Decorating a Shed for Christmas

Decorating a Shed for Christmas

Are you looking forward to decorating your home for Christmas? If so, we have some ideas for including your shed in your decorating plans! Show off your festive side by creating Christmas themed DIY shed decorations.

Christmas is an exciting holiday for everyone. It represents the spirit of love and giving. Not to mention good food, friendship and family reunions. So, trimming your shed to match the season can make the overall look of your home spectacular.

Celebrate the holidays with these wonderful shed designs and decorations to bring out the spirit of Christmas in your garden!

DIY Santa Claus Decoration

Christmas isn’t complete without Santa! Create a DIY Santa decoration out of recycled materials.

DIY Santa Claus decoration out of recycled bottles

Do you have recycled bottles at home? Don’t throw them away and use them to make your own Santa Claus decoration for your shed. Check out this video!

DIY Santa Claus Ornament out of toilet paper rolls

Utilise your toilet paper rolls as they make an awesome Santa Claus ornament. Here’s how.

DIY Santa Claus Ornament out of forks

If you have plenty of spare forks, now is the time to bring them out. Dust them off and show your creativity as these forks can turn into a wonderful Santa Claus ornament. Check out this video to see how.

Santa Claus ornament out of shells

Do you live near the beach or do you have some shell collections? If so, why not use them to create a cute Santa Claus ornament? You can use them for display on your Christmas tree and shed! It’s very easy to do. Check out this link to see how.

Santa Claus decoration out of paint brush

Do you have some spare and old paint brushes? Just wash them and they are ready to go. Transform those old paint brushes into a beautiful ornament. It’s easy. See this video and learn how.

Santa Claus Ornament out of light bulbs

A light bulb is useless when it doesn’t light up anymore and they go straight to the trash. However, if you have broken light bulbs, don’t throw them away. You can still use them to make a Santa Claus ornament for your shed. Click this video to learn how.

DIY Santa Claus decoration out of empty wine bottles

If you are into cheese and wine -or maybe just wine, you probably have empty bottles of wine. Make use of them to decorate your shed this Christmas. Check out this quick tutorial.

Glowing DIY Decorations

Your shed would look boring without lanterns! If you have kids, let them join you in the fun and be creative with them. Light up your shed with these DIY lantern ideas:

Lantern out of card boards and cereal boxes

Create a DIY lantern from old card boards and cereal boxes. It’s simple to do and it is cost-effective.

Lantern out of old jars

Why spend money on new lanterns when you can make them on your own? Turn those empty old jars into beautiful lantern decorations for your shed. Check out this tutorial and make your own DIY lantern now.

House lantern out of paper

Create a house lantern out of paper and LED lights. Here’s how it’s done.

DIY Snowman Decorations

Make easy DIY snowman crafts out of materials that you can easily find in the comfort of your home.

DIY snowman out of a sock

Display this cute DIY snowman on your shed. You will be needing a white sock and rice or anything you can use to fill it up in this procedure.

DIY Snowman Clip

Do you have a spare clothing clip? If you don’t, they’re very cheap. You can turn those clips into a snowman decoration for your shed, whether you’re hanging photos or notes. By adding this, it will give your shed a cute Christmas look. Just design and paint the clip, make it look like a little snowman and it’s ready to go!

DIY snowman using pots

Grab an old or spare pot from your garden and create a cute snowman. All you have to do is paint it white; draw a snowman face; and dress it up. Put an old knitted hat on top, and it’s good to go for your shed.

DIY snowman out of paper plates

If you have spare paper plates from your kids’ birthday parties, use them to create a simple snowman.

You will be needing paper plates, googly eyes, black marker and glue gun (if you’re doing it with your kids, use white glue instead). Check out this video tutorial.

DIY snowman out of disposable paper cups

Disposable paper cups are meant to be thrown away after use. However, you can also use them to decorate this Christmas. Transform them into little snowmen for your shed. Here’s how it’s done.

On the other hand, if you want a bigger snowman, you can turn 300 pieces of plastic cups into one. Here’s how.

DIY Candy Cane Decoration

Add a sweet looking decoration to your shed by creating a DIY candy cane decoration. Check out these cool ideas!

DIY candy cane out of PVC pipes

If you have old or spare PVC pipes at home, you can use them to create colourful candy canes. Paint them with white and red; make them look like a candy cane; and plant them in front of your shed. It’s very easy!

DIY candy cane using buttons

Make cute candy cane ornaments out of red and white buttons. All you need is a pipe cleaner, a ribbon, scissors and of course, the cute buttons.

Fold the pipe cleaner in half or depending on how long you want it. Insert the buttons alternately and shape it to make it look like a candy cane. Tie it using the ribbon so that you can hang it around your shed.

DIY Christmas Wreath

Displaying a wreath on your shed’s door represents the spirit of Christmas. Save money by creating DIY wreath as a shed design.

DIY wreath using wine corks

Wine bottles are not the only ones you can use to decorate your shed. Use your wine corks, too! Start collecting wine corks now and craft the best wreath in town this Christmas.

DIY wreath using leftover gift wrappers

Did you just finish wrapping Christmas presents? If there are pieces of gift-wrapping papers left, don’t throw them away. Why not use them to make a wreath instead?

DIY wreath using old magazines

If you have old magazines collecting dust on your center table piece, it’s time to turn them into something magical.

Old magazines make an awesome DIY wreath. Check this out and see for yourself.

DIY wreath using old garland and bulb

If you have old garlands from the previous Christmas, it’s time to bring them out. Together with small colorful light bulbs, you can use them to make a magical DIY wreath to display in your garden shed’s door.

DIY wreath using old neckties

If you have plenty of neckties you no longer use, you can give them away this Christmas. Or you can also make a DIY necktie wreath out of them, if you don’t have one yet.

The colors green, red, and white make an awesome necktie wreath.

DIY wreath using toilet paper rolls

Help Mother Nature this Christmas by decorating your shed with recycled materials. Here’s another use for toilet paper rolls.

DIY Garland

To make your shed look and feel in line with the spirit of Christmas, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, particularly on garlands. Instead, spend more time with your kids and create better looking garlands by using only recycled materials.

DIY Garland by using paper plates and scraps

Turn those leftover paper plates and paper scraps into a cute snowman garland. It’s easy to do; just string them together; paint them white and draw snowman faces; design them; and hang them in your shed.

DIY Garland using popsicle sticks

Turn those colorful popsicle sticks into beautiful snowflakes! Just stick five popsicles together to create a snowflake. If you want them to be white, just paint them. You can also glue in some old buttons, glitters or any items that you can find in your home to customize the snowflakes. However, just make sure that you’re using a transparent string so that it would look like the snowflakes are floating once you’ve hung them around your shed.

DIY Garland using pompoms

Have your own cute garland that’s made of pompoms by connecting the colourful pompoms together in a string. It would look great in your shed, and you can also tie them around the plants in your shed.

DIY Christmas tree shed designs

For an awesome Christmas tree on this most awaited time of the year, here are DIY ideas you can choose from.

A Christmas tree made of carton and egg tray

If you have plenty of egg trays and cartons gathering dust in your storage, now is the time to get rid of them --in a good way. After crafting this awesome egg tray Christmas tree, decorate it with garlands and don’t forget the star on top.

A Christmas tree made of gift wrappers

Turn those gift wrapper rolls into a beautiful Christmas tree glued on your shed. Stick the gift wrapper rolls together and shape them into a pine tree, glue them on the wall of your shed, and put on some decorations on it.

Use hardcover books to create a Christmas tree

If there are hardcover books that you don’t use anymore, you can use them to create a quick Christmas tree for your shed. Just open the books, and pile them up until the pile is shaped like a pine tree. Put garlands and Christmas lights around it.

Tomato cage Christmas tree

Tomato cages make an awesome Christmas tree. Wrap garlands around it together with a few colourful Christmas lights and there you go! An awesome Christmas tree just outside your shed’s doorstep.

Christmas tree made of wine corks

Create a cute little Christmas tree by using only wine corks! Glue them all together into a pine tree shape using a glue gun. Decorate it with ribbons on top and other things that you can use to make it look even more attractive.

Create a fascinating Christmas tree by only using solar powered Christmas lights

Harness the power of the summer sun by decorating your shed with solar-powered Christmas lights. Draw a triangular shape on the wall of your shed and nail the sides, leaving enough space for each line. Put the Christmas lights starting from the bottom until you reach the top. The result should look like a Christmas light shaped like a Christmas tree.

Create a Christmas tree using a dried tree

If there’s a dried tree in your garden, don’t cut it down just yet. Instead, transform it into an awesome Christmas tree by putting garlands, ornaments, and Christmas lights around it.

Create a Christmas tree using tree branches

Glue the branches together and make it look like a triangular ladder. Put Christmas lights around it and hang some ornaments on it, too.

Create a Christmas tree using pine cones

Start collecting pine cones and turn them into a pine cone Christmas tree. Just make a cone shaped paper and glue the pine cones on around it. If you want to make it look more attractive, just add more decorations. Perfect for hanging around your shed.

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