Five Essentials You Need to Assemble Your Shed - EasyShed

Five Essentials You Need to Assemble Your Shed


We know that for the newbie DIYer, the thought of assembling your new EasyShed can be a tad daunting – but we’re here to help. You might be surprised to learn that you already have the tools and accessories you need to get started.


Even if you’re the type of person who works with their hands, you’ll still need a good pair of gloves when assembling your EasyShed. Safety comes first when handling sheets of steel, so grab a pair of good quality gloves before you get underway.

Cordless drill and drill bits

This one is key – you’ll definitely need a cordless drill (or to borrow one from a mate) to assemble your EasyShed. Once it’s charged up, you’re ready to go!


When it comes to fitting the roof panel, you’ll need more than your hands to get everything square and secure. Grab a simple pair of pliers to grip the ridge beam to the u-panel before you drill it in place.

Tape measure

You’ll want to be measuring your handiwork along the way to ensure that the shed is airtight and waterproof and the humble tape measure will do the trick. A slightly blunt lead pencil will come in handy too!

A good mate

Okay, so you can’t grab one of these down at the local hardware store, but we strongly suggest you recruit a mate to help you put your EasyShed together. Two sets of gloved hands are better than one and we’re sure if you provide the beers afterwards you won’t have much trouble getting some help.

Check out this video of our 5-Step Assembly process for some more guidance.

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