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Give Your Shed a Festive Makeover

Looking to transform your shed into a holiday wonderland this season? We’ve searching for the best backyard shed decorations, and we think we’ve got the perfect recipe for a great holiday shed. We want to help you put the the finishing touches this Festive Season, on our own backyard sheds!

If you’re looking for inspiration for your backyard shed, here is the list of

our favourite garden shed decorations that will put your backyard shed in the festive spirit. Don’t forget to send us pictures of your holiday shed!

But first, a gentle reminder for your backyard animal friends

Decorations are a wonderful way to ring in the Christmas season, but they can also pose a danger to natural wildlife and even your pets. Birds are particularly vulnerable to harm from decorative tinsel which they see as ideal nest-making material.

To make your backyard animal-friendly, ditch the tinsel altogether and use sturdy ribbon and cords that can’t easily be torn from your shed.

Other decorations can be hung strategically so that your curious dog or cat won’t be tempted to knock down breakable ornaments.

Holiday Shed Idea

#1: Christmas Lights

String lights are the easiest way to bring Christmas to your backyard. Some great options include the multi colour Christmas bauble lights, the elegant white string lights, or the chic outdoor marquee lights.

String your lights along the roof of your shed and on the door and window frames to give your backyard shed a festive look.

#2: Christmas Gnomes

Garden gnomes are a great backyard addition all year around, but Christmas gnomes? They’re perfect for any holiday shed!!

Let’s face it - garden gnomes are already kind of festive. You might be able to simply place a red Christmas hat on top to dress them up for the upcoming celebrations.

Or, you can swap them out for Christmas gnomes or elves. These cute little decorations usually have white Santa-like beards, cozy Christmas attire, and of course, that quintessential Christmas hat. You can find some adorable options online.

As it turns out, Christmas gnomes aren’t just a fun way to decorate your holiday shed. They’re also a great talking piece for your Christmas get togethers!

Here’s a fun little history lesson you can share with your guests: Christmas gnomes originally come from Scandinavian folklore in which these small gnome-like creatures were believed to bring good fortune (or bad luck, depending on how you treat them!) to farmhouses and families. Over time, they were associated with delivering presents door-to-door and eventually took on more Santa-like qualities.

Unlike Santa, Christmas gnomes rely on the help of Yule goats instead of reindeer and are happiest eating a bowl of porridge on Christmas Eve instead of a big glass of beer.

#3: Festive Wreath

Wreaths are simple and elegant and can give any space a good dose of Christmas cheer. Hang a wreath on the door of your shed to instantly transform it into a holiday shed.

And this year, you might try making your Christmas wreath instead of buying a generic one from a Christmas shop. You can even find fun wreath making workshops in your area, or online tutorials that will teach you how to create the perfect aesthetic for your backyard.

#4: Baubles and Ornaments

Christmas ornaments aren’t just for the tree. You can use any of your festive decorations to transform your garden shed into a holiday shed in a matter of minutes.

Tie Christmas ornaments from decorative ribbon and attach them to the roof eaves of your shed. They’ll immediately draw the eye to your holiday shed and make the entire backyard look like a place for Santa to rest.

#5: Ditch the artificial tree - decorate the Christmas Bush

You might be putting up your Christmas tree inside, but why not decorate your outdoor trees and bushes too? Christmas light nets are perfect for easy shrub decorations around your shed, and you might also get up on a step ladder (with help) to decorate some of your larger backyard trees. Have a tall tree? Why not wrap fairy lights around the trunk for instant impact!

If you’re looking for Christmas ornaments for your larger backyard trees, remember to keep an eye out for oversized baubles, or get crafty and make your own using foam etc.

And if you’re looking to introduce some new plants onto your Christmas scene, you might frame your holiday shed door with two potted citrus trees that you can easily decorate. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy these gorgeous trees long after the other Christmas decorations come down.

#6: Welcome Rug

A Christmas themed welcome rug is the perfect way to introduce any ordinary garden shed as a special holiday shed.

If you can’t find one that is specifically Christmasy, you might opt for one with red or green designs. Why not DIY one of your own, with some tasty Christmas candy canes!

#7: Indoor Touches

So far, we’ve talked all about the exterior decorations that will prepare your garden shed for the upcoming celebrations. But, don’t stop at the shed door! There’s plenty that you can do inside your shed, especially if you use that space for a family gathering area or home office.

Obviously, lights and ornaments are great for indoor Christmas decorations, as well. And if you were disappointed about not being able to use tinsel outside, feel free to go tinsel crazy indoors.

Some other features that you might add could include star-shaped hanging lights or paper decorations, or some decorative Christmas pillows for your shed seating which you will find in many home décor shops this time of year.

How will you decorate your holiday shed?

Will you be stocking up on Christmas ornaments? Do you already have a full box of Christmas lights to put up on your backyard shed? Or are you going for some more subtle holiday shed decorations this year?

We want to know how you’ll be bringing the Christmas cheer to your backyard shed, so make sure to send us your pictures and ideas! Email us at or drop them in the post below!

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