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Best Lighting Options for your Garden Shed

If you want to be able to work through the night to finish an important project, consider these lighting options for your garden shed. Nothing’s worse than the sun going down and having a dimly lit shed to work in. Make it useable anytime, day or night, with these helpful tips.

Battery Powered LED Lights

Battery powered LED lights are easy to install and can give you up to 100 hours of illumination. These either come with screws or have adhesive pads at the back making it easy to position on any part of your garden shed. You can apply as many or as few as you like, and only use as many as you need when working.

Solar Powered Lights

There are several solar powered lighting options that you can choose from. Ready to use solar-powered lights are a great option if you only need a little bit of light. Like battery powered lights, you won’t need to call an electrician to have them installed. You should be able to easily install them yourself.

Solar systems that use a battery backup are not only great for lighting your garden shed but depending on the type you get, you can also run your power tools, battery chargers or power any other electrical equipment.

There’s a little bit more work in installing this type of solar lighting system. The solar panels or collectors need to be placed where they get the most sun exposure. They can also get very expensive depending on your needs. Solar lighting systems cost from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on your setup. This type of system is ideal for garden sheds that you don’t want to connect to electricity, are too far for you to be able to do so, or if you simply want to reduce your environmental impact.

Electric Powered Lights

Flood Lamps

If you need a huge amount of light, a powered floodlight is ideal. Great for security and for play or work, a powered floodlight will give you a ton of light inside or outside your garden shed.

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lights are good for general purpose lighting. They can provide your outdoor shed with a great amount of light inside and out. Great for growing plants too. Having an electrician to install your fluorescent lights is recommended to properly run them in your garden shed.

LED Lights

LED fluorescent lights are powerful and more economical in the long run. They cost a little more than other light bulbs, but they will last much longer thus saving you money on your electricity bills.

These are a few lighting options for your garden shed. Lighting will allow you to stay productive during the night to get that special project completed.

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