Garage vs Shed - Whats Best For You

When you’re thinking of buying a shed online, you’re faced with a lot of considerations. Do you go with a garden shed or a garage? How much more space would you have if you opted for a double garage versus a single garage? And what are the assembly requirements for each of the size options?

In this article, we’re going to break down the benefits of each EasyShed product and talk about specific details like doors, costs, colour options and more. So, whether you’re interested in a work space, a quiet studio, or a great storage shed, you’ll know that the product you buy is the perfect shed or garage for your needs.

First, a word on materials

All EasyShed products are made of 100% BlueScope Steel. But there are a few differences to consider when it comes to garden sheds and backyard garages, and garages from the Rural & Industrial range.

The smaller sheds and garages are made from .35mm High Tensile Steel made to withstand variable and unforgiving Australian weather. Most of these models come in a variety of colours, such as Slate Grey, Heritage Red, Mountain Blue and others (there are 21 bespoke colours in total.) You can also purchase one of these sheds in Zinc for a more affordable option.

The Rural & Industrial range, on the other hand, offers garages and farm sheds that need thicker steel. These products are made from .47mm High Tensile Steel with a wind rating of Region A, Terrain Category 2.5. There are three colour options for these garages: Slate Grey, Mist Green, and Smooth Cream.

Another thing to consider are door options. Garden sheds and backyard garages come with swinging doors. With some models, you can replace swinging doors with sliding doors as an add-on accessory. All Rural & Industrial models come with roller doors.

Now, let’s get into the details of particular models!


EasyShed offers a range of garden shed and storage sheds for a variety of uses. Here are some of the most popular options available on our site:

Off The Wall Shed

If you’re looking for a compact storage shed that is perfect for a few garden tools and other items, the Off The Wall Shed is a great option.

With only three walls and no need for a concrete slab flooring, this shed is easy to install. But there’s no need to worry about this shed being flimsy. Just like our other sheds, this product is made of 100% BlueScope steel. So it will keep your items safe and sound, even in severe weather. The skillion roof also prevents pooling on the shed roof during rain.

Off The Wall sheds come in different sizes so that you can fit a few items or even a bike in your shed. The smallest version is 1.5m wide, .78m deep, and 1.95m tall. And our largest, which could comfortably fit a bike and a few gardening tools is 3.75m wide, .78m deep, and 1.95m tall. Prices for these sheds range from $216 and $566.

Flat Roof Shed

This is a standard, affordable shed that is perfect for all kinds of backyard uses. Unlike the Off The Wall Shed, this shed can be placed anywhere in the backyard. And, because of its flat roof, assembly is quick and simple.

Flat Roof Sheds come in a variety of sizes. If you need a compact Flat Roof Shed for a small backyard, you might opt for the 1.5m wide by .78m deep and 1.82m tall model. The largest model is 3.75m wide by 1.5m deep and 2.12m tall. You can also find the Flat Roof Shed in a tall version if you want some extra head room.

Prices for the Flat Roof Shed range from $244 to $902

Gable Roof Shed

If you’re looking for the classic garden shed look, the gable roof shed is what you need. There is a wide variety in size so that you can have a compact shed for a few items or an all-out backyard garden storage shed to house your gardening supplies, lawn mower or wheelbarrow.

The smallest Gable Roof Shed available is 1.50m wide, 1.5m deep and 2.27m tall. The largest model available is 3.75m wide, 3.75m deep, and 2.18m tall. Prices range from $420 to $1,586.

The gable roof does make this model a bit more complicated to assemble, but there are only a few extra steps. You’ll want to place your Gable Roof Shed on top of a concrete slab or other secure surface.


EasyShed offers a variety of single-car garages to fit a few different car models. And, with ample circulation space, they are ideal, also, as a backyard workspace such as a woodshop or exercise studio.

These spacious backyard garages come with two swinging doors and a gabled roof. They require a concrete slab base. You can assemble these garages on your own, although they are understandably more labour-intensive than a shed.

EasyShed garages range in size from the smallest at 4.5m wide, 3m deep, and 2.1m tall to the largest at 7.5m wide, 3.75m deep and 2.48m tall. Prices range from $1,249 to $4,251

Rural Industrial Garages

Rural Industrial Garages come in Single and Double.

The Single Rural Industrial Garage is spacious and durable. There are a few features that differentiate the Rural Industrial Garage from the previously mentioned Single Garage. On the one hand, the High Tensile Steel is slightly thicker. And, the Rural Industrial Garage offers a roller door.

Sizes for the Single Rural Industrial Garage range from the smaller model at 3.6m in span, 6m in length, and 2.4m in height. The largest in this category is 4.2m in span, 12m in length, and 3m in height.

Prices range from $3,919 to $7,199.

Double Rural Industrial Garages can house even more machinery, storage and workspace than the Single. Like the Single Rural Industrial Shed, the double offers two roller doors.

Sizes range from 6m in span, 6m in length, and 2.4m in height to 7m in span, 15m in length, and 2.7m in height. Prices range from $5,499 to $13,499.

The perfect shed or garage is waiting for you!

Whether you’re in need of a basic garden shed, ample backyard storage shed, single garage, or a huge workshop, EasyShed has a model that is perfect for you.

Give us a call for questions about customised sheds and garages, or just to chat about the perfect shed or garage for you!