby? Or with the help of a black marker, why not draw out some cricket stumps and start hitting some balls for six?

And of course, when the sun goes down and it’s time to head inside, you can pack everything away in your spacious new EasyShed – simple as that.

Check out our online store for the right EasyShed for you.

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