8 Reasons You Should Buy a Skillion Roof Shed

8 Reasons You Should Buy a Skillion Roof Shed

A garden shed can be used for various purposes. You can convert it into a storage shed, a family getaway, or a home office. It also comes in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Having the most suitable garden shed can enhance your yard aesthetics. Different roof designs, like the skillion roof shed, are available in the market. Each roof design has its pros and cons.

Traditionally, skillion roof designs are used in warm areas where there is less rainfall and in smaller building structures like garden sheds. The demand for skillion roof shed has recently gone up for modern buildings and garden sheds because of the need to save space.

Considerations for your roof design

If you are planning to upgrade your existing design, change it altogether, or buy a new shed for your garden, choosing the correct type of roof is important. It will ultimately define your garden shed because aside from the walls, the roof is the next biggest surface. Depending on its design, a roof can provide more storage and determine the energy efficiency and weather-proofing you require. Consider the following:

1. Space

How much space can you allot in your garden for a shed? When measuring the available space, bear in mind that you need to leave space for you to move around for installation and repairs. Skillion and flat roof designs are best for constricted spaces.

If you plan to use natural light or install solar panels on your garden shed, you need to consider the placement of the shed. Trees and walls will block the sunlight. Branches and leaves may also damage the shed if they fall during a storm. Look for a roof that can withstand these conditions.

The smallest sheds in Easyshed have a width of 1.5 metres and a depth of 0.75 metre which are perfect for storing gardening tools. These are usually flat roofs and off-the wall garden sheds. Medium sized sheds have a width of 1.5 metres and a depth of 1.5 metres which are great for storing small lawnmowers and other equipment.

2. Purpose

Will you use the shed as a potting shed, a storage shed for your garden tools, or additional space for your family? If you are planning to use it as an extension of your home, ventilation and lighting are priority considerations. If you want to design it as a storage shed, you can maximise the height of the structure, especially if your space is small. The tallest available sheds are usually 2.10 metres.

3. Weather condition

If you live in an area where it rains a lot and gets a significant volume of snow, you have to look for a roof that will allow water and snow to run off easily. Wind, storm, and hurricanes should also be considered because certain roof types cannot withstand strong winds.

4. Installation

You have successfully installed your shed and are enjoying your little DIY success. After a few months, however, you wanted to make changes on your design. How easy would it be to make those changes with your existing materials? Will you be able to adjust the pitch of your roof when necessary and will you be able to make repairs after a storm easily? This is why it is important to know the best roof design for your shed.

Different kinds of shed roofs

1. Gable

Gable roofs are the most popular roof type and are easily recognised because of their triangular shapes. They can easily shed snow during winter and rain because of the sloping sides. It also provides more space for the ceiling, allowing better ventilation inside the shed. If the space is small, a gable roof design will allow more storage space vertically compared to a flat roof.

There are many types of gable roofs but only two are usually used in sheds: side gable and crossed gable. Side gables have two equal sides that meet at the middle of the building. Crossed gables, on the other hand, are gable roofs put together. Crossed gables are usually used when connecting a garden shed to an existing house roof.

Gable roofs, however, are not recommended for areas that are windy and are always visited by hurricanes. Winds can go underneath the overhang and create an uplift, detaching the roof from the walls easily. If you choose to use gable roofs, make sure to add sufficient frames and braces to prevent the roof from detaching and collapsing.

2. Flat

Flat roofs look flat to the walls of a building structure and have a very small pitch for water to run off. Most of the time, they are used in big commercial buildings and residential houses because they can serve as additional space for a patio or a garden. Flat roofs are conducive to solar panels, because you can adjust the panels according to the sun’s rays.

3. Hip

Hip roofs have four sloping sides with equal length and a ridge on top. Hip roofs are great for windy and snowy areas because the slant allows water to slide off easily, ensuring that there will be no remaining standing water. Snow will also easily shed off on the sides and its weight will be evenly distributed on all four sides.

4. Curved

A curved roof uses a single panel like flat and skillion roofs. But instead of having it pitched, the panels are curved. Because it is shaped like an arch, water and snow can also easily run off on both sides. Unlike gable and hip, however, a curved roof does not have a ridge or a peak, so it is easier to install. Compared to a flat or skillion, it is more expensive because it is more complex and would need more trusses. Metal is considered the best material because it can be shaped into any form and maintenance is easy.

5. Green

Green roofs, also known as living roofs, are becoming more popular today. A green roof is usually a flat or a skillion surface that is covered in vegetation. It can absorb rainwater, create a habitat for animals, provide additional insulation, and bring down energy costs for cooling and heating. Garden sheds are now being converted into green roofs using succulents.

6. Skillion

Skillion roofs are also called lean-to’s, mono-pitched, or pent roofs. In Australia, a skillion is known as a shed roof because the skillion roof design is best for small structures like sheds. It looks like a single flat roof that is angled in one direction and is sometimes attached to a higher wall. It differs from gable and hip roofs because instead of having two slopes, it has only one.
Skillion roofs are placed at a height that is lower than the ceiling to create a slant. They make the structure look higher, and the eaves allow the natural light in.

8 Advantages of a skillion roof shed

Skillion roofs are now being used not just in small structures likes sheds, but also in houses and other bigger structures. It is also used in small spaces like porches or garages. So what are the advantages of having a skillion roof shed?

1. A skillion roof is easy to assemble

Because a skillion roof shed uses a single panel, it is easy to assemble and attach to a wall. You can also easily change the pitch or the angle of the roof, depending on your needs, without worrying about insufficient roof space. It also uses fewer materials for trusses and braces compared to gable roof and hip roofs. In addition, it is best for do-it-yourself projects. If you want to update the roof, change the roof design, or add anything, the skillion is also very convenient to work with. One or two people can install the roof easily.

Because it does not have ridges and joints, the load is distributed equally by the rafters. Only a rafter and beams with a 90-degree angle are needed to support the entire roof.

2. It has a steep pitch that drains water easily

A skillion roof shed usually has a steep pitch, so it easily allows rain and snow to run off. Pooled water will not be a problem because there are no ridges and valleys. You will save a lot on waterproofing because water will be drained easily on the roof. A steep pitch is excellent in areas where there is snow and a lot of rain.

3. It is solar panel-friendly

Australia is known to have the highest average solar radiation in square metres, so you can save money by harnessing the sun’s energy for your home and garden shed needs. Because the skillion roof shed has a steep angle, you can easily capture the sun’s rays. Solar panels can generate the most power if they are hit by the sun’s rays at a 90-degree angle. Compared to gable roofs, the skillion roof shed does not have a very steep angle, so laying the solar panels would be easy.

4. It allows you to incorporate skylights

Another way to save money on electricity is to take advantage of natural light through windows and a skylight. Skillion roofs are the best candidate for skylights because of the low pitch and long slope. As it is inclined at an angle, it also protects the shed from excessive direct sunlight whilst offering shade at certain times of the day.

5. It is great for constricted space

Some homeowners are foregoing the idea of a garden shed because of limited space but are still looking for storage space. A skillion roof shed is a great solution. As you will be using only one panel, you won’t have to worry about a ridge and you can easily adjust the pitch and height as needed.

The Skillion Roof Garden Shed 1.50m (w) x 2.25m is ideal for small spaces because it has an end entry and has a 2.1m height which allows for taller items to be stored easily. If you still want to have more space, you can make the ceiling higher.

6. It is great for collecting water

One of the variations of the skillion roof is the butterfly roof that has two skillions meeting towards the centre. Rainwater can easily be collected using a single conveyance system. Even without the butterfly, it is also very convenient to use the skillion roof because you can trap all the water in a single conveyance system like a gutter.

7. It is cheaper to install

The costs of the sheds are similar among gable, hip, flat, and skillion. However, the installation cost is significantly lower for the skillion. It also needs fewer materials like rubber membranes and accessories.

8. It looks modern and elegant

As most houses have gable roofs and many commercial buildings are made with flat roofs, having a skillion roof shed in your garden will make it look unique, modern, and sleek. It also looks minimalist and streamlined.

The sheds in Easyshed come in many modern colours, including slate grey, mist green, smooth cream, and birch, so you won’t need to repaint your shed just to match the paint of your home. You can easily pick the colour you want online and choose the width, depth, and height you need.


The skillion roof shed is rising in popularity because of its ease of installation and unique design. The only disadvantage with a skillion roof is having a low ceiling on one side of the shed. The many advantages of having one, however, clearly outweigh this.

When looking for the perfect garden shed, do not be swayed by the colours and designs. Instead, look for durability and ease. All EasyShed sheds are made of high tensile Bluescope steel that will ensure lifetime satisfaction.

Proudly Australian-made, EasyShed designs are surely built for the Australian weather and standards. All Easyshed kits for DIY garden sheds are ready-to-assemble which means there are easy steps to follow. They also come with a lifetime warranty. For maintenance, you just need to clean the garden shed twice yearly. Get in touch with EasyShed today to discuss your needs and have a skillion roof shed delivered to your door.