Simple Summer Shed Prep

Simple Summer Shed Prep

What do you have to do to get the perfect shed when the temperatures rise this summer? With this simple shed prep, you can have a cool, breezy shed for all of your backyard activities.

And we know that you’re probably busy with your spring gardening plans, so no worries. These tips won’t take too much time or effort!

First things first: Inside summer shed prep

What does your backyard shed look like at the moment? Is it still serving as a winter storage shed? Is it filled with leftover spring planting materials?

If there’s too much clutter going on in there, it’s going to raise the temperature in your shed by preventing ventilation. Plus, clutter is just not a good look, which will dampen your good summer fun.

So, first on your shed prep list should be cleaning out the clutter. Throw away things you no longer need, store the materials you’ll be keeping properly, and aerate your shed to get that musty winter smell out. For more ideas on how to make your shed as organised and clean as possible, check out our recent article with 10 Tips for Organising Your Shed.

Remember to always wear the proper gear when you’re cleaning out your shed. If pests and other critters made their home in your shed this winter, they’re likely gone by now. But, you don’t want to be breathing in whatever they left behind. So, cleaning gloves and a mask are a good idea, at least at the start of your summer shed prep cleaning.

Cool your summer shed from the outside

There are plenty of ways that you can keep your shed cool this summer without having to do any structural changes (although, if you are interested in learning more about insulation and installation of windows, check out last year’s summer prep article!) Here are a few tips:

Plant some fast-growing plants for shade

Some plants, like bamboo or crawling vines, are sure to grow so fast that they’ll be able to provide your shed with some natural shade by the time summer comes around.

Bamboo can be planted alongside your summer shed, or you can place planters next to your shed, depending on your outdoor aesthetic. Other fast-growing plants include sunflowers, corn, and Lilli Pilli.

Crawling vines are another great shade option. To pull it off in your backyard, you can construct a trellis on the wall of your shed or install a standing garden arch or pergola.

Of course, if you’re interested in putting a bit of extra work for the summers to come, you might also consider planting trees that will provide natural shade for your shed in the future. Foxtail palms can grow up to a foot a year, while citrus trees will provide shade even when they’re relatively young.

Mist away

If you’re going to be watering the grass, you might move that sprinkler just a few centimetres closer to your shed. That way, you get a nice mist and your shed is a little bit cooler.

You might also consider installing water misting system to the outer edge of your roof shed. It’s a much cheaper option than installing an air conditioning unit, and you’ll stay cool in your shed all summer long.

Install a shade sail

Shade sails are a great way to provide immediate relief to your summer shed. You can attach them to the roof of your shed or buy one that is free-standing. Either way, you’ll have all the shade you need for a cool summer.

Keep the must-have summer supplies on hand in your shed

In addition to these simple cooling solutions, there are a few items that you should store in your shed all summer long for maximum relaxation and comfort. Here are our list of summer shed must-haves:

  • A fully stocked icebox. Fill it with plenty of ice, water bottles, beverages of your choice, and cold packs. You can even soak bandanas, hats, or strips of linen and freeze them in your icebox for relief from the summer heat.
  • Cool snacks. How do you keep your family cool and well-fed this summer? With frozen fruit treats. Grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and bananas can all be frozen ahead of time and brought out to your summer shed for a cooling and delicious afternoon snack.
  • An inflatable pool and pool toys. This is a cheap, wonderful way to stay cool all summer. Throw in a couple of ice cubes, have plenty of pool toys on hand, and enjoy your summer shed.
  • Extra hats and sunglasses. If you’re going to be spending time gardening, mowing the lawn, or simply relaxing by your summer shed, you need to be properly dressed. Always have extra hats and sunglasses on hand so that you and your guests are well protected.
  • Standing umbrellas. We can see it now - a folding chair, a large glass of ice cold lemonade, your favourite summer book, and an oversized standing umbrella for all-day shade.
  • Camping fan. Get yourself a rechargeable fan that you can plug in all night in your home and then bring outside to your summer shed for a day of fun. These little fans are absolute must-haves when it comes to summer shed prep.

And here’s a tip for you shed owners with a concrete slab flooring - that concrete is going to stay nice and cool even in warm temperatures! If you’re going to be spending time inside of your shed, you might opt for low-to-the-ground chairs or meditation pillows to benefit from that cool flooring.

Remember to keep these items well-organized in your shed for easy access. Hats and sunglasses can be hung near the door, and your inflatable pool should be folded up and stored on a shelf or storage cabinet when not in use. This will allow your shed to ventilate properly.

What summer shed prep are you doing in the next few months?

Are you clearing out the cobwebs? Installing an air conditioning unit? Stocking up on hats and hand-held fans for the whole family?

We want to hear your shed prep ideas for a cool and relaxing summer!